Top 15 Ideas for Unconventional Dates to Try

If you are one of those people who are tired of going to a café or a restaurant every time you want to spend some sweet time with your significant other and are utterly bored of it, or maybe you want to let the fun break the ice on your first date, then this list is for you:

Top 15 Ideas for Unconventional Dates to Try

1. Progressive Dinner

Progressive Dinner:

Having each course at a different place or restaurant.

2. Stargazing


Pack a nice comforter and some pillows and head out away from the city lights to gaze at the stars in the peace of country life.

3. Coffee date with a book

Coffee date with a book:

Read each other’s favorite books at the coffee shop. Great for quiet book lovers.

4. Virtual Vacation

Virtual Vacation:

Take a 3-D virtual tour around the globe and plan a virtual tour together.

5. Water Gun Fight:

Water Gun Fight:

If you have access to a garden, yard or a terrace, water gun fights are wonderful to laugh the time off while having fun with your partner.

6. Have a DIY Spa Night

Have a DIY Spa Night:

Candles, maybe incense if you like that, some calming oils and you are all set for an evening of relaxation as you give each other massages.

7. Dinner and Movie Night

Dinner and Movie Night:

Prepare the food you both like together, choose any movie of your choice, and enjoy your hard work.

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8. Write


Pick a pen and a pad and write fiction. You can write separate stories or continue the same one, writing it alternatively.

9. Staycations


Book a hotel or a house for a weekend nearby and experience the calmness of being on a vacation without going anywhere.

10. Movie Marathon

Movie Marathon:

Pick a series or trilogy and watch it through the weekend. Prepare lots of popcorn and comfortable sitting.

11. Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate Tasting:

Go to a chocolate factory or buy a lot of different types of chocolates and score them!

12. Build a Fort

Build a Fort:

Build a fort with lots of pillows and bedsheets and decorate it with some fairy lights. Get inside it to make out or just sleep.

13. Time Capsule

Time Capsule:

Pick 5 things: a letter, a gift for your future self, a gift for your partner, an unperishable food item, and/or anything else of your choice, and put it in a time capsule.

14. Test Drive

Test Drive:

Go to test drive a car that you have obviously cannot afford and relish living your dream for some moments.

15. Sandwich Roulette

Sandwich Roulette:

Pick random and out-of-the-box things for a sandwich and try mixing this and that. This could turn both horrible and a delight.  

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