Top 15 Answers to If You Were an Animal What Would You Be

While preparing for an upcoming interview, we expect to be questioned about our educational background, previous work experience, job expectations, and future prospects. It’s not always that we get to be asked our desired questions. Some twisted, tricky questions are always there to surprise us. They can be a medium to access a candidate’s confidence and shortlist them accordingly.

One unusual question is, ‘If you were an animal what would you be?’ It is crucial to understand why they are asking it and what could be the judgment for your answer. In particular, there are no parameters to decide whether the answer is right or wrong. The only key is how creative you are, how well you respond to random questions, and how well you can relate your traits to an animal.

So Here Are The Top 15 Answers To If You Were An Animal What Would You Be:

1. Eagle

Answers to If You Were an Animal What Would You Be
Source: azanimals

Eagles are associated with strength, power, and courage. The eagle is a carrier of honest principles and truthfulness. They also represent leadership qualities and authority. If you state yourself as an eagle, you attach to your personality living symbols of power, courage, freedom, and fearlessness. Another noted feature is that eagles do not believe in going with the flow and have a tendency to stand apart. They are also very observant and patient and have an extremely powerful vision.

2. Tiger

Source: wwf

Tiger is often symbolic of strength and valor. Besides being solid representations of power and courage, they are also regarded as capable and graceful creatures. If you call yourself a tiger, you surely hint at another important quality that is being multifaceted and multicultural.

3. Sea Lion

Source: nationalzoo

Associating yourself with a sea lion means that you are full of energy and are quite enthusiastic in your dealings. Sea lions are known for being active and possessing smooth personalities. It stands for wisdom and creativity, which is an add-on for any interview. They are quiet, agile, loyal, and well-groomed sea dwellers with attractive minds.

4. Dolphin

Source: americanoceans

Dolphin is the spirit animal that is mostly known for harmony and balance, but it is a lesser known fact that dolphins are very intelligent and closely in link with their instincts. They stand for teamwork, help, freedom, and most importantly, transformation. People who symbolize themselves with dolphins are often great communicators and can easily resolve issues and misunderstandings.

5. Weasel

Source: animalcorner

Weasel symbolically stands for investing a great time in family and friends. It is also very fearless because, when needed, it attacks prey larger than its size. Weasel, therefore, is quite charming and always welcomes opportunities with open arms. They are quite intelligent with strong vocal skills.

6. Parrot

Source: petbarn

In an interview, if you associate yourself with a parrot, it would denote that you love freedom and are quite artistic. Parrots are generally symbolic of extraordinary creative and artistic skills, which set them apart from the rest of the birds. They are known for their strong vocal skills and ability to speak up when needed.

7. Ant

Source: wired

Calling yourself an ant would directly lead to the impression of you being the most hardworking person in the room. They are known for their consistency and efforts. People associating themselves with ants clearly show that they toil much more than the rest. Besides being hardworking, they are brave and responsible too.

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8. Elephant

Source: thoughtco

Elephants are one of the largest animals that clearly denote strength and power. If you call yourself one, then you are a really determined person who is focused on most of their dealings. It is a lesser-known fact that elephants are also known for their loyalty. They are not only intelligent but social too.

9. Giraffe

Source: wikimedia

It’s often said that a wise person is the one who, even in the toughest of times, behaves like a giraffe. Giraffes are symbolic of their calm and self-composed nature. They maintain their cool even in utterly testing times. If you call yourself a giraffe, you are a person who is genuinely calm with an excellent vision. People linked to them are quite straightforward but also have a certain sense of gentleness around them.

10. Hippopotamus

Source: cincinnatizoo

If one associates oneself with a hippopotamus, then they possess strength. They are linked with power and high designations and can leave an ever-lasting impact wherever they go. They also make good leaders and have good leadership skills that they stick up to.

11. Goat

Source: britannica

A person linked to goats often has a resilient personality. They are highly skilled individuals who attain huge success. They are quite modest in their approach to life and are regarded as free spirits. They have the capabilities to maintain healthy relationships. They possess creative energy and are driven by strong forces of aspiration.

12. Dog

Source: vox

It is a very well-known truth that dogs are the most loyal of all animals. They stick up to their roles assigned and fulfill most of what is expected of them. Not only are they loyal, they’re also fun-loving to a high degree. They know how to handle social relationships and duties. They can faithfully perform all that is assigned to them without even doubting once.

13. Whale

Source: discoverwildlife

If one associates oneself with a whale, then are excellent examples for signifying connectedness with the community. They have some artistic qualities and are emotional creatures. Besides all of this, they stand for ideals like empathy, teamwork, understanding, compassion, and endurance.

14. Shark

Source: scientificamerican

Sharks are symbolic of driving solo. They can be very professional and highly competitive and strive for the best only. This very nature of theirs leads them to be very professional, demanding the highest standards in business dealings. They teach us the importance of self-reliance. It is hard for them to settle for average or less.

15. Lion

Source: discoverwildlife

Lion is very well known as the king of the jungle. Lions are not only excellent and fearless hunters but are also tenacious defenders. They symbolize massive strength, immense capabilities, sharp senses, powerful vision, and extraordinary leadership qualities. People linked with lions are often full of confidence and are not shattered even by the toughest of times. They take risky adventures and walk on less discovered roads.

Thus, this article gives you a proper insight into various animals and the symbolism attached to them, which you can use confidently in your interviews to support your answer.

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