Top 15 Best Lip Balms You Must Try

Lips are one of the most delicate parts of the body. The skin there is very thin, and thus it needs a little more protection and care. The UV rays and heat can easily damage our lips. So, we need to seal the moisture and shield it from external exposure. The best and easiest way to do this is by applying a good lip balm on your lips. It will keep your lips healthy and prevent any signs of dryness.

Here are the top 15 best lip balms you must try:

1. NIVEA Lip Balm

Nivea has to be on the top of my list. Every lip balm from this brand is a boon for us. It lasts for so long and doesn’t require any reapplication for at least 3-4 hours. Also, it keeps your lips protected, giving them impeccable care. Price: 185

2. Maybelline Baby Lips

It is probably the most popular lip balm right now. It is enriched with SPF 20 and locks the moisture on your lips for a very long time. These lip balms leave a little shine on your lips and make your lips more glowy and shiny. Price: 175

3. Clinique Chubby Stick

This is an intense moisturizing lip color balm. This is kind of a lipstick-balm variety. Like some days, if you wanna add some color to your lips but don’t feel like wearing lipstick, then this could be the best choice for you. It is very pigmented and also available in different shades and varieties. Price: 1550

4. Palmers Dark Chocolate & Cherry Balm

This one is enriched with vitamin E, along with SPF 15. It works well for chapped and cracked lips. The best thing about this balm is that it is one of the cheapest lip balms in the market and still does wonders for your lips. Price: 130

5. L’Oreal Paris Infallible SexyBalm

It is a gel-based lip balm, and therefore it doesn’t have that much of a waxy consistency. The balm is very hydrating and moisturizing and is worth the price. Also, the formula is very pigmented that sits well on your lips. Price: 499

6. Nykaa Lip Crush Macaron Lip Balm

This comes in a tiny little beautiful pot. Works wonders for your lips by adding a blanket of protection on it. It’s enriched with shea butter and vitamin E that gives very long moisture to your lips. Price: 224

7. Clinique Pep-Start Pout Perfecting Lip Balm-Clear

This lip balm is completely clear and can also be used as a base for your lipsticks. It deeply hydrates your lips and conditions them leaving a very soothing feeling. This could be your favorite non-tinted balm, as it perfectly moisturizes your lips. Price: 1700

8. Born Lippy Body Shop Lip Balm

This is probably the best lip balm from The Body Shop brand. The balms are scented, hydrating, and nourishing and come in a small pot. It tastes amazing, like a sweet fruity thing. Also, the best part about this brand is that it is cruelty-free. Price: 295

9. Blue Heaven Lip Bomb

It is again one of the cheapest on our lists that does its work superbly. It comes with 80% natural ingredients that heal and nourish your chapped and dry lips. It is enriched with shea butter, canola oil, and lipids that all together act as a skin barrier. Price: 85

10. Sebamed Lip Defense

This one, in particular, works very well for some who are exposed to direct sunlight or someone who wears a lot of lipsticks and doesn’t scrub their lips. It’s enriched with vitamin E, jojoba oil, and chamomile extract, which nurtures sensitive lips by providing them with intensive treatment. Price: 427

11. Neutrogena Lip Balm

This one is, again, a perfect fit for the daytime. It is PABA-free and has SPF 15. It sunblocks your lips and protects them from any harmful rays. It conditions your lips and makes them healthy-looking. Price: 175

12. Laneige Lip Balm

This one is especially for someone who has extremely dry and chapped lips. It is a lip-sleeping mask but can be used in the daytime also. It is enriched with antioxidants and vitamin C; therefore, it is a very, very hydrating lip balm. Also, it has a slight tint to it. Price: 500 

13. Lakme Lip Love

This lip balm has a centered balm area, and you have the pigment around it. It conditions your lips and slightly gives a lipstick kind of effect. It glides on pretty easily and comes in several shades and flavors. Price: 180

14. Bobbi Brown Lip Balm

The lip balm is enriched with all the good ingredients, such as avocado, olive oils, and wheat germ. It comes with an SPF 15 and gives you non-greasy lips. Protects your lips for a very long time, and the petrolatum helps in rehydrating, giving them immediate comfort. Price: 2400

15. Burt’s Bees

In case you are searching for a perfect lip balm and are also willing to spend a good amount of money, then this one is the best choice for you. This is made with botanical waxes and is 100% natural, which leaves your lips supple and soft. It also has many flattering shades; you can choose any one. You can buy this from Sephora and Amazon as well. Price: 5099

So these were our best picks for rejuvenating lip care. Don’t neglect your lips; they, too, deserve some loving!

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