Top 15 Dessert Ideas With A Healthy Twist

Hey foodies, I’m back with another healthy article, and this time, it’s about desserts. I’m pretty sure everyone must be fond of sweet desserts a little or more but may not be able to consume them as they are quite unhealthy. Normal desserts contain a lot of sugar, further contributing to high calories which may prove to be dangerous for health freaks.

Top 15 Dessert Ideas With A Healthy Twist

1. Date and nut protein bar

These bars are high in protein and delicious in taste. This dessert consists of dates or khajoor and different types of dry fruits like cashew, almond, pistachio, and groundnut and you may add some raisins too to make them taste better. These bars work best as a post-workout snack as well. Do give this recipe a try and thank me later.

2. Banana bread

Everybody loves to have bread for breakfast but have you ever tried a bread recipe as dessert? If not, then do try this banana bread as dessert and you will definitely love it. All you need is whole wheat flour, powdered sugar, 1 crushed banana, and some baking powder, mix them together with a few spoons of warm milk, add the batter to a baking tray, and brush the top with some olive oil. Your banana bread is ready to rock your dessert party.

3. Carrot cake

Carrot is rich in vitamin A, improves eyesight, and helps in weight loss. This recipe is unique and guilt-free as well. Grate some carrots, mix them in wheat flour, oil, and sugar mixture, and add some baking powder and essence, there you go with your healthy carrot cake.

4. Dark chocolate fudge

Dark chocolate is known to be rich in antioxidants. Nowadays, diet-conscious people have a new love for dark chocolate and this recipe has it. This dessert is made by mixing dry fruit and nuts to melted dark chocolate and deep freeze for 2-3 hours. Once set, your yummy fudge is ready to be eaten as a dessert.

5. Coconut banana raspberry muffins

Love muffins but hate unwanted calories? Try this new muffin recipe and you would want them always. Just mix the ingredients, orange zest and some maple syrup to enhance the taste. These muffins can be served to yours guests who opt for healthy options.

6. Pulp Yogurt

Yoghurt has a number of probiotics in it which helps in easier digestion and keeps your intestine healthy. Adding any fruit pulp to yogurt enhances the taste and serves several vitamins as per the requirement. Pulp of any fruit like mango, strawberry, raspberry, or black grapes is added to frozen yogurt and mixed constantly for a few minutes and your frozen dessert is ready to eat. This dessert works amazingly in summer or when it is served chilled.

7. Kiwi lollies

Kiwi is considered as one of the best fruits and scientific research has claimed that it corrects eyesight significantly. This dessert can be served in summer and children would love it too. Take a cup of kiwi pulp, and add powdered sugar and some water to it. Mix them all and transfer them to an ice candy tray. Once it sets, you are going to have the most amazing healthy lollies.

8. Banana ice cream

Have a love for ice cream but have to ignore it for health concerns? No worries when banana ice cream is there. Bananas, act as a great emulsifier and are also rich in potassium, and zinc, helping in easy digestion and weight loss. This recipe consists of 2 bananas crushed and a cup of vegan cream. Beat them together in a blender and keep them in the freezer to set. That’s all, your healthy yet yummy ice cream is ready.

9. Mix fruit pudding

Who doesn’t love pudding? Unlike those caramelized puddings with a lot of sugar and calories in it, you can try this mixed fruit pudding which would fulfill your satiety and give a lot of vitamins to your body. This recipe requires milk, seasonal fruits, powdered jaggery, and some cardamom powder and your dessert is all ready to rock your taste. This recipe would definitely leave your tastebuds spellbound, you can try this dessert at your house parties, too.

10. Dry fruit ladoo

Ladoos are bae and I say that you can have healthy ladoos and worry less. Yes, dry fruit ladoos are the saviour for those health freaks who love ladoos but worry to taste it. This recipe requires roasted and crushed almonds, pistachio, cashew, walnut and some raisins, cooked in jaggery powder and rolled into small balls. Garnish with some cardamom powder on top and your dry fruit ladoos are ready. You can gift these healthy ladoos to your near and dear ones in festivities, too.

11. Strawberry tart

This is a yummy summer dessert that consists of apple, lemon and berry along with strawberry. The thin crust base with strawberry syrup and strawberry topping is a healthy snack idea you can try with your friends. Each bite of this tart would taste juicy and buttery.

12. Oats cookies

Oats work best for weight loss and if you are on your weight loss journey, then do give this recipe a try and you would definitely want more. For this recipe, you would need whole wheat flour, brown sugar, a cup of oats, milk and butter. These cookies can be stored for a while long and consumed as a snack with your green tea, too.

13. Lemonade cupcakes

Sounds unique? Yes, these cupcakes are not what your regular cupcakes are like. These cupcakes taste delicious and help in reducing extra calories. The sweet little cupcakes have a tangy taste to it which would make you fall in love with it. Take out some spare time to bake a batch of these cupcakes and enjoy them with your friends or family.

14. Grape tarts

Grapes are a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Relishing on these cute little grape tarts is surely a great choice. Along with a sweet taste, the tangy flavor of grapes burst like mini yum bombs in your mouth.

15. Peanut butter bites

Peanut butter plays an important role in bone strengthening and by keeping you fuller for a longer time, works on weight loss. Take some handful of peanuts, honey, and a pinch of salt, grind them to a not so smooth paste, and make balls out of them. You can give them dark chocolate coating or have them as they are, the taste is yummy in either way.
These were some amazing and quick dessert recipes that you would love to make and taste. These recipes can make you a guilt-free dessert eater and are totally healthy. Enjoy your day with these superb dessert recipes and hope to meet with some amazing new articles.

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