Top 15 Bizarre Dishes Of India

India is a country of spices and dishes. Every state of India has its own traditional dishes and some unique ingredients added that make them more delicious and worth tasting. Have you ever read of any weird dishes that are actually found in India?

Here are the top 15 bizarre dishes of India that would definitely make the foodies think twice before trying.

Let’s get started.

1. Fried Snails

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Snails, one of the freshwater mollusks, are eaten in the state of Odisha. The snails are either fried or boiled by the people and eaten as a dish. This dish is said to be highly nutritious by the people of Odisha and is mostly eaten by the villagers there.

2. Baby Shark Curry

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The people of Goa relish this curry made up of baby shark’s flesh, and it is considered one of the authentic Goan dishes. Goan people collect the baby sharks, peel their skin off, and make a delicious gravy out of it. Most authentic Goan cuisines have this dish on their food list.

3. Doh Khlieh

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It is a special dish of Meghalaya that is made of pig brain. This dish is basically a kind of salad that consists of onion and pork and is garnished with boiled pig brain. It is popular among the people of Meghalaya, and enthusiastic tourists never miss a chance to taste this weird yet famous dish of Meghalaya.

4. Chaprah

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Have you ever tried red ant chutney? This dish is nothing but a mixture of red ants, their eggs, and some chutney spices. It is popular in Chhattisgarh, and people also garnish this dish with red ants.

5. Eri Pollu

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This is a popular dish of Assam that is generally made from the cocoons of eri silkworms. They make a gravy of cocoons and usually serve it with another famous dish named khorisa.

6. Nahkham

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Have you ever tasted distilled ashes? Yes, you read it right. This dish is a mixture of dried fish, vegetables, and distilled ashes. It is quite famous in Meghalaya.

7. Frog Legs

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This may sound absurd; however, it is very popular among the Lepchas community of Sikkim and Goan people. They dip the legs of frogs and deep-fry them, which is similar to pakoras.

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8. Dog Meat

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This dish is quite famous in the tribal communities of Mizoram, Nagaland, and Manipur. The people of these states collect dog meat and serve it as curry. This dish is considered to be healthy and one of the rituals among the tribal people.

9. Buffalo Spleen

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This dish is made out of buffalo spleens. The spleens are marinated, loaded with spices, and charred grilled. It is mostly found in Pune.

10. Onion Halwa

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This halwa is not the usual variety of halwas we eat but is something unique, or maybe a kind of weird dish. This dish is prepared from onions. The onions are first fried with ghee and packed with loads of milk, sugar, and dry fruits.

11. Khorisa

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This dish is made out of fermented bamboo shoots and served along with Eri pollu in the state of Assam. It is quite popular among the Assamese people and is considered one of the authentic traditional dishes of the state.

12. Daulat Chaat

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This dish is something a person with daulat can afford. It is made by whisking the milk froth for hours during winter nights and served with pistachios and mawa in the chilled mornings. This chaat requires a lot of labor and is generally found in the streets of Chandni Chowk, Delhi.

13. Lehsan Kheer

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This kheer may sound weird, but it exists. Crushed garlic is boiled in a pot of milk for several hours with sugar and other ingredients. It is quite famous in Rajasthan.

14. Chocolate Momo

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Sounds bizarre? This dish is a favorite, nevertheless. The momo doughs are filled with chocolate stuffing and steamed to make this weird yet unique dish.

15. Hilsa Egg Fry

bizarre dishes of india
Source: crazymasalafood

This dish is quite common in the state of West Bengal. The people of Bengal collect the eggs of Hilsa fish, which is a marine water fish, and deep-fry them with turmeric and mustard oil.


So are you weirded out by reading this list or eager to try some of these bizarre dishes of India? Let us know!

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