Top 15 Facts About The Alcohol Industry

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There are so many industries functioning in the world

right now, so many of them that we aren’t even aware of. We don’t even know how these industries function. Let’s talk about some of the hidden facts about the alcohol industry.

Top 15 Facts About The Alcohol Industry

1. You can make alcohol of anything that ferments

source: insider

Alcohol’s making process is not very complex as during fermentation sugar turns into alcohol by using different kinds of stuff like yeast and bacteria. The magic ingredient however is ethanol.

2. Drinking alcohol in moderation can benefit your health

Drinking alcohol in moderation can benefit your health
source: npr

Alcohol does not just have all the bad effects but consuming it in moderation can actually benefit you too. Limiting your consumption can benefit and also red wine is good for people but only if consumed in moderation. 

3. Anheuser-Busch Inbev is the biggest alcohol producer in the world

Anheuser-Busch Inbev
source: financial times

This company is one of the biggest, fastest consumers of good corporations worldwide. The business is now owned by Van Damme and it is also controlled by Brazillian investors. It also had almost $55 billion in sales in 2019.

4. Marketing of alcohol is not yet regulated in the USA

source: medvisit

The USA is the largest consumer of alcohol as compared to any other country. Their legal age of drinking is much lower too. And surprisingly the ads on alcohol have no regulation and companies can advertise their product in any way they want. Even excluding the harmful effects of consuming it.

5. Millennials have a troubled relationship with alcohol

alcohol consumption in Millenials
source: New York post

According to the studies, the heaviest drinkers are aged from 18-29 and it continues to the age of 50. Millennials are more addicted to it and eventually, it becomes harder for them to stop consuming it. 

6. Alcohol dehydrates your body and increases fat

Alcohol dehydrates your body and increases fat
source: cosmopolitan

Alcohol however has so many side effects and it harms our bodies in many ways. It will first of all-cause dehydration to your body and you will urinate and vomit more. It also increases belly fat, as we call the beer belly.

7. Europe has the most drinkers in the world

alcohol culture in Europe
source: vic health

Alcohol has a strong relationship with the culture of a place and Europe specifically has a lot. Many songs, books, and movies of this continent feature-heavy drinkers. Places like France, Czech Republic, etc are difficult to imagine without alcohol because almost every restaurant and cafe serves it.

8. Coffee might help reverse the liver damage caused by alcohol

source: the independent

Consumption of too much alcohol can badly harm your liver. Studies show that at least 2 cups of coffee consumption can lower the risk of liver damage. It also lowers the risk of cirrhosis.

9. Alcohol addiction for men and women is the same

source: today’s parent

Alcohol is one of the most addicting things and millions and millions are addicted to it in the world right now. Also, unfortunately, women tend to get addicted faster than men. 

10. Non-alcoholic beer market will be worth $25 billion by 2024

source: science news

The alcohol market will increase in the coming years, but on the alternative, nonalcoholic beverages will be as much as $25 billion by 2024. These companies have already had their growth and many Islamic countries are very much responsible for this.

11. Almost 50% of Asians have trouble metabolizing alcohol due to a missing liver enzyme

alcohol consumption
source: the recovery village

Asians have a 50% chance of having an Asian glow when out partying with their friends or family. They have a hard time metabolizing it and it is true for most Japanese, Korean and Chinese people.

12. Pregnant women will be tested for alcohol consumption in Ireland

Pregnant women will be tested for alcohol consumption in Ireland
source: medical xpress

Ireland is a country that takes good care of the health of their citizens and it doesn’t like to compromise with it. Alcohol consumption is in general very bad for pregnant women and it not only harms the mother but also the unborn baby. Therefore, this country does an alcohol consumption test for them.

13. Most addictive and easy drug

source: the conversation

Alcohol is very readily available and it is also one of the main reasons for it being a very easily available addictive drug. Our body which produces the feel-good endorphins hormones while drinking is actually the culprit.

14. Alcohol consumption kills many people worldwide

Alcohol consumption kills many people worldwide
source: life skills south florida

Countries like Finland and Sweden have prohibited the sale of strong alcohol in the market. If you want to buy then you will have to buy it from the govt owned shops. This is the reason for the decreasing demand for these alcohols and it also protects the health of their citizens.

15. Chandler from the famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S was often drunk on the set

source: insider

This sitcom is loved by almost everyone and Chandler the sarcasm king is the favourite character of many people. Matthew Perry says that he hardly remembers many of the scenes and the time spent on the set because he was heavily addicted to alcohol. Now he is at a much better place and is also helping people to overcome their addiction.

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