Top 15 Alternatives Of Daily Used Chinese Apps

China is the most controversial country right now. First, the lies about the COVID-19 Corona Virus to the world then, their unethical approach at the Ladakh border. Against all this unacceptable behavior by the Chinese Government, a movement is going on across India i.e., Boycott Chinese Products and go “Vocal for Local”. So here we are going to present to you the Top 15 alternatives of daily used Chinese Apps.

Top 15 Alternatives Of Daily Used Chinese Apps

1. Tik Tok – Bolo Indya, Roposo, Triller

Bolo Indya, Roposo, Triller
Credits: The Indian Express

Tik Tok is the most used Chinese app with over billions of users. Boloindya and Roposo are two Indian-based companies, while Triller is an American-based company providing the same user-friendly platform for content as apps like Tik Tok and “Likee“.

2. PubG – Fortnight, Garena Free Fire

Fortnight, Garena Free Fire, chinese
Credits: AndroidVillaz

This alternative takes most of the time, and we are talking about the alternative of the World’s famous mobile game PubG. So, “Garena’s Free Fire” and “Fortnight” are the two games that come to our mind in the first place. Free Fire and Fortnight are available for both Androids and iOS us users for free.

3. Helo – ShareChat

Credits: Jagran

ShareChat is an Indigenous platform which makes for a good replacement for the Chinese social networking application “Helo”.

4. Shareit, Xender – Files By Google

files by google
Credits: Android Police

Files by Google is the best alternative for Chinese Sharing apps like Shareit and Xender. Google Drive access and a built-in search engine are one of the best perks for its users. 

5. UC Browser – Chrome, Cyberfox, Opera

chrome, cyberfox, oper
Credits: Pixel Privacy

Through its features and user-friendly interface, the UC browser of Alibaba group is on the lead of browser apps. But if you want to uninstall this app, then Chrome, Cyberfox, Opera, etc. are the ones waiting for you.

6. Beauty Plus – B612, Candy Camera

B612, Candy Camera
Credits: Google Play

Candy Camera and B612 are already famous in themselves and are a good alternative option for the popular app Beauty Plus, which is extremely popular among the Indian youth.

7. Club Factory, Shein – Flipkart, Koovs, Amazon India

Flipkart, Koovs, Amazon India
Credits: Digit

Online shopping produces the highest revenue per year, and apps like Chub Factory, Shein, Alibaba selling Chinese products are quite popular among the young generation. Try to purchase products from our local vendors through platforms like Flipkart, Koovs, and Amazon India.

8. VivaVideo – KineMaster, Adobe Premiere Rush

KineMaster, Adobe Premiere Rush
Credits: Yans Media

KineMaster and Adobe Premiere Rush are the best replacement for this video editing chimes app called “VivaVideo”. You will find no difficulty in using these apps as they are easy to use, and you can easily get away with this Chinese app, VivaVideo.

9. UC News – Google News

Google news
Credits: Search Engine Journal

Google News is the best news app across both platforms i.e., iOS and Android. Google News provides a compilation of all the news platforms in different languages. I find this news app a good alternative for Chinese apps like UCNews.

10. LiveMe, Kwai – Periscope

Credits: Twitter Blog

If you are a regular user of Live Video Streaming Social Networking apps then Periscope is for you. Periscope is an American-based company and a good alternative for the user of some Chinese apps like LiveMe and Kwai.

11. App Lock – Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock
Credits: Geckoandfly

Norton App Lock is the app/software of “Norton LifeLock”. It is blessed with the goodwill of the Norton group and is way more secure than Chinese apps like “App lock”, and provides you with a good user-friendly interface with lots of special features.

12. Parallel Space – App Cloner

app cloner
Credits: Android Police

If you are a regular user of a Chinese apps which create separate space on your Android phones like Parallel Space, then we would like to recommend you to uninstall such applications and try apps like ”App Cloner”. 

13. CamScanner – Adobe Scan, Microsoft Lens

Adobe Scan, Microsoft Lens
Credits: Guiding tech

Camscanner app is one of the Chinese apps that we use daily. If you want to remove this app and don’t want to stop working, then Adobe Scan and Microsoft Lens are the two best apps for you to use as an alternative to CamScanner. 

14. Proton VPN – Turbo VPN

Credits: Proton

Nowadays VPN is the basic part of our life, and for that people often are reliable on this Chinese application named “Turbo VPN”. So here we are with “Proton VPN” as the best replay of Chinese VPN apps.

15. WeChat – Telegram and Hike

Telegram and Hike
Credits: Tech Dipper

WeChat is among those apps which can be used for multiple things other than chatting. It is very popular among Chinese people and is now growing its roots in the Indian Market as well. Telegram is the best replacement for WeChat. However, the indigenously made app Hike can also be considered as a replacement for this Chinese app as well.

We have tried to provide alternatives to the most widely used Chinese apps in this article. The alternatives could be found easily in your application store for the apps that have not been covered hereunder.

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