Top 15 Vintage Cars of all time

Cars always steal the heart of not just men but even ladies. And if it’s vintage cars, with it comes an extra advantage of classic grace and innovative designs. They are sure to get some eyes glued on it. So, here I bring to you the top 15 vintage cars that you are sure to love.

Top 15 Vintage Cars of all time


This model of Mercedes-Benz is my personal favourite. Coming with a whole classic look of a sports car, it is sure to steal anyone’s heart. The 2-door coupe admixed with the 2996 cc engine that produces over 212 hp stands a bowling history.

Back in the 50s on the launching of the US, the car was a prophet to be a streets race car. But still, it evolved as becoming a race car in reality. Although, the engineering had to remodify to bring the results. But it is also true that 300SL won two racing competitions. The 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Eifelrennen.

2. 1955-1975 CITROEN DS

The Citroen DS is our second vintage car. Some of the fans actually wish to own this one.

The car is characterized as one of the mid-sized luxury cars that comes with three variants. The variants are a 4-door sedan, a 5-door station wagon, and a 2-door convertible. Whatever the model you opt for, you would get engines anything ranging between the 1.9 L to 2.34 L.

The days when the car was launched in Europe, the place was caught in the black hole of recovering WWII. This unfortunately blocked the way for a successful sale.

3. 1955-1957 CHEVROLET BEL AIR

The Chevrolet Bel Air is a classic. This full-size car seized huge acclaim for its second generation launch. It was no surprise back then, as the car carried a stunning design. This helped it immediately to become the popular choice of the people.

Also, its price that stood at less than $2000 made it more tempting. Not to forget, the comfy interiors and the capacity of going 0 to 60 mph at only 12 sec.


Without Lamborghini, no list of cars could be completed. So here we bring to you the stunning Lamborghini Countach. The car might look a little out of place in today’s contemporary scenario, but back then it was a star.

Launched somewhere in the 70s, this 2 door sports car helped many boys court the girls. It was fast, big and dead dropping hot.

And with the limited edition criteria, its popularity reached another height. It may look a little kitschy now, but back in the 80s, this 2-door sports coupe made girls shiver. It’s big, it’s fast, and it’s cool. Not only this, but the Lamborghini Countach was declared as the Top Sports Cars by Sports Car International during the 70s.


The car that would give you the feel of being the USA President is here on the list. It is none other than the Lincoln Continental. Continental easily attracted all the limelight for being featured in some big-budget movies like Spider-Man 2, The Matrix, Hit and Run, among others.

It is that model that is never going to go out of demand.


From the time that Cadillac launched its 62 Series in 1949, the brand had an amazing time. This American manufacturer came with a 5.4 L engine and a whooping horsepower of 160.

The car reached another height of success with a recording sale of $55,643 for its heating option.

7. 1967-1970 TOYOTA 2000GT

It is the tale of those times when Toyota and Yamaha joined hands after the initial design was decided by Albrecht Goertz, a German designer.

With its sleek design, the car falls into the classic category. Coming with a 2000GT engine, the car holds 150.

The vehicle in 1967 became the winner of the Fuji 24-Hour Race competition. Although not made for it, the car still succeeded.

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8. 1963-1965 BUICK RIVIERA

This model by Buick had nothing in common with its earlier models. Riviera was all new. Capable of horsepower of 325 with the help of a 6.6 L V8 engine, the car became a sensation also due to its price of $4,333.


Eldorado Brougham became in the 50s a popularity acclaimed model of the Cadillac. Its 4-door hardtop and an outrageous price of $13,074 bracketed it into the category of premium cars.


Launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary to honour an American manufacturer, the Buick model was a 2-door convertible. The quirky and ahead of the time looks of the car made it desirable among both genders.

11. 1953-1964 AUSTIN HEALEY 100/3000

Austen Healey’s 3000 model was a relaunch of what they called the 100 models. The newer version had an engine of 2.9 L instead of the older ones 2.6 L.

The latest version was made powerful in terms of engineering and friendlier for the buyers. It came with two variants, one with 2 seats and the other with four seats.

12. 1956-1959 BMW 507

No list is complete with this popular brand- BMW. And all the German automobile lovers, smile, because we have one popular stuff for you.

So this version of BMW came in two variants just like the last one. It could be purchased in either a 2 seat convertible or a 4 seat coupe. German car aficionados can rejoice.

This vintage car had the world on the tour and its demand across the globe was high, but only its shipping resisted its sale. The car cost around $10000 after shipping that otherwise was $5000.

13. 1951-1954 HUDSON HORNET

Hudson Motors launched its Hornet model with a complete package. It had Coupes, sedans, convertibles and whatnot.

And the best thing about the model was it had a great space that could carry 6 passengers at once. The Hornets came with a 5.0 L engine, whose horsepower gradually shot to 170.

14. 1949-1951 JAGUAR MK V DHC

The stunning design and the watering power of the engines designed by William Heynes and Walter Hassan had the buyers all eyes for the cars. The engine that was a Twin OHC Unit, belonged to no other car but Jaguar MK V DHC back then.

15. 1962-1964 FERRARI 250 GTO

When it comes to vintage and superb cars, you just can’t do it without Ferrari. Ferrari’s are the epitome of classic, elegant and style and obviously, their price has got the all the attention.

The GTO model of Ferrari was a limited model that produced only 39 in number. What was so exceptional about the car was any US citizen who wished to own the car had to be approved by Enzo Ferrari himself.

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