Top 15 Weird Toys that Kids Loved to Play

Who doesn’t love toys? Almost all of us have played once in a while with toys in our childhood but have you heard about some weird toys that really do exist? These toys were designed, maybe for fun or to catch the eyes of people; the reason is still unknown. Here are some interesting and weird toys that you may love to know about.

Top 15 weird toys that kids loved to play

1. The pet rock

These were undoubtedly some toys or not known, but kids loved to play with these rocks. These rocks were sold in a box with many holes in it. These rocks looked quite igneous but seemed to be pretty as well.

2. Clackers

These were some fantastic games for kids that were made from two hard balls tied to strings. These balls acted like boomerangs, getting stuck to one another and then moving apart. Children loved to show off their skills with these balls and felt like warriors in a battle.

3. Cootie

The only hit game that could be called “lousy.” Kids race to be the first to build their cootie (another name for louse). It was a major hit and has never been out of production. (Those vermin are hard to do in.) And in 1975, it was celebrated with a 15-foot tall float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

4. Pogs

Pogs were some decorated cardboard discs that made every kid of 90’s go mad for it. These pogs were used as seals of drinks or cadbury chocolates that made kids buy them like nothing. These came with different images and designs on it.

5. Tanky wanky

This was like tank with a head of tinky winky from Teletubbies. These toy tanks were manufactured in China and kids loved to play with it. This toy was like the regular toy tank but it’s design made it look weird.

6. Creepy crawler’s oven

Do you know about those baking ovens? Certainly, yes but this is something different from the regular baking oven toys. These oven toys won’t cook you food but would surely make some inedible gummy creatures. This weird toy was a dream for the kids of the 90s.

7. Tamagotchi

This digital egg shaped toy was more like a babysitting thing. This toy would timely instruct to drink water, eat food and all. This was quite a type of bizarre toy at that time but has become more of useful now.

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8. Furby

This cute, little toy had some unusual activities that made it look weird. This toy would blink its eye for thousand times a day and its features were weird. You would definitely get possessed by its cuteness but would get a mini shock due to its appearance and activities, as well.

9. Silly putty

This toy is a silicon polymer-based toy that has some unusual physical properties. This toy was quite famous during ’90s and still has its craze today. Although it was made from silicon and couldn’t break easily, it would get broken when dropped from heights.

10. Moon shoes

These bizarre toys were more like a shoe with a trampoline. Kids loved to play with these shoes as they got to have the feel of a trampoline under their shoes. These shoes were weird but funny, too.

11. Skip it

This was not like a regular skipping rope but was a kind of distracting toy. While playing with this toy, you need to be super active and alert, or else you may fall. It have a ring attached to a rope and you need to play it by changing feet to feet and there would be no use of hands.

12. Pretty Pretty princess

This toy was nothing but a sleepover toy, but everyone was gaga for it. Its cutest look, and beautiful design was all that attracted a lot of children to buy it. It was not like your regular pretty doll, but it made all those children look like pretty princesses.

13. Beanie babies

Thus toys made a craze among the children of the ’90s. These were some soft toys made from fabrics and stuffing that every 90’s child was fond of. It had a number of craziest fans and children were mad at collecting these toys at that time.

14. Polly pocket

This tiny toy was weird and was like a wonder at the same time. This toy was created by being inspired by a Black Mirror episode. It had a mirror at the center, stairs to the mirrors, and a beautiful room. The toy also had the option to open and close.

15. Game Boy camera

This was a game toy for the children of ’90s. It had a game boy camera and a printer, and once you learned to operate it, you would love to play with it again and again. It was the source for the youth of that time to develop their photography skills.

These were some weird toys that you would have never heard of. Although these were weird, at the same time, they were interesting too. Do share your reviews regarding this blog and we would surely meet with another new, interesting blog soon. Till then, spread some love.

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