Top 15 Fashion Styles That Are Still Trending

The fashion industry is a rapidly growing and changing industry of all time. No fashion statement or trend remains alive for longer than a season. But even then, there are a handful of fashion styles that have stayed forever. Here I bring to you all of those fashion trends in a nutshell.

Top 15 Fashion Styles That Are Still Trending

1. Checkered Shirts

Checkered Shirts

Even while writing this, I have a girl sitting just next to me wearing a checkered shirt. This is possibly one of the fashion styles that is sure to stay.

For years I have seen my dad wearing them and slowly it became a popular unisex trend. They not only look professional but also funky depending on the way they are worn.

Clear as a blank sheet, this style is here to remain for a long time. Oh, I saw another girl wearing a checkered shirt. I mean, it’s just another proof.

2. White Shirts

White Shirts

What more basic than a white shirt. They are the most risk-free choice. When in doubt, wear white. The best thing about them is that they are a thumbs up for a professional look. And a loose, oversized white shirt with blue denim is just the perfect output for all times.

3. LBD


The Little Black Dress is the most seductive piece of cloth. I have been seeing it from the time I had sensed.

From top models to Hollywood and Bollywood heroines, I have seen everyone wear it. And undoubtedly, they look dotting on everyone. This is one piece of cloth that I personally wish to have. And who says no to black?

4. Tuxedo


What better way for any guy out there to dress up? Understanding the fact that guys do not have many options to choose from, this one thing that could get them full marks. Tuxedo always gets attention in a filled room. So guys, next to them you want all the attention, go for these.

5. Red Tie

Red Tie

I remember the emphasis of the red tie from the movie Kal Ho Na Ho. I don’t remember what red tie is for you, but for me, it is something your girl would want to see you in. A white shirt, red tie, and a black suit. There is nothing better than this safe look that can make any guy look appealing.

6. Denim Jackets

Denim Jackets

So this one is my personal favorite. From the time I had the freedom to set my wardrobe collection on my terms, I remember having a denim jacket. The best ones are the oversized jackets which look good for a cool, comfy look. Just put it with jeans or a dress and they always gel up so easily.

7. Khadi


Khadi has a long history. But we aren’t going to talk about it. What we will focus on here is the fact that they are the coolest and most comfy wearing cloth. During summers, they are the best friend of anyone who hates synthetic. Light, sober and classy, that is Khadi in a nutshell.

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8. Prints


Again, this is one fashion that stayed in for ages now. Trends have come and trends have gone but prints are here forever. Well that true, because right now, including me, I have around 15 other people who are wearing printed clothes. And trust me, they always look sober. They make the piece of cloth look so light, cool, and comfortable and they are actually light to wear.

9. Converse Shoes

Converse Shoes

I don’t know how many generations these shoes have existed. I have had them all of my life. And they are love.

As a kid, I literally had a crush on these shoes. And I would easily have a soft corner for the people who wore good converse shoes.

These shoes have also ruled the school era for being white converse shoes. Even later it had maintained its demand.

10. Slim Fit Jeans

Slim Fit Jeans

We have seen boot cut jeans, palazzos, boyfriend jeans, rugged jeans, and what now. But from the Bohemian times and even earlier, to till date, I have seen slim fit jeans in demand always. They not only make you look sexy, but are also a great pair for any sort of look. And if by chance you wear them with a pair of heels, God, you have got all eyes then.

11. Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

My personal experience is that a leather jacket does not look good on everyone. But leather jackets are loved by all. Especially, it gives you the complete biker look. And that look has remained in fashion trend for almost the time when bikes were manufactured.

12. Polka Dots

Polka Dots

From Diana’s favorite choice to a modern girls’ preference, polka has always been that thing. It not only gives you a retro look but also a cute, innocent vibe. And a polka dress is a must to complete your wardrobes.

13. Loafers


This trend I genuinely can’t even figure out since when has been on earth. But what I remember is that I have seen a lot of men of honor wearing them.

Slowly this trend has ruled the lines of girls as well. And trust me, they have become favorites among people. They are professional, comfortable, and good looking. What else would you need in your shoe?

14. Heels


You do not love heels. According to history, heels were something that was originally made for men. More precisely, for the kings and kingsmen to wear. It gave them a sense of superiority and power due to its height.

This then slowly demolished but only to rise in fashion for the female sex. And the rest is not hidden. A good pair of heels and make any plain outfit look fab.

15. Pastel Colors

Pastel Colors

Just recently, corals have been a lot in demand. From wedding outfits to first date dress choices to everything, pastels and corals have been the choice.

This fashion trend has certainly returned back. As I still could recollect watching movies and shows that had the actresses wearing such shades.

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