Top 15 Most Unique Parks that will amaze you

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Parks are places for recreation and to spend some calm time with your loved ones. Parks are preferred for outings with children such as a picnic or playdates. Although some parks in the world offer beautiful trees and flowers with scenic beauty, some parks hold mesmerizing things. These unique parks are listed below.

Top 15 Most Unique Parks that will amaze you

1. Mount Rushmore Adventure Park

Mount Rushmore Adventure Park
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Mount Rushmore Adventure Park is in the USA. It wins over people because it offers something that not many parks can boast of. It has a cave. The cave is stalactite-filled and it is so beautiful that you will feel enthralled by it. There are other activities like Rushmore Mountain Coaster, Wingwalker Challenge Course, Soaring Eagle Zipride, etc.

2. Ferrari Land

Ferrari Land
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Ferrari Land is a themed amusement park that offers exciting rides to the people. This scenic beauty in Spain is as exciting to a car lover as Disneyland is to the kids. They have rides so fast that you will feel you are in a race of your own.

3. Diggerland

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This park is inspired by JCBs and diggers. It is located in England as well as in the USA. The rides include Skyshuttle, Stack Attack, Mini Landrovers, etc. You can drive a truck, sit in the bucket of JCB, and let it spin you around.

4. Bollywood Park

Bollywood Park
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Where is this park? It is not in India. Bollywood Park is in the UAE and has rides and restaurants based on the Bollywood theme. This park is inspired by the Mumbai city’s life. It also brings alive Bollywood culture of India.

5. Wunderland Kalkar

Wunderland Kalkar
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Wunderland Kalkar is located in Germany. This is a construction site meant to be a nuclear power plant, which never got completed. Now, swings and rides are implanted here which is just so cool.

6. Hersheypark

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Hersheypark is a family theme park in the USA. This park is meant for people who are completely smitten with chocolate. Rides are named after Hershey’s chocolates and they are as cool as the chocolate itself.

7. Xieng Khuan Buddha Park

Xieng Khuan Buddha Park
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Xieng Khuan Buddha Park is a sculpture theme park. It is located in Vientiane, Laos. The sculptures in this park are unusual and one of their kinds. From Buddha to monsters, this mysterious park has a lot to offer.

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8. Grüner See

Grüner See
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Grüner See in Austria exists as a park only for a certain time period. As spring comes, the usual Gruner See park turns into a mesmerizing lake so picturesque, you would want to stay there forever.

9. The Muse

The Muse
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This park in the UK is famous for its unusual location. It is set on the roof of a house with the same name. There are dozens of trees, bushes, and even an artificial pond.

10. i-City

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This theme park in Malaysia has colorful and vibrant trees as its main attraction. They are adorned with millions of glowing LED lights. The theme park attractions include Snowalk, Waterworld, Itsy Bitsy, etc.

11. Parque Francisco Alvarado

Parque Francisco Alvarado
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Parque Francisco Alvarado is a major attraction in Costa Rica. This park offers its visitors a whole maze made out of living plants which are complex yet beautiful.

12. Grutas Park

Grutas Park
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Grutas Park is a sculpture themed park in Lithuania. This park features Stalinism. It has barbed wire fencing, statues of Stalin, Lenin, and other 86 such Soviet leaders.

13. Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa
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Haw Par Villa is a Chinese park featuring legends, history, and folklore of China. It includes demonic beings, human heads, and even Ten Courts Of Hell.

14. The Holy Land Experience

The Holy Land Experience
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The Holy Land Experience is a Christian theme park in Florida where you can experience what happened in Judaea in the 1st Century live, being re-enacted. They had recreated the architecture of Jerusalem.

15. Haesindang Park

Haesindang Park
Image Credits – Google Images

Haesindang Park in South Korea is known for being the most erotic park with sculptures depicting reproductive parts and couples entwined in sexual activities.

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