Top 15 Captivating Facts Concerning Junk Food

Scrumptious Junk food has gained a lot of popularity these days not only at fast food places but also at movie theatres, amusement parks, etc. As a result, a considerable price hike on junk food has been there. Although people enjoy consuming it, it is very harmful to health when taken on a regular basis.

Top 15 Captivating Facts Concerning Junk Food

1. Craving for extra food

Fats from junk food activates the brain to demand extra food. This outcome can last for numerous days. Eating more and more food will result in over-eating and an increase in weight which will affect health for sure.

2. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Young women who prefer junk food intake are at an increased risk for evolving Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a disorder that affects the menstrual cycle in women and even the ability to have a child. As a result, junk food should not be preferred as far as possible.

3. Crispy and crunchy potato chips

The average American consumes over 4 pounds of potato chips in a year. Potato chips are not only high in fat or calories but, also contain a chemical called ‘Acrylamide’ that can make one susceptible to Cancer.

4. Delightful ice-cream

The high-fat content in the flavorsome frozen dessert essentially warms up the physique, despite the fact that eating ice cream may appear to be a delightful way to cool off. One of the amazing facts is that ice-cream actually warms our body rather than cooling it. Therefore, we can have it in winters as well.

5. Harmful preservatives

Additives and preservatives like common food dyes and Sodium benzoate can cause teenagers to become a lot more hyperactive and effortlessly unfocused than normal. Being hyperactive implies extremely or abnormally active resulting in lack of concentration, impulsiveness, etc.

6. Impact on the Liver    

Eating fast food recurrently has the same influence on the Liver as Hepatitis. French fried potatoes, deep-fried chicken, and onion rings are significantly harmful. A diet rich in fat and sugar can affect the Liver to a great extent.

7. Some Salads contain more calories than a Cheeseburger

Placing an order of a Salad instead of a Burger at the McDonald’s may seem to be an awesome idea but, you should be mindful about the calorie content of some of the Salads (for example, the Bacon Ranch Salad with Buttermilk Crispy Chicken and dressing rings which contains 680 calories)which can be much more than a Cheeseburger. Therefore, one should consider into account the calorie content prior to ordering a Salad.

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8. Dementia and unhealthy foods

New studies have found that a possible link is there between Dementia and unhealthy foods. Apart from affecting the health to a great extent, an inability to generate new memories can also arise with the intake of fatty foods and sweets.

9. Parts of 100 Cows in a single Burger

This may give chills to those who prefer vegetarian food rather than non-vegetarian. It has been confirmed by the McDonalds that even a single, delicious and mouthwatering Burger consists of parts from more than 100 cows.

10. High rates of depression

A study done in the Journal of Public Health Nutrition in 2012 revealed a link between the intake of fast food and increasing rates of depression. As a result, the meal that brings joy on the faces of all of us is in fact, not making us happy.

11. Overeating due to the exposure of fast food advertisements

Those who live nearby Burger King, McDonald’s or Subway usually get chances to encounter their advertisements. Studies have revealed that exposure to these fast food advertisements is linked with overeating therefore, activists for years have been trying to remove these ads as much as they can. Looking at these ads will make your mind divert more towards fast foods rather than a healthy diet.

12. Less academic improvement

Eating Burgers and French fries have been associated with children showing less academic improvement compared to their peers.

13. Connected to the diagnoses of ADHD

Intensely colored fast foods might attract the attention of young children but, that concentration may be momentary, as the non-natural food coloring common in certain fast foods has been connected to diagnoses of ADHD.

14. 80 percent higher risk of dying from heart disease

Those who consume fast food stuff four times a week (or extra) are at an 80 percent advanced risk of dying from heart disease. People who eat fast food 2-3 times every week have 50% more risk of developing coronary heart disease.

15. The addictive menu description

The terms like “hot” and “juicy” are used by the food marketers in order to design the content of the menu so that it appears to be more appealing and attractive. Therefore, you may end up ordering a calorie full foodstuff rather than a Salad or a low-calorie meal.

Consumption of fast food can result in many adverse effects like long term heart diseases, retardation in growth, overeating, high rates of depression, etc. Its intake should be reduced and children should be encouraged for more and more intake of healthy food.

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