Top 15 Foods You Must Avoid

Avoiding certain foods can be hard, especially when they taste delicious. We always want to avoid certain foods, to lose weight or to avoid any illness but we are not able to identify which food we should consume. It is important to understand that food like dairy or gluten are common allergens and some people do not prefer them but that doesn’t mean that they are bad for everyone. Here’s the list of the food you must avoid or you might consider staying away from.

Top 15 Foods You Must Avoid

1. Low Fat Peanut Butter

Nut butter is great for you as they contain beneficial unsaturated fats, but when you start taking out fat from the peanut butter, you are not only lowering the heart-healthy fats but also end up getting a product with extra sugar and filler ingredients, so it is advisable to stick to the natural full-fat peanut butter rather than going for low-fat peanut butter.

2. Sugary Drinks

Added sugar are one of the worst ingredients in modern diet. When you drink liquid calories, your brain doesn’t consider them as food. Thus, you may end increasing your total calorie intake. When you consume in large amounts, it can link to non-alcholic fatty liver disease, with the various serious conditions including heart diseases.

3. Frozen Sandwiches

In today’s time, frozen food items like sandwiches are our go-to options. Some people even start their day by grabbing a cold sandwich with a cup of coffee. Doctors state that starting one’s day with frozen food items is equivalent to inducing several toxins in the body. This leads to obesity and even stomach issues. Food items like this should be avoided as much as possible.

4. Canned Food

Studies reveal that more consumption of canned food leads to more exposure to BPA. Canned Foods contain approximately ninety percent of BPA. Even the canning process is not safe and it is regarded as unhygienic. This is because the metals come in contact with food packed inside the cans. This is not fit for human consumption. Thus canned foods should be limited as much as possible.

5. Ice Cream

If one has to name a favorite food item ice cream is one common name. Ice cream is the favorite of most people. It’s amazing taste makes you crave more of it be it summers or winters but the nutritional value is quite low. Ice creams have added sweeteners which are very harmful for your body. Ice creams have high calorie content which have an adverse effect on human body.

6. Packet Fruit Juices

Studies show that these juices aren’t good for your health. Juices have a beneficial effect on your body only if they are consumed fresh. Packaged juices on the other hand have certain added elements which make them harmful to consume. They affect the level of insulin in the body because they are high in fructose content. Packaged juices are also low in fiber in comparison to freshly squeezed juices.

7. Processed Meat

Studies have recommended that processed meat should be avoided at any cost. Consuming processed meat can result human body to a higher risk of cancer. This is because it contains chemical preservatives which are hazardous to the body. These chemical preservatives disrupt the working of the body. Processed meat lacks in protein content in comparison to fresh meat.

8. Coffee

Coffee is what starts the day for many people. Coffee boosts energy levels definitely but excess caffeine is not good for your health. It is largely responsible for disrupting the sleep cycle in humans. Caffeine also triggers anxiety levels in humans. Excess coffee is also responsible for panic attacks and heart disease. Caffeine results in Insomnia in young adults and old people.

9. Candies

Children love candies. The market is full of different candies with amazing flavors. Candies are also very harmful to the body. They are very high in sugar content and can lead to diabetes in people. Excess consumption of these candies disrupt the workings of the human mind. The high sugar content seriously affects the nervous system. It can also result in obesity in children. Another harmful effect of candy is that it results in tooth decay giving cavities to children at a very young age.

10. Cereals

Cereals are one of the common morning breakfasts that many households dwell upon. It is a lesser known fact that these cereals aren’t that good for our health. They are very high in sugar content sometimes and consuming this amount of sugar in the morning itself is dangerous. They slow down the metabolic processes of the body. These sugary cereals also lead to high blood pressure levels.

11. French Fries

French Fries are enjoyed by all irrespective of age group. It is our favorite junk food to grab. The fries are very bad for our health. The fries are put in hot boiling oil at high temperatures. It is very high in trans fat content. This trans fat is very deadly for the body as it increases the rate of a heart attack in people. It also increases heart problems, diabetes, and cancer.

12. Stored Fish

Consuming canned fish is not healthy. The fish that are processed lack nutritional value. They are made delicious by adding artificial flavors to them. Canned fish contains a huge amounts of toxins that are very harmful to the human body. They contain high levels of chemicals that can result in cancer and tumors.

13. Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil is regarded as one of the most harmful things to be consumed by humans. When this vegetable oil is heated it results in oxidizing and this is very dangerous. It has adverse effects on the tissues of the human body. The adverse effects are such that it turns the blood vessel plaque. Heart attacks are a common result of consuming bad vegetable oil on a regular basis.

14. White bread

White bread is another food product which is regarded harmful for the human body. It is made up of processed flour and contains several additives which are not good for human consumption. This becomes one of the prime reasons of it being dangerous to consume. It results in several stomach problems.

15. Butter

Butter is loved for its flavor mostly in all countries. It adds a different aroma to even the most exotic dishes but it is a lesser-known fact that butter is one such dairy product that is very dangerous for the human body. It is high in trans and saturated fat. It increases the cholesterol levels of the body. It leads to the rise of LDL content in human blood making it a very dangerous thing to consume often.

This article entails a brief description about several food products that are consumed by humans on a regular basis ignoring the harmful effects that they render in return to the human body.

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