Top 15 Dark Chocolate Varieties

Love chocolates but free to break your sugar free diet? Then, this series of dark chocolate variety is for you. Dark chocolate is rich in anti oxidants and quite good for health. Unlike those milk chocolates and others with too much sugar in them, dark chocolate do not have much sugar and help you a lot in your diet. Here is a list of dark chocolate variety that youust try.

Top 15 Dark Chocolate Varieties

1. Lindt’s dark chocolate

This is quite famous dark chocolate all over the world. This chocolate consists of 70% cocoa but doesn’t taste bitter. This chocolate comes in in a case, so that you could store it for later and enjoy whenever you want.

2. Allergen free Dark Chocolate

Some people do have allergy to dark chocolate and this is for them. This dark chocolate is allergen free and doesn’t consist of nut, wheat, dairy, gluten. Now, you could enjoy your gluten free dark chocolate and keep yourself healthy, too.

3. Lily’s sweet extra dark chocolate bar

This dark chocolate with 70% cocoa is what you are looking for. It has stevia instead of usual sugar that would keep you diet under control and provide you a guilt free sweet treat. This chocolate bar is keto friendly, too.

4. Pink sea salt extra dark chocolate bar

This chocolate bar with 71% cocoa consistence, is a good to have treat for you. This craft chocolate from Brooklyn has a yummy sea salt flavour. It is also available in various other ranges like green tea crunch, ginger snap, bananas foster. Do try them all and let us know which one you liked the most.

5. Hu salty dark chocolate

Are you a beginner at being a health freak and missing your sweet little chocolate bites? If yes, then worry no more, just try this Hu salty dark chocolate that consists of 70% cocoa and has a classics salty taste in it. It has zero additives and made from coconut sugar, sea salt, cocoa butter. It has no unhealthy ingredients in it and 100% healthy.

6. Jojo’s dark chocolate bar

This chocolate is made from 70% cocoa, and also contains pistachio, hemp based plant protein, dried cranberries and almonds. It is totally vegan and could be tried guilt freely. It also has zero sugar and keto friendly.

7. Ghirardelli intense dark chocolate

It has a higher level of cocoa content with zero sugar. This chocolate bar would taste quite bitter, yet is healthier. It has a bit of fat and shouldn’t be taken more than three piece servings.

8. K’ul K’ul organic dark chocolate

These organic, hand-crafted chocolate bars have 70% cocoa, consists of velvety texture. A bar of each organic dark chocolate you buy, you contribute to the livelihood of cocoa farmers and women cooperatives involved in this organic chocolate making. Do try this organic chocolate and share with your friends, too.

9. Tony’s chocolonely 70%dark chocolate

This bar serves maximum of six and is enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Tony’s deal directly with the farmers of Ghana and produces chocolate that are slave free. It consists of 70% cocoa.

10. Antidote red and lavender dark chocolate

It’s called Antidote for a reason. Instead of loading up on energy drinks, try this healthy, sustainably sourced chocolate. Containing 84% cacao, the chocolate bar is low-sugar and delivers an energizing boost to power you through the workday. It’s seasoned with alaea salt (a Hawaiian red salt) for a mellow, earthy flavor and lavender flowers for a hint of floral.

11. Almond and sea salt dark chocolate

For a dark chocolate bar with extra crunch, seek out Chocolove’s almonds and sea salt-studded option. It’s both ethically sourced and certified non-GMO.

12. Choczero vegan dark chocolate

This vegan dark chocolate option comes in lovely individual squares, making figuring out how many to eat so much easier. This option is great for those on a low-carb diet, as they’re sugar-free and come in at only 5 g carb.

13. Theo 70% cacao dark chocolate

Bitter dark chocolate pairs perfectly with the sweetness of fruit, especially with orange’s bright citrus flavor. Theo sources its fair-trade beans from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Peru. Plus, this bar is entirely vegan.

14. Beyond good dark chocolate

Just like coffee beans, cocoa beans can be single-origin, too. Beyond Good’s heirloom chocolate comes directly from Madagascar, supporting local farmers. On top of that, each bar is also vegan, organic, and non-GMO. These were some amazing collection of best dark chocolate around the world.

15. Amul Dark chocolate

This is India’s self made dark chocolate and manufactured in india. It has 60-70% of dark chocolate in it and has a taste of sweet and bitterness, together. It has a lot of variety to choose from.

Hope you would like them all and give a try to most of those chocolate bars. Do share with us which dark chocolate you liked the most and we would meet with another new, exciting blog soon.

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