Top 15 Shows To Binge-Watch

If you are wondering what TV shows or movies are worth watching, then keep reading, as this list is here to steer you in the right direction of the best binge-worthy shows to watch!

Top 15 Shows To Binge-Watch

1. Big Little Lies

big little lies
source: indiewire

Superficial rich and privileged women whom we judge and don’t give much importance to because they are just pretentious women whining and gossiping. But wait, just as soon as the first episode ends, one is intrigued to go further and as the plot develops you start to see what’s really going on behind the scenes of their perfect lives, and it all starts to make sense. You realize that you were meant to hate them all at the start. But by the end, you end up rooting for them and liking all of them. With the well-crafted writing and beautiful direction, there is also a fine star-cast which includes Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Adam Scott, Laura Dern, and Alexander Skarsgård. Cinematography and music are hypnotically beautiful. Definitely worth your time.

2. Black Mirror

black mirror
source: the playlist

Charlie Booker’s anthology television series Black Mirror is a dystopic vision of how our future would change because of technology. The episodes and seasons are not connected to each other which makes Black Mirror easy to binge-watch. All of the episodes makes one introspect and sometimes scare us too as they’re set in a very near future similar to our own, technological developments and human reactions to technology make the show spooky too as no matter how unrealistic it looks now it still can happen in the future and the “can” is scary indeed. Black Mirror also has a ‘choose your own adventure’ type of interactive movie released with the name “Bandersnatch” which is equally enjoyable and creepy as the episodes of Black Mirror.

3. Crashing

source: bleeding cool

You probably haven’t heard about this one? Crashing follows a group of unlikely friends who, to save money, decide to move into a disused hospital. Crashing succeeds at creating brilliantly realistic and complicated relationships between all the characters. Every episode ends with a cliff-hanger and the show ends in only seven episodes, there are no multiple seasons but the only one which will leave you wanting more. This show has great characters, perfect acting, and adult humor at its best. It’s a very relatable show for the young adults who will be able to see through the title which not only refers to crashing together at a place but also the literal crashing of personalities and how in the chaos all characters find themselves and forge meaningful relationships with each other.

4. Alias Grace

Alias Grace
source: rolling stone

It’s based on Margaret Atwood’s novel of the same name. A strangely gripping story of a woman who is accused and convicted of the 1843 murder of her employer and his housekeeper. Grace is sentenced to life in prison, leading her to become one of the most notorious women of the period in Canada. The series delves into many of the same questions as to its source material: What happened on the day of the killings? What role did Grace play in it? How much reliable is Grace as a narrator? Is she the victim or the cunning criminal, or both? Ultimately, can the truth ever be known?

5. End Of The F***ing World

 End Of The F***ing World
source: chicago maroon

A black comedy series based on a graphic novel which tells the story of two emotionally damaged teenagers. The main protagonist considers himself to be a psychopath and has chosen his first victim to be the girl who he runs away with as she makes him steal his father’s car. What happens next is unpredictable, watch the show to find out. The show’s first season also boasts a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

6. American Horror Story

American horror story
source: film daily

It is an anthology horror drama series created by Ryan Murphy. The show is full of thrills and chills with strong performances by actors. Although some of the time periods are linked in the series, each full season is a different story, and therefore starting the show at the beginning of any season is fine. Every now and then, the same characters appear in different seasons which is like little Easter eggs for some hardcore fans. Some seasons are linked like Season 1 is linked with season 8 however, one can enjoy the show anyway one wants.

7. The Crown

the crown
source: insider

The glamourous and opulent drama tells the life and times of Queen Elizabeth II over several seasons, with some cleverly crafted and planned resets and cast changes as time moves forward in the show. The Crown is reported to be one of the most expensive television shows ever made.

8. 13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why
source: what’s on netflix

It is based on a novel by Jay Asher about a girl who records thirteen tapes about her thirteen reasons for killing herself and makes all the people she felt were responsible for it listen to the tapes. Even if you haven’t watched this show, you would have heard about it due to the number of controversies it caused and the debates it sparked. The suicide scene from series one has been edited out the original one is no longer available for audiences to view. The show is graphic, disturbing yet discusses themes relevant to the younger generation and worth to be discussed.

9. Money Heist

money heist
source: the indian express

It was a Spanish television series originally “La Casa De Papel”. And, it was almost regarded as a flop, until Netflix bought it in 2017. Netflix released it with the name, “Money Heist”. The show became a phenomenon. People found the characters very relatable. The show is about a group of robbers who take the task of robbing “The Bank of Spain”. The show is compelling to watch with unpredictable plot twists and characters with whom one can connect.

10. Hannibal

source: film daily

NBC’s three-season series Hannibal, developed by Bryan Fuller, is arguably one of the goriest show on television. The show is a psychological thriller based on the novels by Thomas Harris and focused on the relationship between FBI criminal profiler Will Graham and Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a forensic psychiatrist turned serial killer. The show, despite its violence, is created aesthetically beautiful to the point that even the gruesome murders look like art. The show went on a halt after season 3, but recently, the chances of a new season have surfaced again with Netflix buying rights to the show and the producer and actors dropping hints of a new season.

11. Peaky Blinders

peaky blinders
source: bcheights

The show is set in a post World War setting and focuses on the rise of the Shelby family from small-time bookmakers to one of the deadliest criminal groups in the world. Each season has 6 episodes each and there is a different storyline to every season. From Cillian Murphy to Tom Hardy the acting of every character is brilliant. The show also has some solid female characters. You will get to witness strategic planning, plotting and ample of violence.

12. Sense 8

sense 8
source: film daily

It’s about a species of human called “Sensates” who are telepathically linked with each other. Most of the episodes of the show are directed by The Wachowskis (directors of The Matrix Trilogy). With high action-packed scenes, the show also has a good comedy woven into moments of hypertension making the show a wholesome treat for the viewers.

13. The Originals

the originals
source: decider

The story revolves around the Mikealson family. They return to New Orleans 100 years after they were chased out of the city by their murderous and revengeful father. It is a spin-off of the show called, “The Vampire Diaries” (TVD) however, it is much better than the teen show TVD as it has more complex, dark, and much more powerful (physically and mentally) characters than TVD that’s why it is enjoyed by adults as much as young-adults enjoy it. The show has a gorgeous cast, engaging direction, beautiful soundtracks, and brilliant acting. It is different from all the mainstream vampire shows you might have seen.

14. The OA

the OA
source: the New York times

The show has spirituality, dream interpretation, healing, spiritual counseling, stunning visual effects, but science fiction? Not very much. The show bends and experiments with its own genre. The less you know about the show is exactly the better you enjoy it. The show has really good cinematography and a splendid casting.

15. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

source: vox

You knew no list of binge-watching shows is complete without “Friends”. This timeless classic can be binge-watched anytime and anywhere. It is considered the best sitcom that has been made and one of the best TV shows. You can watch it alone or with your friends and if you have already seen you can always re-watch. Moreover, Friends reunion is finally happening so this is the perfect time to re-watch and buckle up for the reunion.

Here is the list of binge-worthy shows for you! Let us know in the comments about your recommendations for binge-watching shows.

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