Top 15 Wardrobe Essentials A Woman Must Own

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Every season brings new sensational clothing, which sooner attracts its crowd. Apart from the craze to buy every piece of clothing, it is necessary to think about the wardrobe essentials, i.e. clothes and accessories a woman must own. Your wardrobe must consist of a curated set of your favorite things, which you can wear comfortably and can experiment with different clothes.

Top 15 Wardrobe Essentials A Woman Must Own

1. Basic T-shirts

Basic T-shirts

A girl must own solid basic colour t-shirts according to her own preferences. The basic colours can be black, white, blue, grey etc. T-shirts are casual clothing that can be worn anytime and any day.

2. A Statement Jacket

A statement Jacket
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A statement jacket can immediately chic up a basic day outfit. The material of this jacket can be leather, woollen, or any other fashionable material. These fashionable jackets increase the style quotient and make you look fabulous.

3. Blue Denim

Blue denim

Types of Denim are always in fashion. So you can never go wrong with a pair of blue typical pair of denim pants. This never-ending fashion clothing goes with every casual or party wear. They are also comfortable to wear.

4. A Denim Jacket

A Denim Jacket
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A denim jacket can add so much fun to a normal casual outfit. Do you have a boring t-shirt rotting in your wardrobe? Pair it with a denim jacket and see how it transform into a cool fashion. It can be styled in multiple ways, be it kurtas, T-shirts, or even on dresses.

5. Shrug


Shrugs are the must-haves in a woman’s wardrobe. It can be used in layering the outfit and at the same time, you can hide unwanted skin show. A wool shrug in winter can also be worn in many ways. Belting up the shrug can make it look more put together.

6. A Coordinate Set

A Coordinate Set
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A Co-ordinate set is so in fashion these days. However, I personally like wearing because you can wear them separately too. Wearing the top and the bottom separately and pairing with other clothes can give you a completely different look.

7. A Plain Kurta

A Plain Kurta

A kurta is a must-have product for daily wear because you can dress it down or up according to your mood. You can wear it with a ripped pair of jeans for a casual look or with accessories like Jhumkas and bindi for a more classy and mature look.

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8. A Formal Set

A Formal Set

A formal tailored shirt and a bottom is very necessary in the wardrobe. Whether you going for an interview or a professional meeting, formals are very important. It brings out your professional and mature side.

9. Palazzo Pant

Palazzo Pant

Palazzo pants are very much in fashion now. You can pair it with a kurta or a basic t shirt. These pants add ethnic quality to the person wearing it.

10. A Skirt

A Skirt

For those sudden night outs, one must always have a short\long skirt handy. These can be worn on holidays or vacations.

11. Dresses

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Dresses are a woman’s best friend. However, one should have a dress considering her body type and comforts. There are the party, business, or casual wear dresses.

12. Accessories

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Every girl must have a small pair of stud earrings, pendants, or bracelets, etc. in her wardrobe. Accessories are important when fashion is concerned. They are the “something missing” to complete a fashionable look.

13. Nude Heels

Nude Heels
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A pair of nude heels is one of the most important things to add to your wardrobe if you haven’t already. On wearing, they give a sense of confidence.

14. Flats


Flats are also essential. According to your taste, you can choose which flat footwear to include: ballet, sandals, or sneakers. These easy to wear flats have made life comfortable and can be worn on any casual outing.

15. Bag And Belt

Bag And Belt
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A sling bag and a handbag should be there in every girl’s wardrobe. These bags are convenient to use while travelling. There should be a belt that matches the colour of your bag. If you invest in a buckled belt, it can be used with many outfits like dresses and shrugs.

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