Top 15 Superstitions Prevalent In India

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Superstitions – a widely held irrational belief in supernatural influences. Especially as leading to good or bad luck or a practice based on such a belief. India is an incredible country with diverse cultures and different religions. We Indians have shown our talents in almost every possible field, and we are progressing at a fast pace, but there are some blind beliefs that are holding us back. Not just India, other countries also believe in such superstitions.

Here Are The Top 15 Superstitions Prevalent In India:

1. A Black Cat Crossing Our Paths

Superstitions Prevalent In India
Source: Science ABC

People still believe in this. If a black cat crosses someone’s path, they’ll wait until someone else passes by. A black cat is considered a symbol of evil in many other countries across the world. They are just innocent little animals.

2. Trimming Hair/Nails On Specific Days

Source: thelist

In many Indian houses, it is believed that cutting nails or trimming hair on specific days of the week would bring bad luck to the person. They even say you should not do these things after sunset.

3. Shaking Your Legs

Source: betterhelp

Our grandmothers or great-grandmothers restrain us from shaking our legs. They believe that by shaking your legs, you lose wealth. Does that make any sense?

4. Brooming In The Evening

Source: aajtak

Some people believe that sweeping the floor in the evening sweeps away Laxmi (the goddess of wealth). Some also believe that some sort of unwanted guests like demons would enter your house if you do so.

5. Using Lemon And Green Chilies

Source: chefatlarge

Hanging lemon and green chilies tied to a thread in front of houses, stores, or vehicles is a common thing in India. People think that this keeps away the ‘Buri Nazar’ (eye of something or someone evil) and brings wealth and prosperity.

6. An Additional One Rupee Coin

An Additional One Rupee Note.
Source: The Quint

The number one is considered lucky in our culture, and we give money with a one rupee coin to people on a special occasion like one hundred and one rupees or five hundred and one rupees or any as such.

7. Kaala Teeka

Source: sreemed

Another protection from the so-called ‘Buri Nazar’ is the ‘Kaala Teeka,’ which is basically homemade kajal applied on a baby’s forehead or behind anyone’s ear. It’s believed that the kajal would make the baby look a bit ugly, preventing any kind of ‘Buri Nazar.’

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8. Menstruating Women Not Allowed To Do Certain Things

Source: npr

Another shameful thinking of society is related to the women who are on their periods. They consider menstruating women unclean and impure. They are not even allowed to enter the temples. In some houses, women have to stay in a separate room until they are done with their periods.

9. Keeping A Slipper Upside Down

Source: illuminaija

Keeping a slipper or a chappal upside down in India is considered to bring bad luck to the family. In Japan, this is believed to bring bad weather.

10. Twitching Of The Eye

Source: time

Eye twitching is associated with good or bad luck by many people. It depends on which eye is twitching – left or right. Common causes of eye twitching are fatigue, stress, caffeine, or maybe some underlying health issues.

11. Lizards Falling On Humans

Source: disney

For some people, the most disgusting feeling can be a lizard falling upon them. There are so many beliefs on what will happen when a lizard falls on a specific part of the body – will it be fortunate or unfortunate or will it bring happiness or sadness, and many more.

12. Going Near A Peepal Tree At Night

Source: howstuffworks

A peepal tree is considered to be haunted by ghosts and witches at night, and they ask you not to go near them at night. What nonsense! Going near a peepal tree at night won’t do any harm, but yes, sleeping under it or staying there for long will. It’s because, at night, plants release carbon dioxide, which, if inhaled in large amounts, can harm us.

13. Gemstones For Good Fortune

Gemstones For Good Fortune.
Credits: KGK Group

Many people across the world strongly believe in astrology. In India, we see people wearing different kinds of gemstones, and according to astrologers, every gemstone serves a unique purpose and keeps away from bad omens.

14. Breaking A Mirror/Glass

Source: howstuffworks

A mirror is thought to be a reflection of your soul, and when it’s broken, it’s believed that your soul is broken, and it will take revenge by taking the life of someone close to you. On the other hand, when a glass is broken, it’s counted as good fortune as evil is considered to leave your home.

15. Itchy Left Palm

Source: firstderm

Many people think that an itch in the left palm brings money, and an itch in the right palm can cause loss of money or vice-versa. Plus, some even believe that rubbing the itchy palm on a wooden material will prevent any loss of money.

We really need to become a little sensible and logical. Some superstitions are really funny, and people who believe them need to stop fooling themselves.

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