Top 15 Unusual Pets People own around the world

When do you think of potential pets, which animal comes to your mind? You may think of a dog, cat, rabbit, parrot or fish. Something cute and loveable. But here are some unusual pets from around the world that some people love and cherish. Maybe you’ll get some ideas from this article!

Top 15 Unusual Pets People own around the world

1. Spiders

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Common species of spiders kept as pets are tarantulas, wolf spiders, jumping spiders, fishing spiders, etc. Some people are fascinated by different kinds of spiders and love collecting them. Spiders are not so challenging to take care of, but they can be poisonous. Spiders often eat one another, so they are kept in separate jars.

2. Snakes

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source- the spruce pets

Wishing to pet a snake can be a bizarre idea to most of us, but some people do that. Having non-poisonous snakes can still be understood, but some people like keeping cobras, vipers and pythons (non-poisonous but can swallow you) as pets. Snake charming is a common practice in India, and the snake charmers often keep cobras for this purpose.

3. Crocodile

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Taming a crocodile is such a crazy idea, and daring to keep it as a pet is not less than risking one’s life. Crocodiles are dangerous animals, and their attacks on humans are mostly fatal.

4. Owl

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An owl is a rare and exotic pet with a 10-20 years lifespan. Being nocturnal, owls can interrupt your sleep cycle. Much training is required to handle such pets, and they need to be taken care of by trained professionals when you’re out.

5. Hippopotamus

source- medium

Wild animals like hippos are better not to be domesticated. They’re aggressive. In fact, they’re one of the deadliest mammals on land with very sharp teeth. There has been an instance of a hippo named Humphrey killing its owner, Maurius Els, a 41-year-old in South Africa, by repeatedly biting him.

6. Giant Beetles

source- youtube

Some people like collecting and keeping beetles, and that’s a cool idea. Beetles are easy to handle and are easily taken care of, but it’s not the same with giant beetles. Some beetle bites can cause extreme pain and blisters on the skin, even though they don’t bite often. Some giant beetles are rhinoceros, stag beetles, goliath beetles, atlas beetles, etc.

7. Tiger

source- live science

Tigers aren’t allowed to be kept as pets in many places, as they’re violent and require intensive care. Domesticating a tiger can be detrimental. It is said that even domesticated wild animals turn savage once they taste or smell your blood!

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8. Bear

source- the guardian

Have you ever seen a bear in a zoo or two bears fighting? Have you noticed how fiercely
they fight? Despite this, some people have the courage to keep giant bears as their pets.

9. Kangaroo

source- thoughtco

Kangaroos are marsupials indigenous to Australia and New Guinea. Keeping a kangaroo as
a pet sounds like a great idea, but as it’s a wild animal, it’s not easy to be taken care of. It needs ample space to hop around, and it is at least 6 feet in height with long tails, making it even more challenging to tame.

10. Tortoise

source- wired

A tortoise needs a well ventilated and adequately lit area to live in. Buying a tortoise as a pet means getting a pet for a lifetime, as it can live for over 50 years. It needs proper handling and care, just like any other exotic animal that one would wish to have.

11. Apes

source- medical news today

Apes are primates just like us. In fact, they’re believed to be our ancestors. Keeping monkeys, gorillas, gibbons, chimpanzees, etc., as pets can be highly burdensome since you will have to confine them in cages and need to be careful, as they can even scratch or bite you.

12. Reindeer

source- bbc earth

We would surely want a reindeer as a pet, but we need to know the fact that they are built for cold places. They run at a speed of 80 km/hr, so they would need enormous space to run around. Herding reindeers is an integral part of the culture and economy of the Scandinavian natives.

13. Fox

source- natural resources council for maine

Foxes are friendly and curious, but they are wild animals, and it is not advisable to keep them in the house. Even if you train them perfectly, they will not forget their beastly nature. Foxes can even bite you if distressed or panicked.

14. Raccoon

source- the independent

Raccoons are curious, but they need their own space. They need sufficient space to run and jump. They need their timely entertainment. The moment you fail to do so is when destruction begins.

15. Hyena

source- ideas ted

Hyenas are the last ones that should come to your mind when it comes to keeping pets.
They are dangerous. They even emit foul smells due to their anal sack. But if you pet a hyena from the moment it is born, it can make excellent and intelligent friends.

Not all of us would go for these pets since most of them are wild animals, and it’s better not to keep them restricted within the confines of our houses. It’s illegal in most places to keep these animals as pets. One has to be extremely careful while handling them because you may even lose your life if any mistake occurs.

It sure is interesting to have such unique pets. Do you know of other animals that make for unusual pets? Let us know!

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