Top 15 Contemporary Romantic Novels For Young Adults

Only a true reader can understand that a well-written book has many emotions which can make you smile, laugh, cry, sob, and in the end, they make you fall in love with the characters. Those who haven’t tried reading should pick a good book of their favourite genre. If your favourite genre is contemporary romance then here’s a list of 15 contemporary romantic novels you can try.

Top 15 Contemporary Romantic Novels For Young Adults

1. Beautiful Disaster By Jamie McGuire

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It is a college romance of a shy girl with a bad history and a fighter guy with anger issues. Sounds like a doomed love story! But it isn’t. It’s a standalone novel but if you want, you can read the Maddox brothers series after it.

2. Rock Chick By Kristen Ashley

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From the very first page of this book, you will fall in love with the characters. From the story to characters to the witty writing style the book is a work of perfection. These alpha men are swoon-worthy and it’s a must-read.

3. This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas

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This book proves that true love can conquer all hardships. The main characters are the opposite of each other in every aspect but one thing they have common is their love for each other. It’s a trilogy that will leave you panting for more.

4. Thoughtless by S C Stephen

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This book will bring out all of your emotions. It will make you laugh out loud, scream in anger, grin at your pages and cry your heart out but you will love the journey. It’s basically a love triangle, so if you’re not a fan of love triangles stay away.

5. Real by Katy Evans

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Read it and you will know why this book is given 5 stars by so many readers out there. Not to give any spoilers it also talks about mental health issues. The love in these books is so passionate and real. There are just no other words to describe it.

6. Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James

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it’s one of the most controversial books ever. Many people had hated the controlling ways of Mr Grey but the people who loved it a lot more. Before any judgment or decision, you have to try this book and please, for the sake of reading don’t judge this book based on the fifty shades movie.

7. Bared to You by Sylvia Day

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It’s a must read for fifty shades of grey and this man fans. The hot chemistry between Gideon Cross and Eva will leave you charged. It also talks about sexual abuse and its impact on adulthood. Over and over it’s a great love story.

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8. On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

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Warning: only read this book if your schedule is empty because once you start this book it will owe you from the first place, your priority will be this book and everything in your life will take second place but in the end its a journey worth having

9. Friend-zoned by Belle Aurora

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It is the cutest romance ever. If you’re fed up with your life and want to hide in the perfect world of pages then this book is written for you. The last part of this book series is not released but that shouldn’t stop you from reading it.

10. Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

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It’s a mystery romance novel so all you need to know about this book is that it has a great story. The name of the novel is very literal and you will know the rest when you give it a try.

11. Driven by K Bromberg

The book is about a formula 1 driver and a social worker. The chemistry between both characters is amazing and when you add a sweet and smart love you get an awesome romance novel.

12. Losing It by Cora Carmack

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A girl tries to lose her virginity before the start of her college life with a one night stand but she couldn’t. The next day in college it turned out the one night stand she ditched is her new professor. The sparks are flying between her and the professor, would they be able to ignore this attraction? To know the answer pick up the book.

13. A Neighbor From Hell Series by R L Mathewson

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This book series is about neighbours who hate each other in starting and fell in love somehow. It sounds cheesy and boring but it is not, it has many laughs out loud moments. Just pick up the first book playing for keeps, you wouldn’t be able to resist the others.

14. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

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Colleen Hoover is one of two authors whose two books has been listed here because her books are work of perfection. With this book, she didn’t disappoint again. It’s about a girl who found her best friend and boyfriend sleeping together and now her mysterious musician neighbour gave her hope and strength to move on.

15. The Gamble by Kristen Ashley

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If you are new to reading start with Kristen Ashley. She will make you a reading addict. This book talks about the alpha man who is the womanizer until he found the one for him. The gamble is a part of the Colorado mountain series and it is a perfect combination of mystery, romance, and humour.

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