Top 15 Candy Flavours around the World

Are you a candy lover? Then this blog is specially for you. Candies not only gives sweetness to your taste bud but also reminds you of your childhood memories. This blog is all about different types of candies available around the world. So, let’s get started.

Top 15 candy flavours around the world

1. Pop rock candy

These cute little sweet candies are one of the most memorable thing of childhood. These candies pop would pop in your mouth and give a tiny blast of sweetness. Pop rocks have a twist of fruity, sweet flavour.

2. Nerds candy

These candies might be tiny but give a taste of nuttiness, tangy and crunchy flavour to your palate. These Nerds candy come with a box of two different flavoured candy. They have a mix of tangy, sweet and sour taste and would definitely make you remember your childhood.

3. Necco wafer candy

These wafer made from chocolate, lime, cinnamon and wintergreen are a tasty treat to your tastebud. These candies can satisfy your craving for sweets and make have more of it. Once there was a change in the taste of wafer but it didn’t last long.

4. Jawbreaker candy

These candies are the hardest yet have a long lasting flavour in them due to the multiple layers they have. If travelling, then do add these candies to your baggage to enjoy them in your rides. I would challenge you to crunch them but I know you would definitely fail to. These candies definitely serve their names better.

5. Jolly rancher candy

These candies are quite sweet, sour and tangy in taste that has made most of your childhood better. They have a fruity flavour in it that acts like a boom in it. These candies were introduced in 1949 and are quite long lasting candies.

6. Smarties candy

These candies have an outer layer of chocolate and the inner layer filled with white chocolate. These colourful candies are a treat to the eyes. These candies are introduced since the year 1937.

7. Milk duds

This classic chocolate candy has a combination of caramel and milk chocolate. As its name suggests, it has the taste of milk and caramel nugget. This candy has an outer chocolate covering.

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8. Charms blow pop

This amazing lollipop comes with bubblegum as well. This candy is a treat to your taste bud. It comes in various flavours like blue razz, black ice, black corn and sour apple.

9. Junior mint

This mint flavoured candy is quite delicious and tasty. This chocolate candy has the center filled with mint that melts in the mouth instantly. This candy not only soothes your mind but also freshens you up.

10. Stardust fruit chew candy

These candies are quite chewy, gummy and tasty as well. With every bite of this candy, you would get the goodness of fruity pulp. These candies were first known as Opal fruits but changed the name to Starburst when manufactured from North America.

11. Milky way candy bar

This candy is an assembly of chocolate, caramel and nougat. This candy has the power to remind you of the galaxy with its taste. This classic chocolate has a topping of white chocolate and won several hearts since introduced.

12. Skittles candy

This candy are quite colourful and would make you remind of the rainbow. These chewy, gummy candies would take you round to the lane of your childhood memories. Do try these candy with your friends and sweeten your childhood memories.

13. Laffy taffy

This taffy candy is incomparable and has a huge child fan base. These candies are available in different flavours like banana, watermelon, strawberry, cherry, grape and many more. This toffee comes with a joke inside every wrapper that would freshen up your mind with a good laugh.

14. Cotton candy

These are the most desirable sweet candy that is loved by the children. It is also known as ” candy floss” and has a variant of colours. This candy gives an unique candy experience and is loved by all. It has a fluffy texture and colourful look that attracts many kids as well as adults.

15. Gummy bears

These gummy bears are quite juicy and yummy. It has a jelly like texture and chewable. It has a collection of bears with different colour that looks quite beautiful and attractive. These small bears can be used in kid’s buffet as sweet small treats.

These were some amazing candy flavours that you could found around the world. Do try these candies and let us know your review about them. We would meet soon with another exciting blog, till then bye bye!

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