Top 15 Destinations Ideas For First Time Backpackers

Every backpacker wants to know more about the place that they can explore and this article does the same. Go check it out, wanderers!

Top 15 Destinations Ideas For First Time Backpackers

1. India

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It is a huge country with endless things to explore. It is also relatively less expensive than in other countries. The people in India are friendly and you will not feel isolated. You can roam the country in parts, visiting one state at a time or can go for a full India tour. But for touring the whole country, it will at least take you 45-60 days or maybe more than that.

2. Australia

Image source- Skift

This place is one of the most iconic destinations with a lot of things to explore. This place works really well if you love adventures and sports. As most people speak English, you’ll be able to communicate easily. The cuisine of the country is amazing. All in all, Australia is one stop for you to explore and create awesome memories.

3. Thailand

Image source- The Nation

With its pristine beaches, forests, rich culture, beautifully sculptured temples, mountains, historical ruins, monuments and mountains, Thailand makes a perfect place for first-time travellers. Chinese cuisine is world-famous and you can have authentic food there. It is relatively cheaper than in other countries.

4. Indonesia

Image source- Ya Udah Bistro

Indonesia is one of the most picturesque places that you’ll ever see and it is cheap. The most visited place in the country is Bali. The place is famous for its beaches but there are various other tourist attractions such as temples, museums, forests and much more.

5. Peru

Image source- Inertia Network

It is one of the best places to visit if you love food- their cuisine is authentic and is known globally for its delicious taste. They have lively cities and are great for hosting or attending parties. Lovely beaches and trails are other reasons to visit this amazing country.

6. Japan

Image source- Wikipedia

The culture of the place is something that attracts tourists from all over the world- their traditional wear, anime culture, food, history and technology is very popular. They have beautiful natural places to visit such as hot springs, mountains, beaches and volcanoes. The people are usually friendly and you’ll find yourself divulging in their culture.

7. Vietnam

Image source- Holidayme

This place is a blend of culture, heritage, tradition, architecture and nature. It has a lot of stories to tell and is a great country to explore. There are various monuments and historical sights for sightseeing and gaining knowledge. Hanoi and Halong Bay are two of the most popular places in the country.

8. New Zealand

Image source- Goway – Goway Travel

The place is situated between two islands and is an absolute beauty. There are some amazing attractions that you can explore and various adventurous activities. There are different accommodations and transportation for backpackers so that they can save money. Their first language is English and therefore communication won’t be an issue.

9. Turkey

Image source- Tripoto

Turkey is a city of traditional and religious attractions. The most famous attractions are mosques and their intricate structures. There are also some underground houses and rock caves. One of the most popular cities here in Istanbul.

10. Greece

Image source- Ekathimerini

A very beautiful place to explore and also very inexpensive. Greek food is healthy and tastes amazing. The culture, art and heritage it has to offer are beyond your imagination. Nature here is breathtaking, especially the beaches. Every backpacker should add this place in their bucket list!

11. Argentina

Image source- Jing Travel

The place is popular for its food, choices of wine, soccer and various natural attractions. You should also catch a plane to Easter Island and explore its history- it is an archaeological site. There are various temples, beaches, museums, historical ruins and forests to tour.

12. Scandinavia

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This is a dream place for all the hikers and mountain lovers. The region is pretty chic and has some amazing festivals. The place is also famous for its natural beauty and has some mesmerizing landscapes. The people are usually friendly in the region.

13. United Kingdoms

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A little on the higher side but this place is worth exploring. The castles and the royalty that the place offers are something beyond imagination. Ireland, London, Wales and Scotland are few of the popular places in the country. It is also very beautiful and calm. Language and communication won’t be a problem.

14. France

Image source- Travel + Leisure

A proper mixture of food, drinks, romance, fashion, tourism and nature. France is one of the classiest places that you’ll ever visit. Every corner is worth exploring from its vintage cafes to the world-famous Eiffel Tower. Don’t forget to have cheesecake and drink wine.

15. Chile

Image source- Touropia Travel Experts

It is an apt place for adventure junkies and has a lot of outdoor activities. Other than normal tourist attractions, the place also offers salt flats, deserts and glaciers. Again, a natural beauty. Chile has some amazing landscapes and views.

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