Top 15 Strangest Things Worshipped Around the World

Religion and the idea of worshipping is millenniums old and it keeps changing and transforming. From Sun to earth to the universe itself, everything has been considered holding some kind of power at one point of time in the history of mankind. Here are the strangest things worshipped:

Top 15 Strangest Things Worshipped Around the World

1. Royal Enfield Bullet

Royal Enfield Bullet:

This motorcycle has been kept in a glass box and is worshipped in the village of Chotila in India after it underwent an accident in 1988.

2. Computer Chips

Computer Chips:

A religion developed called Pikpuk believes that the idea of God is actually a computer program developed by aliens. If we are able to transfer our conscience on a computer chip, we can become immortal.

3. Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin:

A woman named Frolova Fontiya claimed that God told her that the Russian president is actually a reincarnation of Apostle Paul. There is a temple dedicated to Putin and adorned with his pictures.

4. Penis


Priapus, the Greek God of fertility has a temple in Montreal, where the penis is worshipped. Members of the church must masturbate at least four hours a week and there are levels of membership in the temple.

5. Large Butts

Large Butts:

Adonitology is the religion that worships people having large behinds. They have a church and quite a number of followers. Adonis, the self-proclaimed prophet was apparently told by Jesus that women with big butts will have the utmost power in the 21st century.

6. Prince Phillip

Prince Phillip:

The prince-regent is royal, yes but he is also considered as an earth spirit’s son by the people of Yoahnanen in Venuatu. They celebrate his birthday on July 10 as a grand religious festival.

7. Cannibalism


If you live in India, you must have heard of the cult called Aghori which carries a bowl made of a human skull and is known to follow cannibalism, eat things like animal faeces, decaying flesh of humans, rotting fruit etc.

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8. Star Wars Movies

Star Wars Movies:
Image credit: Vocal

Fans, hardcore fans and then come people who make it a religion. Jediism is the religion based on the Jedis of the Satr Wars franchise. They have a Temple of Jedi Order as well as 16 Teachings of the Jedi.

9. Church of Euthanasia

Church of Euthanasia:

This church preaches and spreads its ideas by giving sermons on how we should decrease the number of humans on earth in the future.

10. India


Well, yes, our country is also worshipped and it has a dedicated temple in Varanasi called Bharat Mata Temple which was built before the partition of India.

11. Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi:

Dubbed as the Goddess of Telangana, Shankar Rao built a temple devoted to her with her idol resembling Goddess Laxmi.

12. Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan:

Yes, really hard to believe but the Bollywood actor is worshipped as a God in a temple in Kolkata.

13. Chinnamasta

Image credit: prakaasha

This Indian Goddess of self-sacrifice and sexual restraint is depicted in a very weird way. She has her head cut off, with three streams of blood sprouting from her neck which are drunk by her severed head and her attendants.

14. Sheela Na Gigs

Sheela Na Gigs:

She is depicted in a number of stone figurines as a woman with an exaggerated vulva. She is considered to be a fertility goddess and her figurines are used in weddings and births.

15. Dionysus

Image credit: Dionysus

The ancient Greek God of wine, chaos, and intoxication. He is said to be brought up as a girl and grew up to be a bisexual God. He also has the power to restore the dead and is related to cannibalism.

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