Top 15 Fashion Hacks For Curvy Women

Since time immemorial, women and men have been taught to be of a perfect shape or size. The saddest part of living in a world like this is that you will prefer a compliment about your outer appearance, forgetting all about your inner personality.

It put specific standards that the curvy women must be of the proper shape, men should be macho, fair skin people are only beautiful, etc., which is totally absurd.

We often forget that the people we consider “flawless” are also humans who are constantly trying to fight their own demons. Our society is harsh on anybody and everybody who does not fit into the established standard of “beauty”. Hence, the best favour you can do to yourself is to accept who you are and be content with it.

This statement, however, in no way means that a person should stop working on themselves. Curvy women should love their shape and not treat it as a problem but they can sure look at the top 15 fashion hacks that can make them come out of their sweats and embrace life.

Top 15 Fashion Hacks For Curvy Women

1. Not any shorts but biker shorts

Not any shorts but biker shorts
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Biker shorts are one of the best saviors for a woman, especially in humid weather. It helps in combating chub rub and wearing it under dresses and skirts is a very practical approach for when you have to go out.

2. Find your perfect shirt

Find your perfect shirt
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No two people can have the same body shape and hence it’s important to find clothes that fit your shape well. Buying a shirt one size larger can help you get it tailored just the way you want it.

3. Prefer pencil skirts

Prefer pencil skirts
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A plus-size woman generally has more curves than no ordinary skirt can do justice to. A pencil skirt is always a better option for curvy women as it accentuates the curves and looks flattering.

4. Empire dresses are your go-to

Empire dresses are your go-to
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Such kind of dresses is especially suited for a formal situation like a business meeting. Empire dresses look great on a plus-size woman as they have a clinched waistline just above the actual waistline. This helps in giving off an hour-glass look.

5. Structured jackets never go out of style

Structured jackets never go out of style
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Everybody has their own insecurities when it comes to their bodies. If you’re a curvy woman who is not comfortable in showing off your arms then layering your outfit with a structured jacket that falls just above your waistline is a good option. This will add a classy touch to your whole outfit and persona.

6. Don’t be afraid of colours

Don’t be afraid of colours
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Many articles for curvy women often state that sticking to black coloured outfits should work best for them. However, life is too short to spend it on one colour. If you like pastels or bright colours then don’t be afraid to show them off.

7. Wrap yourself in wrap-around dresses

Wrap yourself in wrap-around dresses
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There is no specific time to invest in wrap-around dresses. Such dresses are a must to have in your wardrobe. A wrap-around dress with a belt at your waist can help emphasize your curves and give you a stunning look.

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8. Jewelry is your best friend

Jewelry is your best friend
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Wearing jewelry not only makes you stand out but it helps you to make a statement too. Wearing a beautiful necklace or a choker can help divert people’s attention towards your neckline and away from the areas that you are still conscious about.

9. Ethnic outfits

Ethnic outfits
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There are days when you’re bored with your normal routine clothes and want to spice up things in an ethnic way. Wearing a straight kurta that fits your curves with jeans or leggings is ought to look beautiful on you.

10. Choose the right print

Choose the right print
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If you like to follow the new trends and wear some prints, then go for it. Vertical prints look more flattering as they give an illusion of slimness and height but you should be always open to experiments and see what best suits your body shape.

11. Waist belts are magic

Waist-belts are magic
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Many times it becomes difficult to find clothes that define your waist and shape your curves. Wide and broad waist belts can save you from the trouble of looking for the right fit again and again. These belts not only complement your outfit but make you look slimmer too.

12. High-rise denim

High-rise denim
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All curvy women who love wearing jeans should definitely opt for high-rise or mid-rise denim. This helps in tucking the belly fat and pairing it with high heels will make you look tall too.

13. Choose your own glass slipper

Choose your own glass slipper
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Just like Cinderella, it’s important for you to choose your very own pair of footwear too. Going for pointy toes, pumps, gladiators or high heels instead of chunky, square footwear can do the trick.

14. Make-up

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Even if you’re an amateur when it comes to make-up, mastering the contouring skills can help slim down your face and make your selfies much more pretty. Make sure to always point the camera upwards when you are clicking a selfie.

15. Be you

Articles that tell you what to do with your body shape are just a dish on the side. The main course doesn’t arrive until and unless you believe in yourself and in your choices whether the choices are related to fashion or about life in general.

Tess Holiday, an American plus-size model, blogger, and a make-up artist says “it’s all about accepting yourself the way you are.” Holiday further explains “If you want to work towards a better you in whatever regards, do it. But you’re okay just the way you are today.” Hence, nobody should shy away from being themselves because we all are beautiful inside-out.  

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