Top 15 Online Platforms for Free Education.

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Free education is something that governments around the world have been working on for a long time. Online platforms provide a medium that has been helping in achieving this objective. There are a large number of online platforms that provide free education to people without even stepping out of the comfort of their homes. The top 15 platforms in this field are as follows:

Top 15 Online Platforms for Free Education

1. Academic Earth

Source- Youtube

Academic Earth was launched in 2009 with the motto of providing world-class education without spending a single penny. Since then, they have been collaborating with almost all the top universities in the world. Students at Academic Earth are blessed with certain special features like podcasts and video recordings of the lectures.

2. Udemy

Source- PC Mag India

From a virtual classroom program in 2007 to a fully-fledged company launched in 2010, Udemy became one of the leading companies in the field by 2020. Udemy is a family of around 50 million students and over 57 thousand instructors. Udemy is the single stop for both learners and teachers in providing free online classes in over 64 languages.

3. Coursera

Source- TheStreet

With the collaboration of over 200 leading institutions and companies, Coursera provides a platform where you can build skills with free online courses, certificates, and degrees from leading companies and institutions.

4. edX

Source- Youtube

edx is an online learning platform founded in the year 2012 by the collaboration of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. edX has been providing top-quality free learning programs since its foundation. Currently, edX is working with 140 universities and institutions globally including top-ranked institutions, and it is providing 2500+ online courses.

5. Open Culture Online Course

Source- Open Culture

Open culture is providing 1500+ online courses for free from recognized top universities like Oxford, Stanford, Yale, MIT, etc. From History to Computer Science, and Literature to Psychology, Open Culture’s online courses are a good option for you if you are interested in learning from top institutions without spending a penny.

6. Khan Academy

Source- PCMag India

Khan Academy is an educational company launched in 2007 by an American educator Salman Khan. Khan Academy is changing the rules of education by providing a platform for learners through its innovative idea of personalized learning, incorporation of tools like short lesson videos, and organized subject-wise practice papers. The best part is that everything is available for free.

7. iTunes U Free Courses

Source- Apple World Today

A part of Apple’s iTunes store is providing a platform for its users where they can download educational content from leading schools for free. The content that iTunes U offers is exclusively from the leading universities. The only drawback of this platform is that it is available only to apple users who own an iPad, iPhone, MacBook or iPod.

8. Alison

Source- Al Fanar Media

With the tagline “Empower yourself”, Alison is one of the largest e-learning platforms with a family of 15 million students offering 1500+ courses for people around the world. People at Alison believe in a six-step policy from “Free registration” to “Empowerment”.

9. Codecademy

Source- Pentagram

Unlike the earlier mentioned platforms, the New York-based Codecademy offers free online coding classes in twelve different programming languages. Perhaps as a requisite for your dream job or for your keen interest in technology, you might have a desire to learn some technical skills. Then, this is the perfect platform for you to learn technical skills.

10. Big Think

Source- Youtube

Big Think was launched in 2007 by Peter Hopkins and Victoria Brown with the motto of providing a multi-media portal for multiple concerns. Big Think is not the platform for academic purposes, but their series of round-table discussions, interviews, and presentations by experts will definitely help you.

11. Internet Archive

Source- Youtube

As the name suggests, Internet Archive is a digital vault having almost everything in its library. It houses millions of books, websites and much more.

12. Brightstorm

Source- Youtube

With an experience of over 8 years and an approximate number of 1.2 crore users from 120+ countries, Brightstorm is an excellent online learning portal for teenagers. You can watch recorded sessions by experts on your concerned subject.

13. CosmoLearning

Source- Youtube

Similar to Brightstorm, CosmoLearning offers free educational content to teachers and students. With approximately 1300 courses, 1800 documentaries, 1320 videos and 1342 photos, this platform is the one-stop destination for every educational concern.

14. Howcast

Source- Youtube

Howcast is the best example of learning with fun and humor. The basic concept of Howcast is to shoot a short video containing practical information, knowledge and humor at the same time. You won’t believe it, but Howcast has made a video on almost everything.

15. YouTube

Source- The Verge

Yes! We cannot neglect the fact that YouTube is the world’s best platform for learning. There are lots of channels containing countless videos on education and learning. If you are curious about something or you really want to learn more about something, YouTube can give you a video from “how to drink water” to a video on “how to make a space shuttle” for free.

All of us have been using our devices for entertainment and several other purposes. Now the time has come for us to use our devices to learn new things. Visit any of these online platforms and give a new dimension to learning and education.

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