Top 15 Weirdest Museums In And Around The World

Top 15 Weirdest Museums In And Around The World

1. Cancun Underwater museum

This is one of the biggest jaw dropping museums. It’s pretty hard to imagine a museum submerged in the ocean. And the unique idea of constructing such a marvellous structure came to the director of the Cancun Marine Park, Mr Jaime Gonzalez Canto. It took 18 months and around 120 hours beneath the sea to accomplish this plan.

The basic idea behind this marine park was to protect the destruction of coral reefs. The best part about the whole touring is that you can either dive in to see the museums and if not that, you can ride a glass-bottom boat. So, even if you are scared of snorkelling or scuba diving, nobody can take the pleasure away from you.

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There are a total of 500 structures beneath the surface of the water. It is very impressive to look at how these human faces are architectured as such beautiful structures and the expressions on these faces are quite overwhelming. Some famous structures are ” The Silent Evolution”, a huge crowd of people and “Inertia”, a fat man sitting on a couch in front of the T.V. It is very fascinating to see these structures in their exceptional surroundings, many of them surrounded by coral reefs and other by marine vegetation. The tour also makes us see all kinds of sea life from small fish to turtles and rays provided the season permits.

2. Leila’s Hair Museum, Missouri

The scope of art is so wide that it allows artists to choose from a huge range of different materials and mediums from which to create unique designs. Have you ever wondered if human hairs can be used to portray some unique works of art? Well, Leila’s hair museum is here to broaden your horizons of such fascinating thoughts which tells us that yes, such creativity exists.

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It is the oldest hair museum. It boasts over 600 hairs wreaths and over 2000 pieces of jewellery made of human hair. Each piece of jewellery in the museum depicts a story of why it has been made or indicated the family histories of famous personalities. Many pieces were for memorial purposes or were a token of remembrance of someone who passed away. The museum contains many more bracelets, necklaces, postcards, watch fobs, brooches, rings and other interesting things made up of the hair. The owner says she is very proud to be the keeper of such treasures and also is going to write a book on the same titled Hair/ Genealogy.

3. The skull Tower of Nis

It is an ancient museum embedded with human skulls located in Nis, Serbia. You need a strong gut to visit this museum. It is visited by more than 30,000-50,000 visitors every year. The museum had skulls of the Empire’s foes and it was built after the battle for the liberation of Nis in 1809. This practice was adopted to warn the people who were trying to rise against the Ottoman Empire. It gives visitors a feeling of terror and they might get horrified on looking at these human skulls.

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The Tower is 15 feet high and had 952 skulls embedded in it earlier but currently has 58 skulls in it. Many other cultures also started adopting the same technique of hanging in the skulls of those rebels who went against their Empires. A chapel was built around the tower to preserve this unique monument representing the nation’s sufferings and bravery. This site is fairly frightening, yet awe inspiring to visit.

4. Franz Kafka Museum in Prague

It is a museum located in Prague and is dedicated to the author Franz Kafka. Franz was one of the most important figures in the 20th century. This museum also contains numerous original documents from Kafka’s writings, letters, drawings created by him. It is a museum with a lot of learning about the Bohemian novelist and his philosophical roots.

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The weirdest sculpture in this museum is one of two men urinating in a pool shaped like the borders of the Czech Republic, which can spell out words in the pool in the form of SMS messages that people can send. This place is worth visiting as it lets us know too much about the literature back then and have beautiful and outstanding cultures designed which depicts different things.

5. The Museum of Witchcraft, Cornwall , England

This weird museum is located in the village of Boscastle and has the world’s oldest collection of items about witchcraft and magic. It was created by Cecil Williamson in 1951. This is where one will find the most fascinating artworks. It has around 3000 objects and 7000 books spanning 25 displays on two floors and has an exhibition which changes every year.

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It has many fascinating things like Fortune telling teacup, witch’s scrying mirror, a serpentine wand, palmistry hand and many more. As the museum of Witchcraft collection grows, it provides us with a chance to look back at the rich history of magic and learn more and more about the ways people welcomed supernatural powers into their lives.

6. International UFO Museum

It was the fourth International UFO Museum which is located in Istanbul, Turkey. This museum contains numerous videos, photos, artifacts, newspaper clippings, reports, UFO-alien models and the most informative and important library. A visit to this place will amaze you about the whole incident of landing in Rosewell and is still a topic of debate for many.

(Image credit : Lazy slack)

Although it might involve a lot of reading work, it definitely might help you accomplish your research about alien sightings around the world much nicely over to a required extent. Also, there is a famous gift shop nearby the area to which a lot of viewers are attracted in numerous ways. For the shop had the funniest gifts like a foil hat to keep away the aliens from reading your thoughts- LOL.

7. Meguro Parasite Museum in Tokyo

Most museums showcase dinosaur bones or everything from unusual insects to mammals but rarely a museum focuses solely upon the showcase of parasites which is done in Meguro Parasite Museum. It was founded by Dr Satoru Kamegai in 1953.

(Image credit: Wikipedia)

In this, there are approximately 300 preserved species of weird parasites which are placed inside glass tubes for display. And 60,000 parasite specimens and 5000 books on parasitology in the research library. This place is heaven for a true science person as it is extremely informative about the creepy crawlies that live in our bodies. The museum also contains gift counters where visitors can purchase a museum guidebook, T-shirts, postcards, phone straps, etc. with actual parasites embedded in acrylic.

