Top 15 Lessons We Can Learn From Holocaust Survivors

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Holocaust is the destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war. Disasters, pandemics and human violence left people shattered. While many people take stress over trivial matters like not getting their favorite dress or phone, there are many people out there who have suffered more than you and are coping with it and Holocaust survivors are one of them. There are many lessons that we can learn from them and apply in our life as Education and remembrance are the only cures for hatred and bigotry.

Top 15 Lessons We Can Learn From Holocaust Survivors

1. Be Hopeful

Life never remains same. Thoughts like “This time shall too pass and will not last long” should give us hope. Hope is a flame that we nurture within our hearts. The star that governs your destiny is in your heart. After the bitter struggles of winter is bound to come the sunshine of spring.

2. Change with circumstances

Life is very unpredictable. We don’t know what will happen the next moment. So be flexible and adapt to changes as things never remain static and everything changes with time.

3. Positive Outlook

We have two ways to deal with a situation, either we can repent whole time lamenting why it happened to me only or we can see at the positive side of it. Problems will come in your life but how you deal with it changes the whole scenario.

4. Value your Time

Everybody has a time clock on the planet Earth. We are ephemeral beings who will depart after performing their roles on the stage of life. Therefore we should value our time and make most of it. Ex- Anne Frank who wrote her daily struggle in a concentration camp in her diary which later turned into a book and now the words written in that book inspires many.

5. Never Give up

Have you ever wondered why we give up? Probably because we don’t believe in ourselves and think that this is not our cup of tea. Never say “Never” in your life. We human beings can do anything in our life. We just need vigour.

6. Enjoy small pleasures in your life

Many Holocaust survivors revealed that living in extra ordinary circumstances made them realise that life is made up of many happy small moments which we embrace throughout our life.

7. Don’t Fear anything in life

Fears are nothing more than a state of mind. We should not fear anything in life as fear paralyses us and stops us from doing what we really wanted to do in life.

8. Be sensitive to other’s suffering

Life is not a bed of roses. We all go through tough phases in our life. Whenever you meet anyone, just don’t get driven by their smiling face. Every individual has their own set of problems so be kind and generous towards other human beings.

9. Be a good listener

Half of the problems arise because of the miscommunication. To lend a good ear to your friend who is suffering from problems can make him/her feel better. Just don’t talk about your problems; everybody has their own set of problems. So try to listen out to people and remember listening is different from hearing.

10. Be Empathetic

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feeling of other. Whenever somebody pours out the emotions of their heart in front of you, try to empathize and say, “I can understand you, you are really brave” instead of saying “It happens, try to move on”. It’s not that easy.

11. Do not discriminate others

Many Holocaust survivors affirmed that having faced discrimination because of their identity and belonging to a particular community. They have realised that “Equality is not just a word. It’s like gravity that we need to stand on earth as Equals”.

12. Value Life

Life is very precious. Yes it is a roller coaster for us but simply living and loving others make it a joyful ride. Even after seeing the evil side of humanity in concentration camps, Holocaust survivors wanted to live and many of them had started a new life with new lessons learned.

13. Relish your good memories

Holocaust survivors when interviewed about how they tried to be happy during those horrendous times, many of them revealed that it was remembering their good times. As good memories never change, they live with you forever.

14. Be Resilient

Resilient people do not allow adversity to define them or their lives and are able to “roll with the punches”. Emotional resilience is a very good quality in a human being and we all should try to become resilient.

15. Peaceful Co- existence

Today we see human beings fighting against each other on the basis of religion, nationality, gender and on various issues. Holocaust survivors have learned that we all should peacefully co- exist as conflicts are not the solution to anything in life.

While many people take stress over trivial matters like not getting their favourite dress or phone, there are many people out there who have suffered more than you and are coping with it and

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