Top 15 Unique Maggi Recipes You Must Try

Love to eat Maggi but still eating the regular version of Maggi? Then, this blog is especially for you. Maggi is not just a snack but is a way to gather memories for many, primarily the hostellers. This blog is all about some tasty and amazing versions of Maggi that you would love to try. So, let’s get started.

Top 15 unique Maggi recipes you must try

1. Masala Maggi

This Maggi version has a little twist in its normal performance. When you get bored with your daily version of Maggi, you can try this as your next snack idea. To prepare this recipe, you just need to sauté some veggies and add your regular spices and Maggi. Boil them for some minutes, and your yummy Maggi is ready to be served.

2. Egg bhurji Maggi

Craving for some midnight snack? Try some Maggi bhurji and you will surely love it. To prepare this dish, make you regular Maggi on one pan, sauté some onion spices in another pan, and add the egg. Now, mix them and boil for a few minutes. Serve yourself and enjoy.

3. Bread Maggi

Being a hosteller, what would be your evening snack is quite a nightmare. For a quick and easy snack idea, try this bread Maggi and share with your friends. For this recipe, prepare some Maggi and meanwhile, toast some bread. Apply some mayo to your toast and stuff them with Maggi. That’s all, enjoy them with your friends.

4. Short crust Maggi

This recipe is quite tedious to make but tastes heavenly. You would need some wheat flour, bread crumbs, and oil to make the outer crust. After the crust is ready, stuff it with cooked Maggi, add some cheese on top, and place the crust in a container. Bake it for 15-20 minutes and your snack is ready to be served.

5. Maggi Fritters

This is a unique recipe made from Maggi. All you need is a bowl of boiled Maggi, vegetable oil, some spices, and the soul of the chef inside you. You need a deep pan filled with vegetable oil. Add cooked Maggi to the pan. Sprinkle some Maggi masala on the top, and your dish is ready to be served.

6. Tadka Maggi

Tadka Maggi is a fusion dish. This dish is a higher version of your regular, classic Maggi. It is super tasty and takes a few minutes to make. Do try this dish along with your friends and enjoy.

7. Maggi Manchurian

Maggi Manchurian is something that you would regret trying. To make this dish, add some boiled Maggi, veggies, and spices. Mix them and make small balls out of them and fry them. Add those balls to your Manchurian gravy and serve them to your guests.

8. Maggi Chaat

Want to give some twist to your taste bud? Then do try this dish and share it with your friends, too. To make this recipe, chop some vegetables, add spices and some dried mango powder, and then add boiled Maggi. This tasty dish has the flavor of a tangy and authentic chaat recipe.

9. Maggi omelet

Maggi omelet is a very unique and delicious combination dish. All you need to do is make some omelet and prepare your Maggi on the other side. Assemble them, and your dish is ready.

10. Salsa Maggi

Roughly chop tomatoes, onion, green coriander, and cucumber. Add lemon juice, crushed black pepper, and salt. Drop in the cooked Maggi and mix it all. This is heaven in your mouth.

11. Maggi kebab roll

Cook Maggi the usual way. Slit a cooked seekh kebab vertically. Add the cooked Maggi and roll it up in a thin cooked Indian bread or ‘roomali roti’. Add ketchup or mustard or whichever your pallet finds suitable. And voila! Your kebab roll Maggi is ready.

12. Maggi chicken soup

This is the most wanted soup in winter. Maggi chicken soup could be a revolution to your normal, classic Maggi. You will need some boiled and grated chicken, boiled Maggi, and all your required spices to prepare this dish.

13. Prawn Maggi

Since fresh prawn is not available everywhere, buy a packet of frozen prawns, easily available in any supermarket. Fry the prawns and add them to the Maggi.

14. Tomato Maggi

This is an upper level of your regular Maggi with some tangy flavor. Add some chopped tomatoes to your boiling Maggi and to make the taste more flavourful, you can add some tomato puree to it. Do try this dish and give a change to your taste bud.

15. Cheese corn Maggi

This one is for those who love cheese the most. Boil the Maggi, add chopped vegetables, and at last, add corn and cheese. Bake it for a few minutes, and it’s all ready to be served.
These were some amazing variations of Maggi that you could try and enjoy with your friends. This is all for today’s blog, meet you soon with another new, exciting blog. Till then, tadaa!

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