Top 15 Places For A Literature Lover To Visit

How will you feel about visiting your favourite author’s home? What will be your reaction upon seeing the author’s writing desk that produced your favorite novels? You will be ecstatic and filled with humbled pride. This is every literature lover’s dream! A list of must-visit places for the ardent literature lovers to soak in everything they can about their favorite books and writers!

Top 15 Places For A Literature Lover To Visit

1. Jane Austen’s House

Jane Austen’s House
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If ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘Sense and Sensibility’ and ‘Emma’ are among your favorite books, then it is essential that you visit Chawton, Hampshire where the Jane Austen House Museum is located. See the place where the celebrated author lived and penned down her masterpieces.

2. John Keats’ House

John Keats’ House
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The Keats House in Keats Grove, Hampstead is the place for you to go to if you are a fan of the Romantic poet and wish to know more about his life and work. His most acclaimed works include ‘Ode to a Nightingale’, ‘Sleep and Poetry’, etc.

3. Stratford-upon-Avon

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The small town of Stratford-upon-Avon is heaven for a literature lover who loves Shakespeare and his plays. The town celebrates Shakespeare’s birthday every year.

4. Globe Theatre

Globe Theatre
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Shakespeare’s Globe in London is a theatre built by Shakespeare’s playing company, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. You can visit it today and watch live performances of the master playwright’s plays as well as that of other dramatists.

5. Rabindranath Tagore’s House

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If you’re someone who is a fan of the words and verses of Tagore or wish to gain more knowledge about India’s greatest modern poet, then Jorasanko Thakur Bari, in Jorasanko, north of Kolkata is the place for you. The family home and birthplace of Rabindranath Tagore is now a museum dedicated to his life, work, and philosophies.

 6. 221B Baker Street

221B Baker Street
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The most famous address on earth, the home of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson in the literary world created by Arthur Conan Doyle does exist in London. It is possible for fans to visit the residence of the world’s most popular detective.

7. Mark Twain’s House And Museum

Mark Twain's House And Museum
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The Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford, Connecticut is an ideal visiting place for people who adore ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ or wish to see the home of one of America’s greatest authors.

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8. Oscar Wilde’s Childhood Home

Oscar Wilde’s Childhood Home
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If beautiful stories like ‘The Selfish Giant’ and ‘The Happy Prince’ were a part of your childhood, then a visit to the Oscar Wilde House in Dublin, Ireland is worth a visit to discover the Irish writer and poet.

9. O’ Henry House And Museum

O' Henry House And Museum
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The O’ Henry Museum in Downtown Austin, Texas is a must-visit for a literature lover to about the writer, William Sidney Porter. Known by a pen name ‘O’Henry’, his works include Cabbages and Kings, The Four Million, The Trimmed Lamp, etc.

10. Brontë Parsonage Museum

If you admire the talented Brontë sisters, then the Brontë Parsonage Museum is the place for you to be. The museum located in Haworth, West Yorkshire, England is the family home of the Brontë family. It is the place where the Brontë sisters – Charlotte, Emily, and Anne lived and wrote their world-famous novels.

11. Charles Dickens’ Museum

 Charles Dickens' Museum
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If ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, ‘Oliver Twist’, and ‘Great Expectations’ come in your list of favourite books, then it is essential that you visit Charles Dickens’ London home to know all you can about the celebrated author.

12. Dove Cottage

Dove Cottage
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Dove Cottage is found on the edge of Grasmere in the Lake District of England. This is the place where William Wordsworth lived with his sister from 1799 to 1808 and penned down many of his famous works like ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’. One cannot miss this if they are huge fans of the romantic poet’s lyrics.

13. RK Narayan’s House

RK Narayan’s House
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The house of the iconic writer, who created the world of Malgudi, was converted into a museum and opened to fans in 2016. It is located on Vivekananda Road in Yadavagiri, Mysuru (Mysore). It is a great place to visit for those who grew up with ‘Swami and his friends’.

14. Leo Tolstoy’s Home

Leo Tolstoy’s Home
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For the admirers of the Russian writer, ‘Yasnaya Polyana’ near Tula, Russia is the place to visit. ‘Yasnaya Polyana’ is Leo Tolstoy’s house where he was born and penned his famous works – ‘War and Peace’ and ‘Anna Karenina’.

15. Cambridge Book Depot, Mussoorie

Cambridge Book Depot, Mussoorie
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One simply can’t help but admire the work of one of India’s favourite children’s authors, Ruskin Bond and end up going to Cambridge Book Depot in Mussoorie. This is where people can meet the much-loved author and get his Ruskin Bond books autographed by him.

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