Top 15 Princess Diana’s Facts You Didn’t Know.

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Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles. She was the most loved and admired princess of them all. She was also known as the people’s princess because of the kind heart she had. She was born on 1st July 1961 and was 4th of the 5 children in her family. Diana and Charles had 2 kids together. Let’s see some facts about Princess Diana that very few people know.

Top 15 Princess Diana’s Facts You Didn’t Know

1. She has done several regular jobs

She has done several regular jobs
Source: ABC

After finishing her studies in Switzerland, when she returned to London she took a job house cleaning and babysitting. She also worked as a dance instructor and as a playgroup assistant for kindergarten students.

2. Her wedding dress has gone down in history

Her wedding dress has gone down in history
Source: The Independent

Her wedding dress is stunning and showed a touch of Diana’s personal style. It had 10,000 pearls, ivory silk work and how can we forget the 25-foot train. The cost of the dress in today’s time would be $30,000. Its making was kept secret and it was the most amazing dress in history.

3. Struggled with Bulimia

Struggled with Bulimia
Princess Diana and her Chef Source: Hello! Magazine

The enormous pressure of responsibilities that she had on her shoulders after her marriage in a royal family made her feel like she is not enough for them. Also, her husband made her feel inadequate in all the possible ways. He also commented on her body. So, she started depending upon food to hide her emotions from public view.

4. Her struggle with depression

Her struggle with depression
Source: Bright Side

Princess Diana not only had to suffer from Bulimia but she also suffered from depression. Her marriage with Prince Charles bought a lot of a hard time in her life, which eventually ended up in divorce. She has confessed that she desperately wanted to make her marriage work but its failure broke her heart making her feel hopeless and useless.

5. Her wedding with Charles was the wedding of the century

Her wedding with Charles was the wedding of the century
Source: Hello! Magazine

Her wedding took place in St.Paul Cathedral on 29th of July 1981, London. This wedding was marked as a national holiday and a total number of 350 guests were invited to the wedding including the members of the royal family. Around 2 million spectators lined the route of their wedding and almost 1 billion watched the ceremony on tv. Also, they had 27 wedding cakes and the official one was made 2, just in case the 1st one gets destroyed.

6. She was the fashion icon

Fashion Icon, Princess Diana

Her incredible and chic clothing is still inspiring the women of this generation. The kind of clothes she chooses for her was trending, but it also showed her a bold lady. She was also the only member of the royal family who was seen wearing trousers in an evening event and we can never forget her black dress, which is famously known as the ‘revenge dress’, that she wore on the night Charles confessed his infidelity.

7. She was the mother of 2 kids

She was the mother of 2 kids
Source: Hello! Magazine

Diana had 2 kids, William and Harry both were perfectly healthy and were very well brought up by Diana. She was also known as the role model for many mothers. She used to carry her children everywhere she goes which was not very common in the royal family. Even Prince Charles used to stay with his grandparents while his parents were on a trip.

8. Her engagement ring didn’t follow the custom

Her engagement ring didn't follow the custom
Source: Good Housekeeping

Unlike all the other members of the royal family, who’s ring was custom made, lady Diana didn’t follow the same path. Her engagement ring was selected by her from a magazine from Gerlad’s jewellery collection. Her ring was an 18-carat white cold circle with 14 solitaire diamonds surrounded a blue sapphire. Her ring costs around $36,000 at this time.

9. She knew many celebrities

She knew many celebrities
Source: Hello Magazine

Despite her shy and calm nature, she not only knew many celebrities but also friends with them. Many famous movie stars, fashion designers, sports celebrities were included in her inner circle.

10. She changed the perception of AIDS

She changed the perception of AIDS
Source: Business Insider

Diana was the only member of the royal family to contact the AIDS victims while she was working for them. She opened a landmark AIDS centre in London and used to make public appearances. She also shook hands and hugged the patients to remove the taboo against the disease.

11. Her crowded marriage

Her crowded marriage
Prince Charles with Chamila Parker Source: Town and Country Magazine

Lady Diana in one of her interviews revealed publicly that her marriage was very crowded because of the affair of Prince Charles with Chamila Parker. She found the proof on this matter and many of his staff confessed about the same. She confessed about her husband’s affair in a book of hers.

12. Diana’s extramarital affairs

Diana's extramarital affairs

As it has been said that not only Prince Charles but Diana too had extramarital affairs. She was totally broken from her husband’s infidelity and started an affair outside her marriage. Her most fired up affair was with James Hewitt and even people say that Prince Harry is a product of James Hewitt. However, he still denies all those claims. After that, it was said that she hooked up with her bodyguard who was later removed in 1986 by Prince Charles himself.

13. Queen Elizabeth advised to the couple to divorce

Queen Elizabeth advised herself to the couple to divorce
Source: Daily Express

It was officially announced by the Buckingham Palace that Queen Elizabeth has advised the couple to dissolve their marriage and file for a divorce. Prince Charles soon decided to divorce however, Diana decided in February 1996. 

14. The conspiracy surrounding her tragic death

The conspiracy surrounding her tragic death
Source: CNN

Diana’s car accident happened only 3 days after her divorce was finalized with Prince Charles. She along with her lover was killed in that accident while they were in Paris. However, in 1998 her lover’s father filed a case against Prince Phillip claiming that the car crash was planned and he spent 10 years proving this allegation. But ultimately he had to give up this case. However, there’s an interview where Diana said that she might be killed.

15. Her death broke everyone’s heart

Her death broke everyone's heart
Source: The Royal Chef

Diana’s sudden and unexpected death shattered everyone’s heart. When people got to know about her death, the Kensington Palace was surrounded by candles and flowers by thousands of people. Her funeral was watched by around 2.5 billion people on tv. She was indeed the queen of people’s hearts.

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