Top 15 Coconut Dessert Ideas

Coconut, maybe one of the underrated fruit, but it has several food ideas. You can drink coconut water or make yummy dishes out of coconut kernel. Have you ever tried dessert recipes with coconut? Do try once, and you will never regret it. Here are some fantastic dessert ideas using coconut.

Top 15 Coconut Dessert Ideas

1. Triple coconut cream pie

It doesn’t get more classic than a coconut cream pie when mentioning coconut desserts. Delightfully fluffy meringue tops a triple-threat combo of coconut (sweetened flakes, cream of coconut, and coconut extract). For even more tropical flair, perk up the crust with lime zest.

2. Caramel coconut cookie bar

Are you craving some caramelized cookies with a delightful taste? Then this dessert is especially for you. This cookie tastes of caramel, butter, and the hero of the dessert, coconut. You can add your favorite dry fruits to make it more flavourful.

3. Classic coconut cake

This coconut cake melts in the mouth like heaven. This classic dessert has grated coconut as its topping. Sweet coconut’s fluffy texture and yummy taste would take your taste buds on a tastier ride. Try this fantastic dessert idea and make it your party’s show stopper.

4. Coconut gum candies

These gummy candies would make you remember your childhood memories. You can give them your favorite shape and enjoy it with your family. These candies are made of coconut milk, sugar, and some grapefruit juice for a tangy twist.

5. Coconut cream banana pie

Can’t decide between banana or coconut cream pie for dessert? Try both, and you will surely fall in love with them. This dessert has a layer of banana slices with coconut cream topping. Try this dessert with chilled cream and share it with your friends.

6. Coconut cream pie bars

These coconut cream pie bars are the most tempting dessert that is healthy, too. The main ingredient of this bar is coconut cream; to add more flavor to your bars, add some grated coconut layers. This can be served at parties or evening snacks to contempt your sweet cravings.

7. Coconut oatmeal cookies

Cookies are loved by all but giving a twist to them would make it healthier. Instead of wheat flour, you can make these cookies with oatmeal and add some grated coconut. For three months, you can store these home-baked cookies for your coconut dessert craving demands.

8. Coconut ice cream

These are the healthier and tastier option during summer. This nondairy dessert would make everyone’s mouth water. You would need some coconut milk, honey, and dry fruits to make this recipe. So this summer, make some coconut ice cream and enjoy.

9. Lemon coconut macaroons

These coconut macaroons are easy to make and good to go as your dessert idea. To enhance the taste of these classic coconut macaroons, add some lemon to them. These are chewy and, super tasty, gluten-free as well.

10. Coconut blueberry cheesecake

Who doesn’t love cheesecake? Of course, everybody loves them. Add some coconut twist to your regular cheesecake and enjoy the delicious dessert. You only need blueberry pulp and coconut cream to make this dessert. Serve these cheesecakes with some grated coconut topped on them, and enjoy.

11. Chocolate coconut pudding

Ever tasted coconut pudding? If not, then this dessert is for you. This dessert is made with coconut and almond milk; it’s super yummy and super tasty. This dessert is a great idea for those who eat dairy-free products. Serve it warm or chilled; your guests will love in either way.

12. Coconut pineapple creampuff

This dessert is also for non-dairy lovers, yet everyone can relish this dessert. To make this dessert, you need some grilled pineapple, coconut, and baking skills. This dessert idea is best for winter. Do try this dessert once and enjoy it.

13. Vanilla coconut cupcake

These coconut cupcakes are super fluffy and super tasty. To prepare this dessert, you would need coconut milk and some grated coconut for the frosting. This delicious cake is easy to make and would be the show stopper.

14. Coconut wedge cookies

These cookies are prepared from oats, coconut, and coconut milk. The nutty flavor in this cookie makes it a super hit. This chewy cookie would give you a burst with every bite you eat.

15. Chocolate coconut candy bar

This candy bar is somewhat like a coconut chocolate sandwich. The rich chocolate taste with the sweetness of coconut would blast your mouth. These candy bars are the perfect gift for a new year’s party.

These were some fantastic dessert ideas made from coconut. Try them at home and enjoy with your family and friends. This is all for today’s blog; I will come soon with another new blog with interesting facts and underrated food ideas. Till then, love you all.

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