Top 15 Amazing Steamed Food Ideas

Steamed food is a good option for people who love to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Steamed food has very less or no oil, is easy to digest, and tastes yum. This food technique has been practiced by ancient people, and here is their fitness secret decoded. Here are some amazing streamed food ideas that you can try whole year round and won’t get tired of.

Have a look at the top 15 amazing steamed food ideas:

1. Steamed idli

Idlis are made from black gram and are very good for health. Black gram has good protein quantity, is easier to digest, and doesn’t contain any heavy calories. You can choose this recipe as a breakfast option or dinner; it goes well for both. To prepare this recipe, you will need a cup of overnight soaked black gram, grind it to a paste, add some salt, and steam it. Your steamed idlis are ready.

2. Dhokla

This is a dish from Gujarat but is loved all over India. When you run out of time for breakfast, you can just prepare dhokla. Dhokla doesn’t have heavy calories and keeps you full for a longer time, and if you love traveling, then this could be an ideal option to carry. This recipe consists of chickpea flour, some Indian spices, and sugar syrup.

3. Patra

This is a traditional dish that consists of thick chickpea flour paste, asparagus, and Indian spices. This is a good option for evening snacks and tastes well with some grated coconut sprinkled over it. To prepare this dish, asparagus leaves are dipped in the thick batter and steamed. You can serve this dish during any pujas and festivals too.

4. Steamed spring roll

This is a healthier version of spring rolls where spring rolls are steamed instead of frying them. You can add a lot of seasonal veggies, tofu for protein intake, and a little olive oil. Next time, at any of your house parties, do serve this dish, and your guests will definitely love it.

5. Bapha aloo

This is mostly made in Bengali houses, where mini potatoes are marinated with curd, mixed spices, mustard oil, and coconut paste. This tastes amazing with a bowl of rice. Do try this recipe next when you are short of recipe ideas, and guests are at your door. They would definitely give you a ten on ten for this healthy yet yummy dish.

6. Streamed prawn ‘n’ garlic sauce

This can be a good post-workout dish that has very less oil in it. You can add some olive oil too. Marinate some prawns, steam them and saute the prawns with some garlic sauce. Your yummy dish is ready to be served.

7. Veggie momos

Momos have been increasing their fan following day by day. This is a healthy evening snack idea that everybody likes to have. To make it even healthier, you can use whole wheat flour in place of refined wheat flour. If these momos are served with a bowl of soup, then your evening will be a hit.

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8. Khandvi

This is a traditional Gujarati dish that is made from chickpea flour. All Indian spices are mixed with chickpea flour, and a thin batter is prepared and steamed over a flat surface. Sprinkle some grated coconut over it and relish the dish with your friends.

9. Dal farra

This is a healthy diet recipe that includes dal but in a different way. This is a North Indian dumpling recipe that helps you to maintain your healthy diet, and no oil is used to make it. It is similar to momos, where the dumplings include dal as stuffing.

10. Spinach dumplings

The main ingredient of this recipe is spinach. Spinach is stuffed with veggies or tofu, sauteed with some olive oil, and steamed until cooked well. Spinach is good for skin and hair health, and spinach dumplings would be a good healthy option for those who love to stay fit.

11. Dhokla sushi

This is a unique version of sushi. To prepare this dish, you would need some idli batter, spices, and grated coconut. Steam the batter in the shape of sushi, and serve with some grated coconut sprinkled over it. This is a healthier and yummy fusion of dhokla and sushi.

12. Steamed fish

You must have tried different dishes of fish, but have you ever tried any steamed fish dishes? This dish is not your regular fish dish but would make you go mad for it once you taste it. All you need is to marinate whole sea fish with some mixed spices and curd (optional) and steam it. You can serve this dish to your friends and family; they would definitely love it.

13. Bread pudding

The main ingredients of this dish are bread and milk. This would be an amazing dessert idea when you go short of desserts. To prepare this recipe, you would need some slices of bread, milk, and dry fruits, milk and mix them together, and steam them for a few minutes. Tada! Your tasty pudding is ready to be served. Enjoy it with family, friends, or alone; you won’t regret trying it.

14. Steamed tofu with soy glaze

This recipe is for all those vegan lovers who love to have tofu but in a healthier way. To prepare this dish, cut tofu into slices, add some herbs and spices, and steam it. After steaming, saute the tofu with some olive oil and soy sauce, and your steamed tofu is ready to be served.

15. Steamed cabbage roll

These cabbage rolls are stuffed with veggies and steamed. Mostly, these are served with some soy sauce or mayo and are a healthier yet tastier version of the roll. Cabbage leaves are cut into thin slices, stuffed with veggies, and steamed till cooked.

These were some amazing steamed recipes that were really tasty and easy to make. Do try these recipes and enjoy them with your friends. These recipe ideas are good-to-go options while traveling, partying, or when you choose a healthy meal.

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