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8. Museum of Medieval Torture Devices in Amsterdam

Not every part of our history is such that we can be proud of namely war and atrocities like torture. Yet it might get very interesting to study how the people from the past used their creative minds to design such torture instruments so as to give maximum pain to their rivals. If you have got this curiosity in your mind, this museum has a lot to offer to you.

(Image credit: visitstaugustine)

The museum is a maze of small dark rooms in which the torture equipment are kept on display while some of them can be touched. Each piece of equipment is accompanied by its description and how it was used to cause pain to the opponent. Some of the interesting equipment here is the Guillotine, the rack and the stocks, the iron maiden, skull crusher, Catherine wheels, judas chair, scold’s bridle, to lesser-known objects like a flute of shame.

9. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

This museum is one of the weirdest museums ever and is established by Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, a social activist, founder of the Sulabh Sanitation and Social Reform Movement in 1992. Dr Pathak has put in a lot of efforts marshalling even the minutest details about the developing toilet system over past years.

(Image credit: Dronah Foundation)

It comprises a rare collection of pictures, facts and objects detailing the evolution of toilets from earlier times till date. It also has a beautiful collection of poems related to toilets, their usage and sanitation. There are various models and pictures of medieval commodes, water closets, toilet furniture, etc. The museum is very famous among and is visited by all the class of people. In fact, it is a great source of inspiration for all the people who visit there as they help them learn sanitary etiquette and great hygiene lessons.

10. Museum of Vampires in Paris, France

Are you also one of those who find these vampires and their stories extremely fascinating and mysterious? Well, you gotta visit this museum then. This museum was founded by Jacques Sirgent, a highly knowledgeable scholar of macabre. It comprises antique books on vampires, vampire killing kits, toys relating to Hammer Films, Dracula toys, etc.

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Visitors will surely be thrilled when they learn about the cemeteries where vampiric rituals were once practised and about the whole cryptic history of Paris. The tale of vampires are also mentioned there in the books and one can study the behaviour of vampires and other creatures easily. You will surely be amazed visiting this weird museum which will satisfy all the mystical fascinations rolling around in our heads.

11. Plastinarium Guben in Germany

The outstanding morbid art of corpse plastination is open here for all the visitors to see this amazingly interesting process. This museum was designed by Dr. Gunther von Hagens. He perfected plastination in which polymers are used to preserve human tissue. The process included removing most of the water from dead tissues of a corpse and replacing it with synthetic polymers that preserve the body.

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Visitors can surely find there a showroom of humans and animals in creative poses. The figures portrayed in the museum as well as the lab where the preservation are done for research are found extremely fascinating and interesting by the visitors of the museum. You should surely experience the beauty of this museum once!

12. The Mummy Museum, Mexico

In a small town in Mexico namely Guanajuato (World Heritage Site), there are over hundreds of bodies buried and these bodies take the form of mummies due to the region’s varying climatic conditions. The mummies of the child as well as the older ones are now on the display at the mummy museum. These displays are one of the creepiest sights at the museum and are not recommended for visitors who are craven.

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There’s a great long history behind the making of this museum which you might get to know by the tourist guides or the facts mentioned there. The museum is feary as well as it is interesting to see all these mummy structures set on the display. Those of you who want to have a certain interesting tour in life should definitely visit this place holding all your guts and courage.

13. Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum, Japan

Well if you are a crazy noodle lover then you are in for the right place. This place is really quirky and really fun to visit, one should definitely put this one on the list while visiting Osaka. The museum is located in the city named Ikeda, the birthplace of instant noodles. It displays mind-boggling varieties of instant ramen flavour variations that have come across over the years.

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The world’s first product of instant noodles was invented by Momofuku Ando in the year 1958 after in-numerous hours of research. You can buy the empty ramen cup there, use your creatively crazy mind to draw anything on the cup, and then line up to fill the cup by making your own flavoured combo cup of noodles. Also, there’s a kitchen upstairs where they will teach you to make noodles from scratch.

14. Museum of Sex, New York

The main purpose behind the creation of this museum was to safeguard the history, evolution and cultural importance of human sexuality. The display of art here is absolutely beautiful and at the same time, you’ll find interacting sculptures that you can touch and understand about what’s going on. The major attraction here is the booby bouncy house as well as the art collections of the place.

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Overall, this is a museum of erotica and a few exhibits on sexual behaviour as a biological topic. It captures the mixed emotions of those who visit this place in the form of a perfect blend of truth, knowledge, humour and fun. It is a must visit for people who want to have a fun journey as well as are extremely into beautiful artworks and photography. This is a perfect museum for you guys out there.

15. Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum, Kentucky

This is the only museum dedicated to ventriloquism. People visit here mainly to know and see about ventriloquism and the exceptional dummies kept in there. Its collection comprises more than 900 ventriloquist figures from the tiny ones to the king size ones are kept there and hundreds of photographs relating to it as well.

(Image credit: ecophiles)

Every dummy put here on display tells a story and many of them have been presented in some movies or stages as well. This interestingly outstanding museum was founded by William Shakespeare Berger. He spent 40 crucial years of his life developing his personal collection of everything relating to ventriloquism. In fact, from his birth till death, he kept himself involved in the creation of this unique museum.

Not only does it have the dummies or the photographs but also the puppets, scripts, memorabilia, posters, playbills, recordings, etc. Visiting this place would be sheer fun and surely give you some ghostly vibes which you would definitely enjoy after seeing the dummies displayed here.

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