Top 15 Intelligence Agencies in the World

Spy Movies have been one of the favorite genres of almost everyone’s life. We are all fascinated by classic James Bond movies. Through such movies, we are familiar with a few abbreviations like RAW, CIA, MI6, ISI, etc. Today we are going to present you the Top 15 Intelligence Agencies in the World. These agencies proved from time to time how they played a key role in keeping its Nation safe and moving forward at the same time. Let’s start this list with the world’s most notorious and effective intelligence agency.

Top 15 Intelligence Agencies in the World

1. Mossad (Israel)

Mossad is the OG covert and assassination operations.  Mossad means Institute in the Hebrew language. Founded in the year 1949, and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Mossad is on the top of the list for its policy of targeted assassination whether it was the counter-attack story of 20 years of continued operation of the assassination of suspected individuals involved in the 1972 Munich massacre to the story of most successful spy ever. The list of deadly operations done by Mossad is endless. There are so many documentaries, books, and movie adaptations available in the market, that I am sure you can’t resist binge-watch.

2. RAW (India)

Surrounded by Neighbours like Pakistan and China, the Research & Analysis Wing was founded on 21st September 1968, just after the Indo-China war of 1962 and the India-Pakistan war of 1965. By raising, an alarm about the conspiracies of neighboring countries, terrorist attacks, understanding foreign diplomacy, etc. RAW is the Heart and Soul of Indian Intelligence by counter-attacking or preventing such incidents from happening. The true story of “Ravinder Kaushik”, one of India’s finest mole in Pakistan and Current National Security Advisor “Ajit Doval” is still inspiring Indian Youngblood. Operation Meghdoot, Khalistan Movement, Operation Shakti, Merger of Sikkim, Operation Smiling Buddha, Operation Kahuta, Operation Leech, 400+ successful snatch operations from different countries, and many more, make this Intelligent agency one of the best in the world.

3. CIA (United States of America)

One of the best, most advanced, richest, and most well-known agencies in the world. The CIA has been providing its expertise to the USA since 1947. When it comes to Snatch operations, spying in other nations, covert operations, and some weird ideas to conduct military operations, no one can match the level of this agency. The CIA is one of the biggest reasons behind America’s success in the Cold War, the USA’s domination over the world, and makes it a superpower.

4. MI6 (United Kingdom)

The Secret Intelligence Service popularly known as MI6 is the oldest agency in the field, founded in 1909 prior to world War 1 specializes in counter-proliferation, foreign intelligence, counter-terrorism, and keeping an eye on cybersecurity. MI6 is also famous for working with agencies like the CIA, Mossad, and Raw to provide help in their missions.

5. ASIS (Australia)

ASIS stands for the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. ASIS was founded in 1952 and is headquartered in Canberra. For the past few years, the government of Australia didn’t even know the existence of ASIS. The agency undertakes counterintelligence activities, works to get foreign intelligence, and provides support to other agencies in the field.

6. DGES (France)

Directorate-General for External Security works for the safeguard and intelligence of the national security of the country. DGES was founded on April 2, 1982, and is based in Paris.

7. BND (Germany)

With the experience of over 64 years and around 4500+ agents spreading across the world and electronic surveillance as its main armory The Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND is considered Germany’s backbone of Intelligence and one of the Top Intelligence agencies in the world.

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8. FSB (Russia)

The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation was formed on 12th April 1995 after the dissolution of the USSR. Formally known as KGB (1954-1991), and the successor of FSK (1991-1995), FSB is the primary intelligence agency of the Russian Federation. Russian spies were considered as the most ruthless and Barbaric spies at the time of the Cold War.

9. CSIS (Canada)

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service” was established on 21st June 1984, headquartered at Ottawa dealing with issues like National Security, collecting and analyzing intelligence, cybersecurity, etc. CSIS has conducted overt & covert operations successfully with or without the help of top intelligence agencies.

10. MSS (China)

Heavily into Domestic Security matters, as of now, China doesn’t have any specific agency (or name) for affairs related to Foreign Intelligence but its Ministry of State Security is responsible for operations like internal security, political support to the communist party, foreign and counter-intelligence. 

11. ISI (Pakistan)

The headquarters is in Islamabad, Inter-Service Intelligence or ISI is the intelligence agency of Pakistan that has served since 1948. ISI is among one of the most criticized intelligence agencies serving right now. The main focus includes domestic intelligence and foreign intelligence, particularly from India

12. MOIS (Iran)

 Initially known as SAVAK, the main focus of this Iranian Intelligence is Domestic security, the circulation of intelligence secretive information for the purpose of internal security. With the help of Mossad and the CIA, these secret police were established on 20th March 1957 during the dynasty of Pahlavi.

13. MIT (Turkey)

Milli Istihbarat Teskilati (MIT) founded in the year 1965 is the National Intelligence Agency of Turkey and the successor of MAH (1926-1965). With the primary goal to control Kurdish PKK and to penetrate Hizmet, MIT had a history of good relations with Russia and Countries of the Middle East but they failed to make a subtle network of agents with European agencies.

14. GIP (Saudi Arabia)

 Intelligence agency plays an important role in a country but for countries like Saudi Arabia where the Dictatorship still exists the role of the Secret institution becomes very crucial. GIP maintains good relations with the CIA and keeps an eye on National security prime focus of GIP is to maintain peace, and domestic intelligence and to maintain the stability of its king’s Dictatorship.

15. PSIA (Japan)

The Public Security Intelligence Agency (PSIA) is the state intelligence agency, the successor of the Investigation Bureau (1946), Internal Affairs Bureau (1948), Special Investigation Board (1948-1949), and was founded in 1952. With a capacity of approx 1,100 people, PSIA is a small intelligence agency divided into many departments. PSIA’s work has been tilted towards domestic intelligence, providing data to the government while one of its departments deals in Foreign intelligence also.

We have provided you with a list of the most efficient intelligence agencies in the world. Although, the information about them is not exhaustive. It is only limited, for you to discover more things about them. Stay tuned for more.

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