Top 15 Don’t’s To Herald Positivity In Your Life

What will you do to keep yourself happy and positive? Listen to music or prepare yourself a tea? These are just superficial remedies. Instead, why not cleanse your heart and mind, and find where the root cause is? Life is unfair, binding us in shackles. We are surrounded by unwanted negativity. In spite of this, what is the driving force that keeps us moving forward? Here are the top 15 things a person must avoid to embrace positivity.

Top 15 Don’t’s To Herald Positivity In Your Life

1. Isolating Yourself

Isolating yourself
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An introvert can never be an extrovert is a myth that one should ignore. When you converse and talk about experiences, you realize this world is much bigger. You meet many convivial people who add aroma to your life. We need this change. It isolates you from all the distress and sadness in your life.

2. Being A Pessimist

Being A Pessimist
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It never works out. It only shells you into darkness. You believe the thing will not happen even before trying. Being a pessimist is equivalent to that annoying friend in a group who always says NO. Who likes that person anyway? 

3. Distorted Perception

Distorted Perception
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Two people trekking on a mountain will be unlikely to succeed if they think the mountain is inconquerable. It’s all about perception! Even Mount Everest was considered unachievable, but presently, we see people breaking records almost every year.

4. Vagueness

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Think before you speak! Do not confabulate for no reason. We are surrounded by people who don’t think twice before berating someone for their fun. Their antagonistic nature lessens our confidence and shuns us for not speaking properly. It affects our energy. 

5. Self-questioning 

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What does one achieve from this? Self-questioning your deeds – whether they are good or bad – is necessary. Self-questioning your happy thoughts aren’t. A psychological study implies that most people question themselves unnecessarily, which results in attracting negativity. Replacing these thoughts – Am I good? or Am I worth it? – positive convictions help a lot.

6. Over-confidence 

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Overconfidence makes you feel on top of the world, but it isn’t a permanent feeling. This temporal behaviour leaves a permanent scar on our minds. Decisions made under the influence face a concrete opposition. Remember this!  

7. Fettered Thoughts

Fettered thoughts
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I am not good! I don’t deserve happiness! I won’t be able to do it! Stop these thoughts! Stop! Every human has an equal right and fortitude to achieve their dreams. God created humans impartially. It is only in our minds that we feel restricted, confined, and impuissant to tackle the problems. 

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8. Solicitous Nature

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Worrying takes away your focus. Wasting time on this disturbs your attention. It put you on the unknown path bringing disturbances. It affects the body with unforeseen physical ailments. It also leads to high anxiety issues.       

9. Confiscation 

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People will advise you about the methods, thoughts, gestures, and what you are supposed to do. But if you are uncomfortable, don’t do it. Don’t let people confiscate your mind or control it. You know what is better for yourself and work for it.

10. Resentment 

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It is impertinent to live in hatred for others. It steals away positive thoughts and juggles with finding reasons to hate that person. It is detrimental to the body as well as to the mind. Hate is never a solution but only the cause of war.

11. Over-thinking 

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No one asks for this, and no one wants to be an over-thinker, but it is a human quality. Humans tend to think about extreme scenarios. To dwell on it is to dissuade yourself from completing the work.

12. Not Having A Purpose

Not having a purpose
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Having a purpose changes the outlook towards life. We maneuver towards it and build the world around us accordingly. We don’t invest in unwanted attention and always look for the brighter side. 

13. Impatience 

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You will find the love of your life. You will get that job. You will graduate. It takes time to complete. Rushing into something unprepared leads you into the collapse of your mindset. Take your time. Don’t be impatient. Grow with time.

14. Depending On Others

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Support is an emotional need, but making it into a habit is detrimental. It is giving your energy, your power to the people, making them the judge of you. Dealing with the problems alone makes you satisfied and powerful.     

15. Not Smiling

Not Smiling
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Smiling is the best exercise to train your mind to keep a positive attitude. Smiling over problems make them achievable. It boils the blood of the people who want to see you fail. Smile more!

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