Top 15 Street Foods Of India

India is a country of food and foodies. When it comes to street foods, our nation can be considered the queen. We have over thousands of street foods that not only taste amazing but are also cheaper and cost-friendly for the foodies who love to try different dishes very often.

Here are the top 15 street foods of India that will definitely leave your mouth watering.

Let’s get started.

1. Golgappe

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It is one of the most-eaten street food in India and is almost loved by all. Golgappe are generally made up of sooji, wheat flour or maida, or a considerable mixture of the three and fried into small pooris. It is accompanied by spicy, masala-mashed potato stuffing and mint water. Golgappas can be served with tamarind and mint chutney or simply with spiced mint water. Either way, it tastes awesome.

2. Pav Bhaji

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It is one of the absolute famous street foods of Maharashtra. Pav bhaji is the most wanted dish of every Mumbai ki gali. This dish is generally served with a butter spread bun and spicy masala gravy with lemon and onion as sides. If you’re in Mumbai and this isn’t on your food list, then you would definitely miss the best.

3. Vada Pav

Source: gqindia

This dish is also one of the famous street foods of Maharashtra. It consists of a bun stuffed with aloo bonda and their secret spices that make it tasty and mouth-watering. Tourists from different countries love to have this dish, and it has never failed to satisfy their taste buds.

4. Aloo Chaat

Source: awesomecuisine

Ah, hearing the name would leave your mouth watering. This street food is quite famous in any Delhi ki gali. This dish is made out of mashed potato with tamarind, mint chutney, a lot of onion, curd, and sev garnished over it. This dish would definitely leave you drooling and craving it more and more.

5. Momos

Source: foodndtv

Although this dish is not authentic Indian food, it has become famous in the streets of India. Momos are wheat dumplings stuffed with veggies, or maybe chicken or tofu, and served with red chili sauce. It is very famous in the Himalayan areas of India.

6. Spring Rolls

Source: myfoodstory

This street food is also not from India but adopted from China. Spring rolls are made up of wheat strips rolled with veggie stuffing and deep-fried. It is mostly served as a dish on a Chinese platter and is much loved among the Indians.

7. Pyaz Ki Kachori

Source: whatscookingmom

It is a famous street food of Rajasthan. Kachoris are onion-stuffed deep-fried tortillas that are served with coriander chutney. Rainy weather and pyaz ki kachori is a perfect combination to adore.

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8. Litti Chokha

Source: outlook

It is a famous Bihari street food that has become popular nationwide. Littis are small bread made from gram and served with chokha, that is, a spicy curry made out of brinjal and mashed potato. This combo is generally topped with desi ghee and tastes heavenly.

9. Pakode-Jalebi

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Pakodas are nothing, but fried fritters and jalebis are crispy sugar-filled fennels. These two are a perfect combo during rainy weather. Every Indian must be well-acquainted with this combo, or else they can’t be considered a true foodie.

10. Idli Sambar

Source: lovelaughmirch

This is a South Indian dish and is mostly eaten as a breakfast meal. Idli is made from steamed rice flour, and sambar is made up of lentils and veggies cooked in tamarind juice. This dish not only has a tangy flavor but is also considered a healthier meal.

11. Dahi Puri

Source: foodviva

It is an authentic street food that is served with dahi, meethi and mint chutney and garnished with sev and coriander. This street food is available at any chaat counter and has a high demand among the old and the young.

12. Bhel Puri

Source: safeharvest

It is a famous street food adopted from Kolkata. It is basically a mixture of murmura, onion, tomato, various spices, and sprouts. It’s not only tasty but also a healthy and satisfying dish. Introduced in Kolkata, now it has become famous all over the country and can be listed in the cheapest street food category.

13. Chicken Tikka Roll

Source: glebekitchen

Have you tried this amazing street food? If not, then you definitely should. This street food consists of spicy chicken cooked into tikka gravy and rolled into wheat tortillas, garnished with onion. It’s generally served with mint chutney and gained fame all over the country because of its mouth-watering taste.

14. Bhutta

street foods of india
Source: drizzlingdelicacies

This may sound simple, but it has an amazing taste. Bhutta is maize or corn that is roasted till brown. This is served with spices like chaat masala, red chili powder, some black salt, and lemon juice sprinkled over it. Although it can be relished the whole year, it has some special identity when it rains. Rainy day and bhutta are a major combo goal.

15. Chhole Bhatoore

Source: youtube

It is a famous Punjabi street food, now mostly sold in the streets of Delhi. Bhatoore are wheat dough rolled into big pooris and deep fried, while chhole is made from chickpeas mixed in a spice-rich gravy.

These were some amazing street foods collected from every nook and corner of India, but now, they have become famous everywhere. Dear foodies, do take some time from your busy schedule and taste these foods if you haven’t yet.

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