Top 15 Different Types of Tea for Tea Lovers

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Tea is probably the most loved beverage in the world. A cup of good tea can brighten up the gloomiest day and rejuvenate you to fix all things that need fixing. The best thing about tea is that it suits everyone’s tastes, it is available in so many varieties. Let’s have a look at the top 15 types of tea

Top 15 Different Types of Tea for Tea Lovers

1. Black Tea

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The most common type of tea is black tea, referred to as red tea in China. It is fully oxidized and it possesses a strong, bold and full-bodied flavour. This can be made bitter, sweer, vegetal, fruity or spicy depending on each one’s choice.

2. Green Tea

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Another common type of tea is Green Tea which is globally popular. It is unoxidized, has lesser caffeine content, and is beneficial for health. Green tea has a flavour milder than Black tea and can be suited to an individual’s taste by adding ginger, lemon, honey, basil etc.

3. Barley Tea

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Recently developing its popularity, Barley tea is most popular in the eastern regions and is a staple drink in China, Japan, and Korea. Traditionally served with cold ice, and is heavily consumed as a summer drink. This tea tastes nutty, smoky and slightly bitter.

4. Chaga

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This is a mushroom flavoured tea. Chaga is a type of fungus that grows on a birch tree, and making them into tea simply involves boiling a dry mushroom in water. It is a common type of tea in the Siberian region and believes it has longevity benefits.

5. Chai

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Chai is a typical Indian version of tea. It is the traditional black tea infused with herbs like basil, ginger, black pepper and milk. It is further sweetened with sugar and then served with snacks and biscuits. The herbs act as an added bonus and make the tea not only tasty but also healthy.

6. Matcha

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Matcha is made by grinding up green tea leaves into a powder that is whisked together with some water. This tea has a grassy and vegetal flavour.

7. Oolong Tea

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Oolong tea or wulong tea is semi-oxidized and picked later in the season. They are heat treated to stop oxidation, which affects the taste. It can taste flowery, fruity, sweet or smoky.

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8. Chamomile Tea

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Chamomile is edible flowers from the chamomile plant. This tea is specifically recommended by nutritionists and has various health benefits. This tea tastes flowery, with a slightly bittersweet taste.

9. White Tea

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White tea is the least processed of all varieties of tea. The leaves are left to wither and dry on their own, which gives them a very delicate and naturally sweet flavour. It has a very little amount of caffeine. The flavour has a balance of floral and fruity undertones.

10. Dandelion Tea

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Dandelion is a common flower and can be spotted in various gardens. But not many of them know this is edible too. Tea made with dandelion is very mild and has a floral taste. Interestingly, this also looks like coffee and many people use this as a coffee substitute.

11. Peppermint Tea

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The dried leaves of the peppermint plant make a bold, refreshing and very minty tea. It has a very strong and distinct flavour, and not everyone can develop the taste for this. It is one of the most popular herbal teas.

12. Rooibos Tea

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Otherwise known as red bush, this tea originates in South Africa where it has been popular for ages. It is similar to black tea, although it has a more interesting taste. It has equal measures of fruity, spicy and nutty tastes.

13. Yerba Mate Tea

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This is the most common type of tea in South America, where it is a staple drink. It is made from the leaves of a species of the holly tree, which grows in South American rainforests. In addition to great taste, this tea is also famous for its energy and mood boosting properties.

14. Pu-erh Tea

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This is one of the five true teas. It is a fermented drink, similar to red wine, contains a lot of live bacteria. This is a Chinese drink and tastes bitterer than traditional tea. This can improve health markers and metabolism.

15. Nettle Tea

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Otherwise known as stinging nettle tea, this tea is made from the dried leaves of the nettle plant. The taste is a little grassy, light and earthy, making it very refreshing.

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