Top 15 Travel Essentials That A One Must Carry

The idea of travelling is great fun, new destination, new places, a must-have change in the routine and the best part, exploring more chapters of life. But what can get on nerves is the reality of packing things up for the trip.

While some of us have a tendency to write down a whole long list of things to be taken along, the rest of us just put in everything. But whatever we do, we tend to forget something or the other.

Thus, here we bring to you, the top 15 travel essentials that you need to have for your next trips.

Top 15 Travel Essentials That A One Must Carry

1. Neck Cushion

If you going by flight or by train or even by car, this number one out of the 15 travel essentials is a must have. You are bound to doze of on a long or even a small flight if you are as sleepy as I am.

The neck cousins are the best to give your neck the perfect rest during the slow hours of reaching the destination. Especially when on a flight and a train as you have not got something too amazing to do.

2. Blanket

While some people find the idea of carrying a blanket along on a journey too lame and extra weight, the true smartness is in carrying one along.

One never knows how chilly can it get at nights sometimes. And I am sure you don’t trust the weather blindly.

So, instead of biting your teeth the whole night in shiver, it is best to carry a blanket along for all the cozy sleeps.

3. Minimum Clothes

There are always two types of people, the “oh no luggage” and “oh I just packed four bags for a weekend trip”.

No offence to any of the types but the key way to go for a trip is to carry the minimal. You obviously aren’t going to build a house there in a weeks time, so take as less clothes as you can.

One jeans, a pair of shorts, fine dress, comfy T-shirts and the best shoes and you are sorted. Also, watch some videos where they teach minimalist packing.

4. Perfect Footwear

When it comes to going on a trip the first thing that hits my mind is a lot of exploring that involves a lot of walking.

For this, I and any sensible person would simply say a big no to heels. Choose your footwear according to the plans that you have on your page.

If you are to go trekking, go for the most comfortable sports shoes you have and if you are in for exploring the city, opt for the best sandals in your closet.

5. Medicines

So you obviously never know what is going to happen to your health and body. Until and unless you are God yourself, which I am sure of none of us is.

The safest and wisest option is to take along the obvious sorts of medicines, per say, something for fever, headache, wounds or cuts.

They say prevention is better than cure, and they possibly say it right.

6. Sling Bag

One thing that I have came to terms with after a lot of traveling is that, you are not going to carry your luggage bags everywhere. And you are also not going empty handed to streets of a new city.

You do not need all of the things to take along. But you also need some little things. And for it, you need to have a handy sling bag that has got just the right space to keep you going for a nice day out.

Also, do not make it too heavy that it starts ticking your shoulder and back.

7. Sunglasses

Leave style, sunglasses are way too important for any trip. You obviously don’t want your eyes to hurt day out with all the sunlight and dust that you are ought to face.

You need to get your hands on the sunglasses. And one more tip. It is not at all a waste to invest in good sunglasses. Go only for the branded ones and not the local wears, as it’s a matter of your eyes. Not anything is good for it.

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8. Portable Charger

Out for a trip? You are bound to take a lot of pictures of every mesmerizing thing.

And in this digital and social media world, some of us love to update everything about what we are doing to the little world of our own.

In that case, the batteries of our smartphone are sure to drain, but connectivity is also very important. Thus, you need to have a portable charger on the go always, to keep your phone and your social life charged up.

9. Divided Cash

While the world is of cards it is good to be old school at times.

While on a trip keep the expected expenditure handy. And with it comes another responsibility of keeping the cash safe.

The trick is to keep the cash divided in parts in different compartments of the bag. This not only ensures a budgeted trip but also keeps the cash safe in case of loss and theft.

10. Identity Proof

If you are out of the country, identity proof is a must have at all the times. In every case carry your passport with you.

And also otherwise, even if you are within the borders of your own country, you still to carry one identity proof for the essentials. It could be any moment, as normal as hotel booking.

11. A Jacket For The Go

Just like the blanket thing, I give to you the jacket thing.

You are in a new city and you obviously can’t predict the weather changes. Even if you did your research, nature can fail you at times.

The best way out to stay in a win win situation is to carry along a good puffy warm jacket. In times of sudden chill, this is going to keep to up cozy and warm.

12. Perfume

Who does not like smelling good all the time? And with all these pocket size perfumes available in the market, do not forget to carry one along.

For, all the sweat, trekking and walking can pour your charm down. Rise it up with the best fragrances.

13. Moisturizers

These are the most haves. To fight with the sun, you need to have a safe SPF sun cream.

To prevent the skin from cold winds, having good body moisturizing creams are essential. And to save the burn of patched lips, carry along the most basic lip balm.

14. Towels

While you possibly get bathing robes and towels at every hotel these days, it is still a good option to carry a small hand towel everywhere.

Just for the unseen emergencies and refreshments, you need to keep a towel handy. Also, it helps you save during harsh sunny days.

15. Book/Headphones

For the peaceful and productive journeys carry the things that you love to do while passing the time well.

It could be your novel, headphones, a sketch book or any thing that keeps your heart going.

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