Top 15 Best Home Plants For A Better Lifestyle

Various studies have shown the importance and health benefits of having plants inside your house. Indoor plants not only make you feel better mentally but also improves your overall health. It enhances the beauty of the house and makes it look greener which is good for your eyes too. Having an indoor plant helps us in reducing stress, increases productivity, and improves concentration up to 15%. Here are some of the best home plants that you can keep inside your house.

Top 15 Best Home Plants For A Better Lifestyle

1. Areca Palm

Areca Palm
Source: Green and Vibrant

This is one of the most common and loved house plants. It has long thin leaves in emerald green color which by the way looks very pretty. They have a life span of 10 years and can grow very well if kept in the right place having a proper amount of sunlight. 

2. Peace Lily

Peace Lily
Source: Green and Vibrant

These are the beautiful flowering plants. They are the evergreen plants and usually bears flowers in the months of March-June. Its kind of tricky when it comes to watering this plant but other than this these are the great survivors and can thrive very well in partial shade.

3. Succulent

Source: Gardenista

This has various variety and you can choose anyone according to your preference. Succulents usually have thick, fleshy leaves to retain water. They can grow very well in a good amount of sunlight and requires watering just once a week. These plants are really very cute looking and a must-have.

4. Aloe Vera

 Aloe Vera
Source: The Spruce

Having an aloe vera plant in your house is literally the best thing to do. It is not just a common house plant but also has various medicinal benefits. They are very good for your skin and hair too. Also, Aloe Vera is very easy to care for and require very little watering.

5. Snake Plant

Snake Plant
Source: GardenBeast

This plant comes in many varieties and many forms, you can choose anyone that fits you best. They can survive in both small or big pot and requires very little care. These plants also are known for purifying the toxins from the air and are an ideal bedroom plant.

6. Syngonium

Source: The Spruce

These are the flowering plants and again it has many varieties. They are the low light tolerant plant and do not like exposure to direct sunlight. Like snake plants, these are also known as air-purifying plants and absorbs pollutants from the air. 

7. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant
Source: yam magazine

These plants have long dark green shiny leaves. They pretty quickly all you need to do is to water them regularly and keep the soil moist. You can also wipe out the leaves with a damp cloth to keep the leaves moist and healthy.

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8. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant
Source: City Fitness Blog

These are probably the most underrated indoor plants of them all. But trust me, these plants require the least care and attention amongst all. It has shiny medium-sized leaves which sometimes might look fake. Also, it is a flowering plant.

9. Spider Plant

Spider Plant
Source: The Spruce

It is also popularly known as an airplane plant. These are the easiest home plants and grown pretty fast. They can grow very well in bright light or semi-shady places. Putting them in direct sunlight might burn their leaves and cause discoloration of the leaves. Also, it is a non-toxic plant in fact, its leaves are edible.

10. Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant
Source: Gardenista

These are the flowering plants having oval leaves up to 12 cm long. These plants close their leaves at night making it look like a praying hand and this is how they got their name. They have striking green foliage. The red prayer plant is also one of its variety and more common amongst people.

11. English Ivy

English Ivy
Source: The Spruce

These are the species of a flowering plant too and it also has medicinal properties. It is a perfect pick for both home and office. It is an evergreen climbing plant and also purifies the air. These are very easy to grow with an appropriate amount of light and water.

12. Bird Of Paradise

Source: La Residence

These are the beautiful flowering plants with huge leaves of 18 inches long. They can grow up to a height of 5 feet and thus they require a proper space. It gives a tropical vibe in your home and is pretty easy to take care of. They require rich and moist soil and grow perfectly in bright light. 

13. Fern

Source: Planting Man

These are some of the easiest options for home plants. They are non-flowering plants and neither do they have seeds. They grow really well in moist soil and humid conditions. So, if you live somewhere the temperature is humid then you must keep ferns at your house.

14. Dracaena

Source: The Spruce

They are very popular plants and grown mainly for their beautiful foliage. They need low to medium light as the excessive sun might damage the leaves. Also, they have a life of 2-3 years and have many varieties too.

15. Pothos

Source: The Spruce

So this plant has many varieties and almost all of them are pretty tough indoor plants. They grow really fast and mostly prefer bright light, not direct sunlight. They can easily grow from cuttings and can also grow in the water when kept in a simple jar or vase.

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