Top 15 Best Tips On Working Remotely!

I have heard a lot of people tell me that working remotely is the last thing they would prefer. People usually complain about working from home. To be honest, I work from home, and I am much more productive than one can imagine. There is nothing more depressing than the same small cubicle or the environment you see in an office. So do you work from home? If yes, then here are some tips for you to work efficiently and smoothly. And if not, you might still wanna read and might want to change your mind. You never know!

Top 15 Best Tips On Working Remotely!

1. Figure Out The Right Schedule

work from home
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When you are working from home, the only drawback is that you could be your boss, just like Phoebe Buffay quoted, “That’s where you start to procrastinate”. So to avoid this and get your heads down to work, you need a schedule. So basically, the only thing you need to make a schedule is a pen and a paper? No, you need determination too. Working remotely will never be easy until you make up your mind. So get up, make your schedule or to-do list, place it in front of your eyes, and get started. Here’s another tip: Do this every day to stay productive.

2. Invest In A Workspace

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Just because you don’t work in an office doesn’t mean you can’t have your own. Have your kind of space. It could be a chair, table, couch, or even coffee shops and libraries. But it should keep you motivated and help you work consistently. Make sure you have what you need to work. Be it a laptop, notes, WiFi, and maybe some snacks and drinks too…(perks of working from home)

3. Don’t Work In Your Pajamas

Don't work in your pajamas
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Although you benefit from working at home the way you want doesn’t mean you let your laziness overrule you. It is tempting for all of us to stay in our PJs and work because no one is watching. But to be honest, they make you lazy and not work at all. If not your office suits, at least change into something like jeans, shirts, or hoodies, something casual to stay motivated and get that tiny amount of boost you need.

4. Plan Your Week

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Now that you have already made your to-do list or schedule, it will be a lot easier for you to look at it and plan things accordingly. Figuring out when to do what makes everything more manageable, and you’ll have a better mood to work faster. There are chances that you might also finish your work more quickly than you planned. But I can assure you one thing that this plan only benefits you and doesn’t give you a drawback.

5. Take Regular Breaks

take breaks
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Now that you are motivated to do a lot of work, you might do it way more than needed which isn’t healthy. Don’t forget to schedule your breaks too. You could get some coffee, take a walk, listen to songs or maybe even take a good shower as they tend to relax you better. If you want to remind yourself about the breaks, set a timer in your phone, and you are good to go.

6. Find Your Playlist

find your playlist
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Sometimes, you might get bored or tired because of the silence when you work consistently. So making yourself a work playlist will be a good thought. But it doesn’t mean you add rap songs or your favourites with lyrics because you might just find yourself grooving on it at the end. Find something calmer and composed so that you stay focused.

7. Make Sure Not Just To Stay At Home

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Just because you work remotely, you need not isolate yourself at home. Instead of just looking at your same old boring desk, consider changing the place. You could either go to a coffee shop with WiFi provision, to a library or a park in the evenings to do research or anything. But don’t just jump to your bed as an option of switching the place.

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8. Selfcare

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One thing about working from home is that you either end up skipping meals or eating way too much. So making sure your health is fine amidst all this is very important. Eating healthy and the right amount of food will be good to go. And also, when you are super tired, and your eyes need some rest, you can practice pampering your skin. It will just be like a break with two benefits-Relaxation and beautiful skin!

9. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

don't be hard
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As you are working from a very unconventional space, you might find working one minute and then doing something else the next minute. So you might tend to follow a rigorous schedule where you push yourself more than you can take it. So it’s okay to cut yourself some slack and then continue doing your work.

10. Start Or End Your Day With A Routine

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Just because you work from home, don’t give yourself an excuse to stay in front of your laptop doing work. Follow one routine. Either working out, or a walk, or watching a series that you love the most just to relax and not forget that we are humans and not machines.

11. Build A Community

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Just like I said in the previous point about having a routine, here is an amazing example. Clubs! Not the bars or DJ nightclubs. I am here talking of yoga clubs, dance, or meditation clubs. This lets you explore something. Pick up a favorite club and make it a part of your daily routine.

12. Practice A New Skill Or Hobby

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We all have our hobbies which we love doing and that we are crazy about. So how do we make our hobby a skill? By practicing it. In between all these breaks you take, make sure you also practice your hobby and not let that talent go in vain. What if you don’t have a hobby? Don’t worry. Just try exploring new things and find what suits you the best.

13. Don’t Hesitate To Ask What you Need

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Make sure you clarify with your manager about your needs and expectations. Tell your team that they can reach out to you whenever they need anything. If you need any equipment when you work from home, don’t hesitate to ask for it from your company. It could be a monitor, keyboard, software, or anything. There might be a procedure or an agreement for it, but never hesitate to communicate it with your manager.

14. Teamchat, And Not Just For Work

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You might feel very lonely or miss talking to your colleagues like the fun tea breaks. Don’t worry, I got your back. Here’s something you can do. Start random group chats about your interests, plan meetups. Do video calls and just have fun while getting to know each other. Share your experiences, share some food recipes you learned while being isolated, and much more.

15. Sleep Well

Source: Science News

This one is my favourite tip of all, and I know it is yours too! We all love to sleep and not work. Yes, we need to rest. We sometimes work so much and stress our body so much that we forget our body needs rest too. Make sure you get at least a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep so that you stay active and fresh for the coming day.

To all the people who are working remotely, try these tips and let us know in the comment section how they helped you. And those who don’t work remotely might have changed their mind realizing that it is way more fun!

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