Top 15 Leisure Activities to Pass Time

In the present fast-paced, busy life, getting free time is truly a blessing. So, make sure you spend your free time doing something productive that you like. Here is a list of fun leisure activities to inspire you on how to spend your free time. 

Top 15 Leisure Activities to Pass Time

1. Read A Book 

Read a book as one of your leisure activities
Source- The Guardian

Reading a book is the best way to spend your free time. Reading will calm your mind and provide you with the necessary knowledge and facts. You can choose to read novels, scientific books, historical books, travelogues or general knowledge books that sharpen your brain. The genres are plenty!

2. Play Ludo 

Playing ludo
Source- Weltevree

Play ludo or any other board games with your family. This is the best way to spend time with your family and involve every member in the game. 

3. Spend Time With Your Family 

Family time
Source- MomJunction

Family time is crucial as it allows the members of a family to know each other better. Thus, it aids to establish and maintain a special bond amongst the members. This time will be the best time of your day if used properly. 

4. Maintain A Journal 

Maintaining a journal
Source- Parade

Make a journal of your own. Journalling your thoughts means organising your thoughts. This way, you will be able to put your feelings and emotions in words. A journal will help you clear your mind, and it will ease the burden on your mind. It is one of the leisure activities that will bring you peace of mind and clarity.

5. Go For A Walk

Woman walking
Source- Metro

Go for a lovely evening or morning walk. A walk, breathing in the fresh air, will automatically refresh your mind. A good walk is always healthy, and it will give you more time to think. Walking is one of the leisure activities that keep you refreshed and help with mental and physical fitness.

6. Meditate 

Woman meditating
Source- Verywell Mind

One should spare a little time every day for meditation. Meditation is good for your mental health. It ensures mental stability and provides strength to your mind so that it survives all kinds of pressure. Again, this is one of the leisure activities that will benefit you mentally and physically.

7. Spend Time On Self-care 

Woman hugging herself
Source- Parla

Time spent on yourself is a time well spent. Therefore, as one of your leisure activities, spend time on self-care and self-maintenance. Apply a face mask, go for a massage or experience a manicure/pedicure session. 

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8. Give Time For Your Hobby 

"What is your hobby"
Source- Business 2 Community

Everyone has a hobby. It is the first thing that comes to mind while one looks for leisure activities to pursue. Spend a little bit of time engaging in your hobby. This will instantly make you happy. If your hobby is painting, try painting something new and unique. If it is something else, go ahead and do that.

9. Clean Your House 

Man cleaning house
Source- Men’s Journal

Most people may not classify cleaning under the leisure activities section, but cleaning is the best way to spend your free time. An organised house not only looks good but also exudes a good vibe. “A clean home is a happy home” phrase stands true to its words, as cleaning your place of residence will bring in good, happy and positive energies.

10. Gardening 

Source- QShala

Gardening is an excellent way to spend your free time. You can grow vegetables for your daily use in the kitchen garden. You can also grow flowers and add indoor plants inside your house. This will add beauty to your home. 

11. Cook A Dish 

Source- Insider

One of the most therapeutic and fulfilling leisure activities is cooking. Cook a dish you have been craving to relish for a long time or intending to experiment. You can add the ingredients and cook them according to your taste when you cook your food. In the end, you might probably feel that the food you cooked is much tastier. 

12. Declutter Your Office Space

Cluttered table being cleaned
Source- Shred-it

Decluttering your office space will make you more productive. Moreover, while cleaning your office space, you may find something valuable that you have been searching for for a long time. You never know what goes missing in the clutter that piles up in your space. 

13. Spend Time With Your Friends 

Friends having fun
Source- Econo Times

In your busy life, you barely get time for yourself. If the workload is enormous, you might also forget to catch up with your friends. So, whenever you happen to be free, meet your friends and spend some quality time with them.  

14. Learn A New Language

Learning a new language
Source- The Jakarta Portal

Learning something new is always a great idea if you seem to be running out of leisure activities. Start learning a new language. In addition, knowing a foreign language always looks good on your CV.

15. Prepare A To-do List 

To-do list
Source- PCMag

If you have free time, spend the time preparing a to-do list for your upcoming days. By organising your tasks, you can categorise them as necessary and unimportant. You will never forget to complete any of your tasks by doing this. 


Remember that it is vital to find time to engage in activities you like. So, try to find free time and utilise it in productive, fulfilling and exciting activities like those mentioned above. Leisure activities are meant to bring you joy and keep you refreshed, so choose what makes you feel the best and dive into it!

If you’ve got any awesome leisure activities that we have missed out on, do let us know!

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