Top 15 Scariest Bridges In The World

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Bridges are mainly designed for transportation or walking purposes and are very safe. But, some bridges will leave you terrified just by looking at them. Here are the fifteen scariest bridges in the world.

Top 15 Scariest Bridges In The World

1. Titlis Cliff Walk, Switzerland

Image source – Titlis

It is located 3,020 metres in the air in Engelberg, Swiss Alps. It is one of the highest destinations in Europe and is covered with snow-clad mountains. The view is as beautiful as scary it is to cross the bridge. It is a very thrilling adventure and requires immense courage.

2. Peak walk, Switzerland

Image source – Daily Mail

It a 107 m long bridge and is located 9800 feet high. People usually cross or stand on the bridge to take in the beauty of the Swiss Alps. The place is free of charge and will leave your nerves pulsating.

3. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

Image source – Wikipedia

It is a hundred years old and still dangles at a height of 956 feet above the river. It takes all the courage in your heart because the bridge was made using cheap materials. Many visitors use this bridge to experience nerve thrilling adventure.

4. Vitim river bridge, Siberia

Image source – YouTube

It is told that being alive after crossing this bridge is itself an accomplishment, it is so dangerous. There is hardly a space to fit one car and it is located above the river. It is dangerous but if you are able to complete it, you’ll feel like you have won some sort of huge competition.

5. Hanging Bridge of Ghasa, Nepal

Image source – OrangeSmile Tours

The bridge might seem like a daily routine to locals but for travellers, it is quite dangerous. The bridge is very narrow, not resistant to wind, dangles freely, no sturdy support and is located at a great height. The bridge is reliable because of its high railings. Be a little careful and you’ll be safe.

6. Queshuachaca bridge, Peru

Image source – Fiveprime

The bridge is as terrifying as its name. It is made up of ropes, grasses and is situated over canyons and rivers. It is the last Inca rope bridge and therefore a popular attraction. It is not very sturdy but the bridge is renewed every now and then.

7. The glass bridge, China

Image source – Dezeen

The bridge is located above the Grand Canyon of Zhangjiajie national park. It offers a stunning view of the national park and is the highest glass-bottomed bridge. The skywalk is 300 m above the ground level.

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8. Sochi sky bridge, Russia

Image source – ABC News –

The bridge is 207 m high and is one of the highest bridges in Russia. The bridge is mainly used for bungee jumping. There are various heights at which the drop of the bungee jumping is located, you can also do other activities such as 170m swing, Megatroll zip line and mountain hiking trail.

9. Hussaini Suspension bridge, Pakistan

Image source – pavan mickey

The bridge is made up of ropes and wooden planks which is not resistant to winds. It is located above the Hunza river. There are huge holes in the bridge and many planks have broken. According to local people, approximately ten people have fallen from this bridge.

10. Glass skywalk, China

Image source –

The bridge is stretched across the Tianmen mountain and people normally use it to see the stunning views of the Tianmenshan National Park. It is used by many tourists, some clinging to the cliffs while some on the sides of the fencing.

11. Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

Image source – Wikipedia

It is a 410 feet long bridge which is located at the end part of the cable car ride. The views from here are truly mesmerizing which is the reason why most tourists walk this bridge. It is situated 2300 ft above the sea level.

12. Capilano suspension bridge, Canada

Image source – Marcie in Mommyland

The bridge is located 230 feet above the Capilano River and is 450 m long. It was built and established in 1889 and is the main tourist attraction. In the Capilano suspension bridge park, there are various other things to do and explore.

13. Eshima Ohashi bridge, Japan

Image source – Wikipedia

The bridge is not for walking purpose, vehicles are being driven on this bridge. And it is one of the steepest bridges that you’ll ever see. It looks like a rollercoaster and is terrifying to see vehicles crossing this bridge.

14. Puente de Ojuela, Mexico

Image source – The Active Times

The place Puente de Ojuela is itself considered to be the scariest and mysterious place in the country. It is built over a canyon and feel like you have no weight when you walk on it. This happens because of the height it is located on and its open design.

15. Monkey bridges, Vietnam

Image source – Bridges

The bridge is made with logs- two logs placed side by side for your feet and smaller logs on the side for your hands. The bridge is very unsteady. Due to its structure, people on this bridge seems to walk like monkeys and therefore the name!

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