Top 15 Ways To Celebrate Birthdays Virtually

Birthday is undoubted, the most enthusiastic day in a person’s life. Birthdays are special to humans as it brings along with it celebration, party, and balloons! The decorations along with the sparkling ribbon tied to the knife, this day has it all! Call it excitement or madness, the birthday is the day to go crazy and carefree on the streets.

While this day is amazing to such a great extent, at times, we are not physically connected with our loved ones. It becomes extremely difficult to create a spark in someone’s heart when you are at a physical distance from them. The smile, reactions as well as the connection cannot be recorded by camera compared to the reaction locked in eyes. Well, you need not worry!

Here is an exclusive list to provide your loved one with extreme joy with these simple ideas on different ways to celebrate birthdays virtually. Some of the most common ideas could be implemented in such a perfect manner that would leave the person with tears of happiness.

Top 15 Ways To Celebrate Birthdays Virtually

1. Video Call

Top 15 ways to celebrate birthdays virtually  - Video Call
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Video call has become a new trend in the recent era of technology. While it is common to video call someone, you could twist the entire video call with this excellent trick! It is essentially important to create some enthusiasm for the other person. Dress up in an elegant which says that you are ready to celebrate the birthday in an authentic manner. Beating off the ordinary, hold some balloons or party poppers in the video call. This will make the other person feel energetic and blessed. Make a video call special with some props which would add the charm just in one video call!

2. Virtual Birthday Card

Virtual Birthday Card
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At times, it is not possible to even deliver gifts due to certain limitations. Need not worry because we got you! Why not create an incredible birthday card instead of delivering gifts? There are ample of applications that provide birthday templates. You could simply type your feelings on the birthday card. Need some extra spark? Adding the most memorable picture of yours would leave no gap in the path of joy, for the great day.

3. Paint Together

Paint Together
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The world has evolved and humans enjoy some of the rarest experiences. Painting together could be astonishing yet blissful. Get your paints and canvas or a mere drawing paper. Decide on an easy yet fun painting to be painted. While you can guide the other person on the painting aspects, you could also search for paint party organizers to connect some more friends to the celebration. This would not only make the person happy but definitely make the person experience something new on a remarkable day.

4. Cupcakes Work Crazy!

Cupcakes work Crazy!
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Who would not want something sweet on their birthday? The cake is the common dessert to celebrate birthday however cupcakes could work equally well! Some cupcakes ordered from a local pastry shop being delivered at their home will surely leave the person in delight. Cupcakes are mini and they literally would bring a smile on the face. If you anyway cannot send them cupcakes, make sure you plan out a baking session to enjoy together. This will lead to love, laughter, and a lot of chocolate right on your screens!

5. Digital Photograph

Digital Photograph
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Birthdays are organic to remind the person about their magical birth. It goes without saying that the person has to be the center of attention on that day. Printing pictures would rather be not possible in a situation of distance. But digital has got your back! Try to use some editing applications to convert a simple photograph into a certain filter. This could be like a cherry on the pie for the person. Send them the picture via mail along with a sweet text that describes their importance in your life. Boom! They already love you now!

6. The Activity

The Activity
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This is one of the most customizable options you could plan for your special one. Some activities on the birthday where you are virtually connected would be fun overall. You could jot down some of the favorite activities of the birthday person. While one could arrange a Ludo challenge with friends, you can also play any online game that enhances the other person to play. These activities could also be dancing or singing together over a call.

7. Coffee Time

Coffee Time
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Out of the box, some people enjoy peace and tranquillity with great conversations on their birthdays! A coffee date is a perfect option for the ones who look forward to healing conversations while enjoying the cold breeze near the window. Fix a suitable time for the coffee date and make sure you glam up yourself to bring along the birthday vibe. Talk something that creates a spark for the other person and make sure you appreciate them for their awesomeness!

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8. Personalized Video Message

Personalized Video Message
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Nothing can bet the pure emotions put in a personal video message! It is easy yet a unique manner in which you could wish the person in an amazing manner. Get their family and friends on board to record the message. Collect video messages of friends and family and here you go! Merge these videos with special effects or rhythmic music in the background. Send them the video which would make the person feel like being with everyone in one place.

9. Let’s Talk Online

Let's Talk Online
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The recent era of technical improvisation has led to a quick transfer of energies, vibes, and funds! This is something noteworthy to be given on birthday. There are numerous websites that offer a wallet where one could simply transfer an amount. This is the best manner to express your love with a small token of love. Even better, gift them a shopping card of their favorite brands. People who love their own choices would absolutely love this present!

10. Host Party Online

Host Party Online
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One of the simplest ways to gather friends and family is hosting an online party. Want to add some more glam? Send everyone an E-invite with a customized message. Add the venue and timings of the online party. Let everyone know if you are looking forward to a party with a glass of wine or a cake. This would add a personal touch to the party where everyone evenly celebrating a birthday. Fix a time and get ready with your party poppers!

11. Deliver Love

Deliver Love
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When you cannot stand at someone’s doorstep on their birthday, your gifts definitely can complete the incompleteness! Delivering something that touches their heart and blooms their heart with joy will make a lasting impression for life. Talk about plants or balloons, send them whatever they love! Desserts packed with a personal message make it even more special on the birthday. Spoil them with grooming products, plants, champagne, or simply your love packed in the most significant manner!

12. Arrange The Dinner

Arrange the Dinner
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It is certainly not in your hands to cook something palatable for the big day. But you can always deliver! Find out their favorite food dish and get it delivered from their favorite eatery. This would leave them in awe with your love for them. Why not something more? Arrange the dinner with them in such a manner where you would eat the same food dish with them. A dinner date arranged and hosted by you can turn out to be a fortunate gift.

13. Movie Night

Movie Night
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Some people find calmness within the small joys of life. A movie night is perfect for someone who loves a real connection with a conversation. Choose a favorite movie or the one you both have been wanting to watch for a long time. Make sure your technical system is a place for the movie night. A sip of wine, some snacks, and the birthday person right in front of eyes, that’s heaven now!

14. The Hour Fun

The Hour Fun
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This could rather be defined as creating enthusiasm in the other person every hour! Prepare near about 12 gifts that you could send them virtually. A poem, a quote or a picture should be fine for this activity. Just call the person and send these gifts via different mediums. Take social media platforms, mailing platforms, and direct message applications to make them feel like living a treasure hunt! Each time, send the gift through a unique medium and let them open these platforms for an advantageous present.

15. Display Art

Display Art
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You are a poet, writer, or just a common man in the universe! Arrange a group chat or a video call where every person has something unique for the birthday girl or boy. Some could just sing for the birthday person while some could read out a poem written by them. Let some people narrate their experiences with the birthday boy or birthday girl. It is your thought that counts beyond perfection in displaying any art. Make sure everyone is actively involved in contributing in an efficient manner.

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