Top 15 Most Expensive places In The World to Rent

You must be thinking about why someone would spend loads of money on expensive rentals if they can buy a house with that money. That’s right! Some of the rentals are so expensive that it is even higher than the average person’s annual salary in America. But many wealthy people still like to buy houses and put them on rent, which gives higher returns and much profit. Let’s have a look at all those expensive rentals in the world.

Top 15 Most Expensive places In The World to Rent

1. 8 Ute Place, Aspen, Colorado, US: 

8 Ute Place, Aspen, Colorado, US.
Credits: Zillow

With an amazing view and some of the most beautiful slopes are surrounded by this place. It has been an attraction for wealthy people for a long time now. It has condos, holiday skiing homes, mansions, and private estates are also available. Price: $2,50,000/month.

2. Sector E, Emirates Hills, Dubai: 

Sector E, Emirates Hills, Dubai.
Credits: Bayut

Dubai is already a luxurious place to live in, and it is the home of many wealthy people. This particular location is surrounded by high-end restaurants, gastropubs, shopping areas, exquisite villas, pools, and plenty of open space for the kids to have fun. Each bungalow has a private swimming pool and a huge garden. Price: $2,51,872/month.

3. Emirates Crown, Dubai Marina: 

Emirates Crown, Dubai Marina.
Credits: Wikipedia

This one is again from Dubai, and it is even more luxurious than the previous one. This apartment is located in a 64-floor emirates tower in Dubai and is home to the most prominent penthouses. These houses have five bedrooms with marble floors, glass windows, and big balconies. Price: $2,72,294/month.

4. 60 Wildwood Lane, Aspen, Colorado:

60 Wildwood Lane, Aspen, Colorado, expensive rentals
Credits: Realtor

Beautiful lakes and breathtaking nature surround this gorgeous property. It is spread in a total of 4.4 acres of land. It has six bedrooms and six bathrooms, a billiards room, a home theatre, and an elevator. Price: $2,75,000/month.

5. Barvikha, Meyendorff Gardens, Russia:

Barvikha, Meyendorff Gardens, Russia.
Credits: Wikimapia

This is a highly exclusive, prestigious, and secretive area and is home to many Forbes millionaires. It has six bedrooms, a pool, staff accommodation, and a beautiful garden too. The amazing design of the room will also mesmerize you. Price: $2,93,027/month.

6. One Hyde Park Apartment, 100 Knightsbridge, London: 

One Hyde Park Apartment, 100 Knightsbridge, London.
Credits: Wikipedia

This property has several floors and around 21 flats. It has five exquisite bedrooms, a bathroom with lavish marble flooring, and a jawdropping kitchen with a separate cinema hall and a garden. Price: $2,95,971/month.

7. 24, Gilston Road, Chelsea, London: 

24, Gilston Road, Chelsea, London.
Credits: Mansion Global

This one is again from London and even more expensive than the previous one. It has modern architecture and design. The house has six bedrooms along with a massive collection of contemporary art. It also has a media room, sauna room, gym, and a swimming pool. Price: $3,24,594/month.

8. 1 Sayres Court, Bridgehampton, New York, US: 

1 Sayres Court, Bridgehampton, New York, US.
Credits: Zillow

This ultra-modern architecture with amazing interior design home has eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The property is near the main street, and in this amount, you would be living in absolute luxury. Price: $3,25,000/month.

9. Alang Alang, French Riviera: 

Alang Alang, French Riviera.
Credits: Forbes

This exclusive property which is spread in the 3.25 acres of area, is the most expensive in the French Rivera. It had a sale price of $70 million. The property comes up with nine bedrooms, a gym, spa, and everything is fully staffed. It has a 75m swimming pool. Price: $4,15,000/month.

10. Sector J, Emirates Hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 

Sector J, Emirates Hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Credits: Mansion Global

This majestic home will overpower both the luxurious homes that we have mentioned in our list. It has seven bedrooms with intricate designs that will make you feel like luxurious living all the time. It also has a game room, an amazing kitchen, prayer room, gym, and loads of parking space. Price: $4,35,671/month.

11. 675 President Street, Baltimore, Maryland, US: 

675 President Street, Baltimore, Maryland, US.
Credits: Realtor

This property offers you a very high-end living with all the luxurious services that you could even imagine. It gives a panoramic view from everywhere and has a walking closet too, along with all the other benefits. Price: $4,79,000/month.

12. Jumeirah Bay Island, Jumeirah, Dubai:

Jumeirah Bay Island, Jumeirah, Dubai.
Credits: Reality Bridges

This private island shaped in the shape of a sea horse is a very luxurious place to live. It although has several rental options to suit various budgets. But this one, in particular, is the most loved one amongst the millionaires. It gives a 360-degree view of the house and also a private swimming pool.  Price: 44,90,129/month.

13. Beverly House, Beverly Hills, California: 

Beverly House, Beverly Hills, California
Credits: Elite Travels

This luxurious house in Beverly Hills is certainly the most loved place to live. It is home to many movie stars and millionaires. The house has 18 bedrooms, a cinema hall, a tennis court, and an Olympic size swimming pool. Price: $6,00,000/month.

14. Bluewaters Residences, Bluewaters, Dubai: 


It is the 5th one on our list from Dubai. Not much is known about this extraordinary house except that it has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and a swimming pool. Also, it gives an overall panoramic view of the sea. Price: $1,143,635/month.

15. Bel Air Home, Los Angeles:

Bel Air Home, Los Angeles.
Credits: Hilton Hyland

This exclusive house has nine bedrooms and 20 bathrooms. It has a wine room, fireplace, spa room, media room, and a 90ft infinity swimming pool. It also has a walking fridge and walk-in closet. Price: $1.5 million/month.

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