Top 15 Most Dangerous Animals On The Planet

Animals are an important part of our ecosystem, they help us to keep the cycle of life running. Today we are going to highlight the deadliest animals of this ecosystem, that posses a threat to other animals. Here are the top 15 most dangerous animals on this planet, that we must look out for.

Top 15 Most Dangerous Animals On The Planet

1. Mosquitoes

Source: BBC

Don’t let their size fool you, you will be shocked to know that they cause around 7,50,000 deaths across the world per year. They have the ability to kill their host with the deadly diseases that they carry. More than half of all mosquito-related deaths are associated with Malaria, while the second most dangerous disease that they spread is Dengue.

2. Humans


We had to be on this list because, in spite of being the most intelligent creation of nature, we still destroy the planet. Humans result in more than 4,37,000 deaths per year i.e an increase of about 8,000 from the previous year. There are multiple causes of this destruction, such as war, pollution, accidents, and much more. Syria, El Salvador, Venezuela, Honduras, and Afghanistan are known as some of the most violent countries to reside in.

3. Snakes

Source: NPR

This reptile has the ability to scare us all if spotted in front of us. But did you know that they also cause up to 1,00,000 deaths per year? These deaths are majorly due to snake bites, and these incidents have increased in the past couple of years. Around 7,000 to 8,000 people in the United States get bitten every year. While not all snake bites are fatal, a few of them definitely are.

4. Dogs

Source: Youtube

Sad but true, our most loyal companions are also on this list. But they don’t intentionally commit this horrible sin. Dogs or, more specifically, rabid dogs cause 35,000 deaths per year. Not all dog bites will kill you, but if you are bit by a rabid dog, you need to take treatment quickly before the symptoms start to show up. The number of deaths is so huge because about 40% of all rabid dog bite victims are under 15, and most occur in poor rural communities in Asia and Africa.

5. Freshwater Snails

Source: Science Photo Library

Who knew that these slimy crawlers are capable of taking about 20,000 deaths every year? It is not them who threaten us it’s the disease that they carry known as Schistosomiasis. Schistosomiasis causes intense abdominal pain and bloody stool and urine. Millions of people contract this disease every year but a very small percentage of them actually die.

6. Assassin bugs

Assasin Bug
Source: Animals.Net

The name itself is so deadly, no wonder they’re one of the top killers in the animal kingdom. Also known by the name kissing bug, they carry the disease called Chagas disease. It is a parasitic infection that can easily kill a human. They get their weirdly unique name due to their tendency to bite people on the face.

7. Tsetse flies

tsetse fly
Source: Economist

Another tiny little creature on this list, tsetse flies transmit a parasitic infection known as sleeping sickness. This infection can lead to headaches, fever, joint pain, and itchiness, but if the symptoms are ignored and left untreated, it can even cause neurological problems and death. Annually, the disease has killed 10,000 people around the world(?).

8. Ascaris Roundworms

Ascaris Roundworms
Source: Medical News Today

Here is yet another surprising creature but they are different from the regular worms we see. They cause a cruel infection called ascariasis that has the potential to kill about 4,500 people per year (Rather than this, write the % people killed by it since the disease can affect more than 4500 people) . They attack our intestine, therefore they affect it the most terrible ways. This infection is known to affect children more than adults.

9. Crocodiles

Source: BBC Earth

A single glance of a crocodile and you will realise what true fear is. This never smiling reptile, is here because it is responsible for about 1000 deaths per year (please specify if it is across the world or for a specific country). Attacks are especially prevalent in the continent of Africa, where most of these attacks result in death.

10. Tapeworms

Source: New York Post

Another worm variant on the list, the tapeworm results in more than 700 deaths annually. This creature truly represents the phrase ‘small but deadly’. These parasites cause an infection called neurocysticercosis, which is extremely hazardous. An average adult tapeworm can also live up to 30 years in a person’s digestive tract.

11. Hippopotamus

Source: World Wildlife Fund

Don’t let their innocent face fool you, you might be surprised to know but, they are cold-blooded killers. They are extremely bothered by intrusion in their territory and are considered one of the deadliest creatures on the planet, especially in the continent of Africa. The have been known to attack humans through charging and trampling over them or even by tipping over boats on purpose.

12. Elephants

Source: World Wildlife Fund

As much as humans kill elephants, they kill humans too. Elephants are responsible for around 500 deaths annually (specify). While vegetarian in their diet, these are fiercely territorial creatures. They are, on an average, 13 feet tall and can weigh upto 6 tons. A human could not survive even one serious attack by them.

13. Lions

Source: Live Science

How can this list ever be complete without the king of the jungle? The king kills around 22 people every year (specify). This number keeps on varying, so we are considering the average here. Most of the lion deaths occur in Tanzania. This deaths peaks during the harvest time when there isn’t very much prey.

14. Wolves


Up next on the list are the wicked cunning wolves. A research study tells us about how human encroachment on protected areas is part of the reason for an increased number of wolf attacks on humans over the last 50 years. People dead due to wolf attacks amount to around 10 people annually (specify).

15. Sharks

Source: Wall Street Journal

This underwater deadly beast results up to 7 deaths every year (specify). In 2014 there were only three shark attacks around the planet, whereas, in 2017, the number reached up to five. Injuries caused due to shark attacks are far more common than deaths.

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