Shambhavi Chaturvedi

Believer of the fact that Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Plain and Simple, I love to write. Content writer living and working in Ghaziabad. I am passionate about creating quality contents with which you can connect. Contents that work.

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Top 15 Hidden Facts About Bananas

The very first time when the term 'banana' was used, it meant a plant that could produce edible fruit. It is quite amazing to know that the banana plant is the largest herbaceous flowering plant....

Top 15 Essential Facts About Cardamom

In our homes, we see several spices that are used to make food, but have we ever wondered the essential role these spices play to protect our body and to strengthen the immunity? One such...

Top 15 Essential Facts On Asthma To Take Note Of

With rapid industrialization and climate change come to both banes and boons, one of them being respiratory problems. Asthma is a respiratory disease that is identified or diagnosed after witnessing symptoms such as difficulty in...

Top 15 Wedding Outfits For Brides To Be!

Wedding is one of the most awaited occasions in a person’s life, especially for a woman. She enjoys her journey from Maidenhood to Wifey hood and ultimately reaches Motherhood. It isn’t easy to leave your...

Top 15 Romantic Destinations To Get Hitched In Style!

Marriages are love bonds which are said to be made in heaven by our ancestors. Marriage, according to the Indian Mythology is considered as a connection, not only between the two people, groom and bride...

Top 15 Indian Locations For A Solo Trip

Do we always need a company? Do we always want someone to accompany? Should we always make group plans? The answer is an absolute NO! We can take care of ourselves, we can look for...

Top 15 Waterfalls To Visit for The Travelogues!

Everyone is in love with calmness, peace, quiet, hushed beautiful nature's scenic waterfalls. Nature has its own beauty and one such awe-inspiring forces are these waterfalls which attract the travelogues and trotters from all around...

Top 15 Aloe Vera Facts One Must Know

We all have heard about Aloe Vera and have used it somewhere in our daily needs, maybe as an ingredient in a face wash or in some oil to improve the quality of hair. People...

Top 15 Myths about Lord Shiva

We all have heard about the God of all Gods, Shiva, also referred to as Devon Ke Dev, Mahadev or Mahakal, husband of the divine power Mahakali. But do we all actually know who Shiva...


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Top 15 Funky Travel Quotes To Cheer Up Your Mood

Need inspiration to travel? Travelling helps us to live in the present moment in a great way. It aids to release stress and relax mind. While...

Top 15 Important Steps To Learn Anything

We do not just learn is our schools or colleges. Learning is a continuous process and we keep on learning new things till our...

Top 15 Amazing Pet Animals To Love

Before beginning with our list, let me first convince you about why one should have a pet? Having a pet has innumerable advantages, such...

Top 15 Strange Tribes Living in Isolation From the World

Living in the globally connected world where everyday new technologies are discovered, spaceships are sent to space to find life on other planets, it may seem a little strange to realise that their are still thousands of people living in total isolation from the outside world. They do not use television, gas, advanced vehicles, telephone and other day to day items that we can't live without.

Top 15 Words Related To Feminism

If you ask any person today, if they support feminism or not, the answer mostly expected is "Yes, I do". However, if you ask...

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