Top 15 Waterfalls To Visit for The Travelogues!

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Everyone is in love with calmness, peace, quiet, hushed beautiful nature’s scenic waterfalls. Nature has its own beauty and one such awe-inspiring force are these waterfalls which attract travelogues and trotters from all around the world. Their mesmerizing beauty along with the calmness and the soothing sound of water falling from such great lifts up the human soul to the next level and the person enters the spiritual regime. And so, connecting the travellers with Nature here are 15 must-visit scenic waterfalls:

Top 15 Waterfalls To Visit for The Travelogues!

1. California’s Yosemite Falls

(Image credit: Mako)

The world’s tallest waterfall is the Yosemite Falls from 2,425 feet above the ground and is divided into three sections the upper Yosemite Falls, the middle cascades and the lower Yosemite Falls. Visit this beautiful scenic place for the sake of scenic love!

2. Croatia’s  Plitvice Waterfalls

(Image credit: My Real Trip)

Plitvice Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful scenic waterfalls located in the Plitvice National Park, Croatia. The place is so peaceful, soothing and calm and is known to add positive energy into the Individual’s Mind and Body. The place can be traveled by free boats or one can walk around and witness how magically 16 waterbodies falls into each other from such great height forming a water cascade series. 

3. California’s McWay Falls

(Image credit: WP Blink)

Another majestic and Magical Waterfall is again located in California and is known as the Mcway Falls. This 80 feet waterfall flows all around the year continuously so this place has no specific time or season to be visited. List it On Travelers!

4. Oregon’s Multnomah Falls

(Image credit: Twitter)

The oregon’s Multnomah falls was formed as a result of Missoula floods and is the tallest waterfall in the Oregon surrounded with the Lush green trees and connects to hills with a bridge, attracting the trotters from all around the Globe.

5. Scotland’s Kilt Rock Waterfall

(Image credit: Wikipedia)

Travelogues would fall in love with the place highlighted with the Kilt Rock and Mealt Waterfall which marks the end to be peninsular for spectacular views.

6. Grand Canyon’s Havasu Falls

(Image credit: VK)

So, this was all about the waterfalls located around to globe that are must-to-visit. The hikers, trotters and the travelogues can add these stuff into their travel bucket list followed by going to these scenic places to alter their state of mind with the soothing environment. 

7. India’s Nohkalikai Falls

(Image credit: Quora)

Nohkalikai falls in India is an attractive centre for tourists for two prime reasons. The water here falls from the tallest point i.e. 1,115 feet high and here the watercolour variate depending upon the season, it is green in summers and blue in winters. The colour change and the height along with the scenic beauty of this place attract trotters from all around the Globe.

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8. Guyana’s Kaieteur Falls

(Image credit: My Adventure)

The world’s beautiful and widest single drop waterfall located in the hearts of Amazon Forests in the Guyana National Park attracting the trotters and travelogues from all around the globe is Guyana’s, Kaieteur Falls. This is a must to visit waterfall for the beautiful and soothing scene it holds.

9. Iceland’s Gullfoss Falls

(Image credit: All Vert)

Iceland’s Gullfoss Falls was designated as the natural reserve in 1979 and visitors at this place can watch with their eyes open how the Glaciers clashes down into water pieces and the way they fall from heights. The most beautiful Glacial waterfall sit is the Gullfoss Falls Iceland. 

10. New Zealand’s Fairy Fall

(Image credit: Trover)

The New Zealand’s Fairy Fall is one of the most beautiful scenic beauty of the world and it entraps hikers along with the scenic lovers as it has places for both the people who love to go out for the walk in the beautiful place and those who love to capture the glimpses just by sitting peacefully in this place. List it out travelogues!

11. Iguazu Falls, Brazil/ Argentina

(Image credit: Tripadvisor)

Iguassu Fall is the other name of the Iguazu Fall in Brazil this iconic waterfall originates from the Iguazu River and it forms a boundary between Argentina and Brazil and is must to visit a scenic beauty.

12. India’s Tirparappu Fall

(Image credit: Rediffmail)

The Tirparappu Fall located in Tamil Nadu, India is famous for two key reasons. On its left side is Kodayar River and to its right is the spiritually valuable Shiva Mandir. People from all around the world visit the Shiva Temple alongside the Tirparappu Fall.

13. USA/Canada’s Niagara Fall

(Image credit: Double Travels)

Formed from the receding Glaciers of the Niagara, the Niagara Fall is the dividing point between USA and Canada and is one of the world’s major tourist attractions.

14. Zimbabwe’s Victoria Fall

(Image credit: Combo Tour)

Located on the banks of the Zimbabwe River the Victoria Fall is one of the greatest attractions in Africa and is the only waterfall which is as long as a kilometre and is another tourist attraction of the World.

15. Kerala’s Athirappilly Falls

(Image credit:Trip Advisor)

Kerala’s Athirappilly Fall originates from the upper reaches of the Western Ghats and is located in Kerala. It is also known as the Niagara Fall of India and is one of the major tourist attractions.

So, this was all about the waterfalls located around to globe that are must-to-visit. Hope these scenic places alter their state of mind with a soothing environment.

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