Top 15 Best Dog Breeds for Therapy Dog Breeds

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People might say laughter is the best medicine in the world but us dog lovers really know that in reality, it’s these furry creatures that keep us actually alive. Owning a dog can make an individual less lonely, more physically fit, more socially outgoing, and make them have healthier relationships with others.

On top of it, imagine having the therapy dog breeds that not only helps you achieve greater heights in your personal life but can also help the vulnerable members of the community to come out of their shells. On this note, the following is a list of top 15 best therapy dog breeds that are ought to make your life much more comfortable and happy:

Top 15 Best Dog Breeds for Therapy Dog Breeds

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever
Image Credits – GoFundMe

Labs top the list of best therapy dog breeds, best service, and the best emotional support dog breeds too. They are a bit large in size but still are the most affectionate, calm, focused, and gentle dogs. Labs love to please people, and hence, are the most popular breed too.

2. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever
Image Credits – Barls

These dogs are the best for catering to all your social needs as they are the most people-friendly and approachable breed. Goldens need to often work off their excess energy and hence they are best suited to work with children. The devotion and kindness of these dogs make them one of the best therapy dog breeds. If that’s why you are adopting one, make sure to get an ESA letter from a licensed therapist.

3. French Bulldog

French Bulldog
Image Credits –

These therapy dog breeds are small, sweet, and best to keep in homes that don’t have a lot of space. French bulldogs are full of intuition and personality. They can easily adapt to new situations and people without losing their patience. They are extremely easy to train and always seem to be smiling, which makes them one of the best therapy dog breeds.

4. Poodle

Image Credits – Pinterest

It’s a known fact that Poodles have the ability to capture people’s heart who then spends hours grooming a Poodle’s beautiful coat. They come in different sizes catering to everybody’s needs. Poodles were mainly bred to be companions, and therefore, are extremely good at picking up emotions and reading people.

5. Greyhound

Image Credits – Delfi

Some people might not prefer to have a greyhound around the house because they believe it’s hard to manage their high energies. Contrary to this, greyhounds can be the most laidback breed, which can be petted for long hours. They have a quiet, relaxed temperament and are also highly trainable.

6. Pomeranian

Image Credits – PawClub

These dogs can be your own version of clouds at home. Pomeranians are simply the cutest fluff balls that love being touched. They are definitely curious explorers and are always up to something. Hence, they have the ability to easily distract patients. This breed is obedient, intelligent, and always ready for cuddling time.

7. Pug

Image Credits – The Independent

This small lap dog breed is another example of how people should stop underestimating small things because clearly the smallest of things can bring the most joy to someone. Pugs love people and attention, which makes them an ideal companion for kids. They lack stamina, and hence, can be controlled and trained easily.

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8. German Shepherd

Image Credits – Pinterest

Despite their intimidating appearance, German Shepherds are the most gentle and loving dogs who are great with kids. They are strong, can be trained well, and can lead the owner through various activities of the day. They are ideal guard dogs too because of their alert nature.

9. Dachshund

Image Credits – Top Dog Tips

These therapy dog breeds with a long spine and short legs can definitely teach all of us what being spunky really means. These dogs are best to play around with because of their high energy and fun-loving attitude. A Dachshund is highly sociable and is great with people who have anxiety and depression.

10. Border Collie

Border Collie
Image Credits – Wikipedia

The phrase giving and receiving gets its true meaning when it comes to Border Collies. This dog breed loves receiving so much attention that they might get a little depressed if they are left alone for long. However, as much as these dogs love receiving attention, they love giving it back too, making them a perfect therapy dog breed.  

11. Cavalier King Charles

Cavalier King Charles
Image Credits- Pinterest

There is a royal touch not only in the name of this breed but in their appearance also. They have a silky soft coat begging to be touched. These dogs are ambitious, love to complete a task, and are always eager to please others.

12. Corgi

Image Credits – Pinterest

These therapy dog breeds are a real cutie especially when it tries to make its owner happy and excited. Corgis are extremely friendly, love to be petted, and are always eager to learn something new. They are excited little creatures who can change your mood in no time.

13. Beagle

image Credits- Pinterest

Beagles are highly independent and love to be the centre of attention. They can specifically be used in institutional settings and with children. They are intelligent and cute which makes them one of the top 15 therapy dogs to be possessed.

14. Maltese

Image Credits – Wikipedia

This breed is especially useful for people who not only feel lonely but have an issue with mobility too. Maltese can spend hours with their owners, just cuddling with them or relaxing while their owner grooms their coat. These dogs bond immediately with people.

15. Dalmatian

Image Credits – Pinterest

Even if you aren’t a dog lover, you must be aware of this popular dog breed from the famous animated movie “101 Dalmatians”. Just like the movie portrayed, these dogs are in fact the most cheerful and mischievous breed. With some socialization training, these dogs will in no time become the most popular in your colony.

Dogs were, are, and will always be a man’s best friend. Therapy dogs can change your lives in ways not thought of before. Hence, it’s time to embrace them and let them play a role that goes beyond the act of just barking.

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