Top 15 Phobias Around The World

The list of phobias is a kind of never-ending list. Several types of phobias exist which hit the human’s fear throughout life. One must have the ability to fight their fears. Every phobia has the tendency to recover. With courage and determination, anyone can fight their fears off.

Top 15 Phobias Around The World

1. Hemophobia – The Fear Of Blood

Yes, even the sight of blood can make the person freaked out and faint. Injections, pain, injury, and death are common causes of Hemophobia. Images and videos occur on TV and any other adds to this fear. For them, blood is a sign that something is wrong with their body. The fear of blood has also a relation to the fear of death.

2. Xenophobia – The Fear Of Unknown

Xenos means stranger or unknown in Greek. When a person is occupied with a group of people who are strangers or foreigners to him, it becomes a humiliating situation for him. However, for such kind of phobics, daily life becomes more stressful outside the house.

3. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia – Fear of long words

The Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia phobia is a jocular or fictional phobia. It deals with the long or extreme words leaving the person mentally disturbed and stressed. Symptoms of this phobia include shaking, trembling, sweating, headache, accelerated heartbeat, etc.

4. Theophobia – The Fear of God

Our parents and everyone says, “Fear the God”. Similarly, people suffering from theophobia fear God, but it has no relation to Atheism. This fear is of not having God in one’s life. When the person experiences any kind of failures like low grades, lack of opportunities, health issues, or any other troublesome situations, they think that God is not with them and it’s God’s punishment to them.

5. Cibophobia – Fear of Food

The phobia is related to bad episodes of cooking or any bad experience with food. Phobic people have excessive obsession regarding the preparation and the expiry date of the edible items. They constantly have a fear of choking while eating anything. Phobics cry, shout, show tantrums whoever is eating in front of them.

6. Ergophobia – Fear of Work

Ergophobia is a deep fear of work. It is also a part of social anxiety disorder. Fear develops with the fear of unemployment, manual labor work, or sometimes with the high pressure of work. Such type of phobic people remains dependent on people for money, food, and daily bread. Such people also very easily break relations with their loved ones out of strain.

7. Ombrophobia – Fear of Rain

Younger children are the victims of this phobia mostly. Some fears from the stormy weather, some from heavy rain and even with the strong sound of the rain. Strangely, even light rain or drizzle make them afraid. It also produces fear of health issues in them, as rain spread viral diseases and bacteria.

8. Chaetophobia – Fear of Hair

Who doesn’t love hair? After all, it’s a significant beauty. But who knows that this beauty is also a fear. The phobic people are not only afraid of hair, but also with hairy objects, hairy body, or hairy animals. These things freak them out. Most of them get afraid from falling off other’s hair on themselves. While others do not let anyone touch their hair as they think that this can make them bald.

9. Aphenphosmphobia – Fear of Intimacy

Such phobic people have fear of being intimate. They find it really hard to deal with situations in which physical contact is necessary with other human beings. They are easily triggered with touches and in some cases even the thought of being too close with someone can scare them to a high degree. Their phobias can be triggered in places where there are too many people such as theatres, malls and concerts.

10. Gamophobia – Fear of Marriage or Commitment

This is a common phobia that many people deal with. Studies have shown in the present times of globalization and quick socializing where dating and flings are a common quick go-to option these phobias are increasing day to day. In this phobia, people find it hard to commit to someone for life. They regard it as a very big deal and often avoid situations and relationships that demand commitment or bonds that progress toward the prospects of marriage. They feel it very hard to stay with a single person for a longer period and this can even scare them off.

11. Astraphobia – Fear of thunder and lightning

It is a phobic condition found in most women. In this, a person finds it hard to cope with the drastic weather changes. Weather conditions such as thunder and lightning make their situation worse. They find it difficult to stay alone when they hear the sounds of thunder and often seek someone else’s company during these times. One can also plug in ear plugs and listen to good mood-refreshing tunes to lessen anxiety levels. This is a great way to cope with this kind of phobia.

12. Glossophobia – Fear of Speaking in Public

People with Glossophobia get sweaty and anxious whenever a situation demands from them an act of public speaking. They cannot face crowds and may develop a fever when asked to speak a few lines in front of a few people. These people can be great communicators when the conversation gets one-to-one but whenever something is to be addressed in a public they can be really nervous and end up fumbling a few words here and there.

13. Androphobia – Fear of Men

This is a phobia not many are aware of. It involves a certain feeling of fear of men. In most cases of this phobia, the girls are not able to even accept the existence of other beings called men. They find it hard to adjust in workplaces, public gatherings, outings, and holidays as whenever they see a man they overthink things that make them anxious. Studies often suggest in some cases this phobia develops as a result of some events of the past which even trigger the people till date and develop a greater form of phobia. Many people who have this phobia do not go for inter-sex marriages and are more comfortable in same-sex relationships.

14. Pteromerhanophobia – Fear of Flying

The people suffering from this phobia hate flying and even the thought of flying can go them fall weak to their knees. They cannot travel by air and develop headaches and fevers just by thinking about it. No matter how greater the distances might be they prioritize traveling by land or by water. Doctors often advise that a person with this phobia should avoid traveling by air as in some cases they might end up having a heart stroke.

15. Zoophobia – Fear of Animals

It is a common phobia in many people. They experience a certain kind of fear of the animals. They even think that the animals could hurt them and find it hard to get acquainted with them. In many cases, people with this phobia find it hard to pet animals and also avoid visiting their friends and family who own a pet animal. Many people later on in their life develop a certain disgust for animals and cannot even bear the sight of them.

This article deals in detail with different phobias and makes you aware of the fears associated with them. People with these phobias go through a lot in their lives personally and they should be dealt with with utmost care and respect. This article can serve as a great eye-opener for many people and help them to understand different phobias clearly.

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