Top 15 Ways South Korea Is Different From The World

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South Korea has grown and developed rapidly in the years after the war, even after being an active war zone. A small country, area-wise, it is home to a rich culture and history that has grown in its unique way.

Top 15 Ways South Korea Is Different From The World

1. Plastic Surgery

1. Plastic Surgery:

All over the world, plastic surgery is something that is usually done in secret or is done by top models and actresses. But in South Korea, it is quite normal for one to undergo plastic surgery for enhancement of facial features.

2. Makeup for men

2. Makeup for men:

When we think about makeup for men, what usually comes to mind is eyeliners and black nail paint but for South Korean men, it is the norm to put on BB cream and follow a skincare routine to take care of their skin. Also, the idols may indulge in eye shadows and light lipsticks.

3. Age

When babies are born in South Korea, they are considered to be 1 year old and their age increases every new year.

4. Kimchi


No matter how far from home Koreans are, one thing they cannot go without is kimchi with their meals.

5. Poop

South Koreans are kind of obsessed with poop. They have phone charms, cookies in the shape of turds and even a whole museum dedicated to poop.

6. Haesindang park

Haesindang park

This park is dedicated to sex and masturbation. It has penis statues, a whole cycle of masturbation and is considered important for sex education.

7. Drinking with Boss

Drinking with Boss

It is quite normal for the heads and bosses to take all the colleagues out for drinks and even dinner after a hard day. Those who refuse are even considered rude and boring.

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8. Crime Re-creation

When a person is suspected of a crime, they are made to reenact the crime at the crime scene with their hands handcuffed. It is made to be humiliating and public by inviting the media as well.

9. Jeju Island

Jeju Island

Statues of dol harubaeng which are erected in the largest island of South Korea. They have a large nose which resembles a phallus and is touched by newlyweds for good luck.

10. Blind Dates

It is very normal for Korean singles to go on blind dates arranged by their friends and even relatives.

11. Virtual Shopping Centre

Virtual Shopping Centre

South Korea has the world’s largest population of smartphone users. It opened the world’s first Virtual Shopping centre where all you have to do is scan the barcode of the product that you want and pay for it online.

12. Video Games

Koreans take their video games very seriously hence the large sales of each game are because of South Korea. Also, playing StarCraft is a legitimate occupation in South Korea.

13. Valentine’s Day

valentine's day
Image credit: 90 Day Korean

As opposed to the world where the boy asks the girl that he likes out, in South Korea, girls propose to the boy they like by offering them chocolates.

14. IQ

Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development has declared that South Korea has the highest average IQ in the world.

15. Selca

Selca is the South Korean word for ‘selfie’, quite popular among the youngsters. They usually say ‘kimchi’ instead of cheese while posing.

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