Top 15 Weird Dreams That You Might Relate To

Our minds turn on a weird switch into the magical world of imagination and creativity when we sleep. Sigmund Freud believed that “The dream is the disguised fulfilment of a suppressed or repressed wish”. So, it’s safe to say that dreams are images, pictures, thoughts, sensations and experiences that run wild in a person’s mind once he/she is fast asleep. Another groovy part of dreams is that sometimes dreams can be reoccurring and dreams can also be similar for various people. The weirdest fact is, It hasn’t been clearly figured out what these dreams could possibly mean and what their purpose might be.

Top 15 Weird Dreams That You Might Relate To

1. The Epic Fall

This is one of the weirdest dreams that is also very common, the dream begins with you falling down some sort of hole, high spot or an edge and this weird fall is never-ending in the real sense of the word, which means that you keep falling until you finally wake up, to find yourself safe in your bed. 

2. The Phobia

We’re all scared of something in particular! The thing that can actually be termed as your “Phobia” is something that actually puts you into a state of panic and extreme anxiety. It is indeed very common to see these things in your dreams, a very basic example would be of the dream with a snake etc.

3. The Naked Scene

This is another very common occurrence, it is said to have occurred mainly because of an extremely stressful situation such as a presentation or performance in front of a huge crowd or the first day to school. You find yourself on the stage or in school without any clothes in these weird dreams! These lack any serious explanation and occur with almost everyone.

4. The Weird Sex Dream

Sexual needs are one of the most common human needs and this type of dream is also very common. These are also commonly known as the “Wet Dreams”. Your mind hits you with an absurd scene of sexual nature and these result in obvious physical reactions In real.

5. The Proper Nightmare

It’s fairly obvious that we have all had that very scary dream where your heart beats so hard that you literally shiver or scream back to consciousness. These dreams can be very stressful and extremely disturbing in nature.

6. The Ones With Nostalgia

We all tend to have those moments, people, things in our lives that we adore to the point where we hold them the closest to our hearts. These moments often tend to reoccur or people tend to show up in our dreams as a reminder of how loved and cherished they are.

7. The Death Race

This is another creepy one, the dream where you see your own death. Either in terms of suicide or murder. The basic idea is that you actually see yourself being killed. These dreams can also be very nerve-wrenching and super disturbing in nature.

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8. The Tail Trail

The feeling that you’re being followed by someone or that someone is keeping an eye on you or constantly looking your way can actually be pretty creepy. A similar feeling is often felt by people in their dreams and this awful feeling spins into a weird dream that many of us often experience.

9. The Touch of Fame

Who doesn’t wish to be famous? This is one of the happiest and extremely common dreams both in terms of daydreams as well as those of the nights. These dreams show you how your life would be once you have your own touch of fame.

10. The Crush

We all tend to have crushes and these dreams warm. And Romantic dreams put us face to face with our crushes whether they’re famous stars or just people you know, and you tend to confess your love to them, propose to them or merely spend a day with them.

11. The Lucid Dream

These are extremely scary and weird dreams which put you face to face with a very scary entity and you feel like you’re back to consciousness however, you cannot move. You suddenly tend to get paralyzed and lose motion and movement. Weird, isn’t it?

12. The Unrecognized Face

Many of our dreams tend to have a weird and unrecognized person that we don’t seem to understand or know. Legends say that this is a spirit that has been trying to contact you however there is no real logical explanation for this and hence this common dream is another weird occurrence.

13. The Sad One

Sometimes we tend to go through some very heart wrenching experiences even when we’re fast asleep. These dreams tend to be very common as well. These dreams tend to leave us overridden with emotions and we tend to wake up on the verge of tears.

14. The Adventure

Some dreams leave us on the very verge of our Beds as we toss and turn on our paths to fabulous adventures and tend to spin amazing tales of fantasy. These dreams of proper adventure, mystery and craziness tend to hit us all.

15. The Trip to The Washroom

This extremely bizarre dream mainly tends to hit children when they’re overcome with fatigue and laziness. The children wish to go to the washroom and so happens in their dream, they feel like they have made the trip to the washroom and tend to wet their beds, this is indeed a very common phenomenon and we have all gone through it as a child.

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