Top 15 Scientific Reasons Behind Indian Traditions

Indians have a variety of cultural and religious traditions. While growing up, we all have asked these very common questions, “Why do we visit temples?” “Why do we fast?” or “What is the point of following all these traditions?”

So, here are the top 15 scientific reasons behind Indian traditions:

1. Significance Of Namaste

The traditional Indian way of greeting. It is a scientifically known fact that our fingertips are the major energy points, and according to yoga, each finger represents certain energy. When we join our fingertips in a way to greet people, then the nerve circuit of the brain experiences a feeling of well-being and calmness.

2. Temples

Other than belief, various scientific researchers found out that the strategic location of these temples is of highly positive energy. Idols were placed over copper plates to absorb radiant energy. That’s why people do Parikrama around idols to come within the radius of the magnetic field and experience positive energy. Kedarnath, Vishnu Devi, Badrinath, Garbhagriha, etc., are good examples of it.

3. Idol Worship

The basic concept behind idol worshipping is that devotees get full concentration and focus by imagining the shape of the god he/she believes in. This fact was also supported by modern-day psychology that people have this tendency to think according to what he observes.

4. Fasting

Our body is a machine working continuously from birth till death. And as every machine requires rest to perform better, people fast to provide rest to the digestive system and other organs from daily activities and as per Ayurveda to combat toxic material.

5. Worship Tulsi

In this pandemic, we can understand the importance of the tulsi plant way better than ever. Our ancestors know that regular consumption of tulsi increases immunity, and basil helps us to live healthy and longer life. Tulsi does more than this for us, like fragrances prevent snakes and mosquitoes from coming close to the house. That’s why we plant tulsi in the house.

6. Toran Decoration

The simple science behind the decoration of the Toran is to purify the air and make the surroundings hygienic.

7. Havan

The havan is fueled with a mixture of different natural substances like wood from a specific tree, pure ghee, herbs, and many more. The scientifically proven phenomenon is when this mixture is put in a fire, then the smoke produced from the fire purifies the environment and produces positive energy in the house, marriage, or on occasion.

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8. Chanting Om And Gayatri Mantra

The basic science behind chanting Gayatri and Om mantra is to produce positive energy, reduce blood pressure, control heartbeat rate, improve concentration, etc. Researchers also claimed that chanting the Gayatri mantra before sunrise boosts immunity.

9. The Concept Behind Sindoor

To know the science behind why married women apply sindoor on the pituitary gland, first, we have to understand that sindoor contains mercury, and it controls blood pressure, removes stress, and lights the physical passion. Also, the pituitary gland is responsible for producing sensual development hormones.

10. Mehandi

Mehandi is used very often in Indian households, especially at weddings, due to its medical qualities. Scientists proved that mehandi has a cold nature and reduces stress.

11. Worshipping Peepal Tree

Our ancestors were way ahead than we can think of us. The worshipping of peepal trees was not baseless; in fact, they know that peepal is one of the trees that produce oxygen day and night continuously.

12. Eating In Sukh Asan

According to Indian traditions, we have to sit on the ground in Sukhasana while we are eating because the posture of this asana helps us in digestion and to sense calmness.

13. The Logic Behind Tilak And Kumkum

The only scientific reason behind tilak and kumkum is to control the concentration and to keep the energy (energy produced from pressing Adyana Chakra while we apply tilak/kumkum) in the body.

14. Throwing Coins Into Wells And Rivers

Back in time, the currency was made of copper. Copper purifies the water and is good for our bodies, so our ancestors threw copper-made coins into the well and river to purify the water and consume copper by drinking.

15. Chronology Of Eating Food

Along with all the diversities in Indian culture, the start and end of a meal are the same across India. We always start with spices and end with sweets, and the science behind this chronology is spices activate the acids and digestive juices in the stomach to boost the digestive system, and in the end, carbohydrates in the sweets bring down this process of the digestive system.

These 15 scientific reasons behind Indian traditions clarify that our ancestors were very advanced in every aspect. If they made a tradition, then there must be a reason. We have resources now, so why don’t we give it a try?

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